Online educational games for kids

Online educational games for kids are an incredible apparatus for building math and language abilities that the present educational plan requires. These internet learning games and melodies builds foundational skills in preschool and primary school students like counting, reading, fraction, comprehension, basic coding and more more for youngsters are fun, train significant abilities for preschool and primary school children and they’re free. It requires games that help to construct aptitudes in math, language, science, social examinations.

Online educational games for kids

Online Games to educate and entertain your kids:

In the situation like we are facing today during Covid_19 pandemic i.e. lockdown, kids are unable to attend school. They are missing the activities they used to do in school, in this case you and yours children are stuck at home, however, you aren’t yet prepared to let them watch Netflix all day long to keep them busy, well, I don’t accuse you. Here are a few online educational games with which your child will build foundational skills in maths, writing, critical thinking, reading, digitalt literacy, english language skills and much more.

These online educational games will likewise keep your child busy and mentally relax at the same time. Despite the fact, your child is a preschool or a primary school student these games will help him building essential skills.

I do recommend setting some screen time restrictions prior to giving your kids a gadget, however with these alternatives you can, at any rate, have confidence that your children are getting the hang of something.

1. Animal Jam:

Age 6-12 years

Animal Jam is an online educational game generally created for childern from the age of 6 to 12 years. This game is officially created in Collaboration with National Geographic Society. , that helps kids to leadn about ecology, zoology with games, parties, adventures and other social components. It helps your preschool and primary school child to build some educational skills. Over 160 million people have installed this game, this is one of the biggest virtual universes for your child. This game provides full parental control in case you want to stop your child from playing this game than you can lock the game.

2. Captain Toad:

Captain Toad is an educational online game especially launched for kids from age 5 to 12.
It involves spatial thinking and puzzle solving that builds some extraordinary critical thinking skills in your kid. Children can steer Toad through courses dependent on the Super Mario Odyssey game while chasing down fortunes puzzles

3. Thinkrolls 2

Ages 3-8

This game originally created for kids from 3 to 8 age is a Physics puzzle game. It teaches kids about acceleration, gravity, buoyancy and much more by featuring rolling aliens in the game. It is an offline game that doesn’t demand strong internet connection. It is a free game, it has no in app purchases, and adds as well.

4. Dragonbox Math and Chess Games

Ages 4 and Up

Dragonbox games like Prodigy are fundamentally math-related, however, they likewise collaborated with chess champ Magnus Carlsen to make Magnus’ Kingdom, a chess-learning game that is the game your kid would love to play. It utilizes an undertaking style way to deal with train kids about various chess pieces and how to play. I unequivocally recommend getting a certifiable chess board (I like this no-stress chess board for novices $18) too. Your children will request it. Trust me.

5. Endless Alphabet

Ages 3 and Up

This game named endless alphabet will teach your kids everything from fundamental ABCs to complex sentences. It has puzzle games with talking letters and all around outlined definitions to enable your child to figure out how to peruse. Originator, the maker of Endless Alphabet, has numerous different games also, including Endless Reader, which assists kids with learning sight words, and Endless Spanish which helped my children essentially improve their Spanish language as well.

6. Starfall Kids Games

Ages 4_6

This language, expressions, and music learning site have many games and exercises to enable your children to figure out how to peruse, add, take away, and recognize shapes.

7. PBS Kids Games

Ages 4-8

If your kids like PBS shows then they will Definitely love playing this game because it is related to some shows on aired on PBS. PBS Kids has many applications, and exciting educational games as well.

8. Stop Motion Studio

Ages 4 and Up

Stop-Motion Studio is an art game available free on Google play store and app store that teaches patience. It is a fun form of art game that enable your children to begin making their own little works of art. The graphics of the game are simple but in the first level it demands adult help.

9. Prodigy

It is a math based online educational game that you can allow you 6 to 12 year old kid. In this game kids learn maths skills by answering math based questions in oder to win rewards.

Summary: Online Educational games are good for kids. It keeps them busy and active all day long. It helps them educating without even knowing them. It makes them excited and enthusiastic at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Online Educational Games:

There were the days when we used to run to the computer lab in school to play games like Math Blaster and Oregon Trail.
These online educational games help building critical thinking skills, detailed planning, math, and history. But where there are advantages of one thing there must be some disadvantages as well. In this way, Pros and Cons of Online educational games are discussed below:

Pros of Online Educational Games
Following are the pros of online educational games:

  1. Online educational games plays vital role in engaging kids in an activity like gaming.

  2. Apparently these are just games but they have potential of capturing the kids’ imagination, helps them learn essential maths, critical thinking, and English language skills.

  3. These online games helps to improve retention i.e. keeps information in your brain. They have ability to link different subjects and combine them in one game.

  4. Online educational games encourages kids to do experimentation.
    Cons of Online Educational games

  5. Internet causes significant emotional damage, online games creates a barrier in physical games. Physical games keeps you healthy and active at the same time which is absent in online games.

  6. The catchy noises and flashy lights in the games can cause addiction to the game which is not good for your kid.

  7. Online Educational games lakes human interaction, your kids will be so addicted to games that they would miss interaction with their friends. It results in feeling of isolation.

10 free online games for kids:

Online games can end up being a secret stash of learning openings, and there is an assortment of substance regions, age reaches, and expertise levels to browse. The genuine jackpot for program-based learning games can be found on huge online advanced game center points. Here are 10 game center points players that educators can use as one instrument in their arms stockpile.

1. Sheppard Software

Headed by Brad Sheppard, Sheppard Software has several free, on the web, instructive games for students. The site arranges its games into classes, which permit your kids and teachers to effectively explore by the branch of knowledge and locate a reasonable game that obliges either an instructional need or a kid’s feeling of interest and thirst of information and challenge.

2. Mr. Nussbaum

Greg Nussbaum who is a Virginia state-funded teacher, created Mr. Nussbaum game. It brags more than 3,500 substance pages with a wide assortment of learning games sorted out by content kind and grade level. This site is additionally streamlined for use on a tablet and an intelligent whiteboard.

3. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic is a world famous game that hosts more than 100 fun, connecting, and intuitive science, activity, experience, geography, zoology, ecology, puzzle and other social games. For a free game center point, the creation quality on games or interactives, for example, Wildest Weather, On the Trail of Captain John Smith, and The Underground Railroad: Journey to Freedom is genuinely momentous.

4. Poptropica

Created by Jeff Kinney, who is creator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Poptropica is a virtual world wherein kids investigate and play in complete wellbeing. Consistently, a huge number of children from around the globe are engaged and educated by Poptropica’s drawing in journeys, stories, and games.

5. Funbrain

Funbrain, made for children ages preschool and primary school through 8th grade, offers more than 100 fun, intelligent games that create aptitudes in math, learning, reading and education. Additionally, children can read well-known books including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amelia Writes Again, and Brewster Rocket on this website.

6. Essential Games

With games and exercises that address educational program issues for math, science, language expressions, and social investigations, Primary Games houses more than 1,000 game titles. The site incorporates educational program guides for instructors to use related to the games.

7. is an educational online game that offers kids of elementary school to learn math and language arts online. The New York Times, Apple, and Fox News, featured gives kids all around creative games and exercises.

8. Arcademic Skill Builders

Arcademic Skill Builders are online computer games that offer an amazing way to deal with learning fundamental math, language expressions, jargon, and thinking abilities. Arcademic games challenge kids to improve their scores through monotonous, coordinated learning drills.

Best Educational Games for Kids At home

Not all kids - particularly these days - learn best through pencil-and-paper guidance. Here are some of the educational games you can play at home:

a. Colorfy:

Coloring Art Game No colored pencils? Run out of sketchbook pages? No concerns! Colorfy is a computerized shading book for kids, all things considered, loaded up with top-notch pictures. With more than 1000 pictures to paint, your kids will have the decision of florals, creatures, designs, gardens, mandalas, well-known canvases, and other innovative pictures.

This game likewise has another AR virtual gallery feature that helps your kid see what their specialty would resemble in reality!
Accessible: iTunes App Store, Google Play
Age: 4+
Cost: Free, in-application buys


As illustrated on HOMER’s site, their “central goal is to give the best educational games by offering customized, fun,creative, art, reading and learning items for kids”

This early learning program has two main items: Reading and Stories.

HOMER Reading helps your preschool or primary school student to bulid reading level and their interests. Utilizing that kid’s equivalent advantages, HOMER Stories narrates stories that they’ll adore - from exemplary to contemporary. Accessible: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Web
Age: 4 to 18
Cost: 30-day free preliminary, at that point USD 7.99 every month

online games

c. Prodigy Math

Prodigy Math is the free captivating, dream-based Mathematical stage game that is being played by more than 50 million kids as well as teachers around the globe.

It’s educational plan adjusted, offering content from each significant number related theme from first to eighth grade. Most importantly, Prodigy Education’s central goal is to help each child on the planet to cherish learning.

In the wake of making their own customized mathematical wizard, your kid will contend in math duels against in-game characters, like how pretending games, for example, Pokémon do. To win, they should address sets of inquiries. The game additionally adjusts in trouble to suit your kid’s learning style and grade level. Become a Prodigy Member to join the greater part 1,000,000 guardians who set Goals, give Rewards, screen advance, and get Report Cards to help their children as they learn math. Get a Membership here!
Accessible: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Web
Age: 6 to 14
Cost: Free, Premium Membership accessible

d. Buzzmath

This is a center school math game lined up with the basic center and TEKS educational programs. Your kids will be entrusted with helping Alfred, a designer, spare Mathlantis - a confused and disarranged world - by reestablishing the populace’s numerical information.

On this experience, they’ll time-travel and meet well-known mathematicians, assist them with recapturing their lost information, and change Mathlantis back to its unique state.
Accessible: Web
Age: 8 to 14
Cost: $20 every month, $40 per quarter, $60 every year

e. Twelve a Dozen

This online educational math game that is created by Touch Press Games, helps kids to understand the basics of maths, algebra, sum, product and other mathematical conditions.

In Twelve a Dozen, your kids will join the numeric saint. What’s more, they’ll utilize their aptitudes and comprehension of center mathematical ideas to fathom puzzles.
Accessible: iTunes App Store
Age: 8 to 14
Cost: Free, in-application buys

f. Tinybop

Tinybop is paid game that can be summarized in three words: play, make, and learn. Utilizing instructive applications and advanced games that is especially made for creative mind. With this kids can learn and explore more about wonders and adventures of the world! Kids will create basic science proficiency while drawing in with informative and creati games about the human body, plants, homes, climate, space, creatures, conditions of issue, and other energizing themes.
Accessible: iTunes App Store, Google Play, Microsoft
Age: 4+
Cost: $2.99 per application

online games


Here are a few frequently asked questions about online educational games for kids. Some of them are discussed below:

1. What are some examples of educational games?

These classroom games provide ways to engage students in academic learning, without realizing it! •Charades.
•Draw swords.
•Tumbs up, thumbs down

2. Can you play ABCya for free?

Guests to ABCya currently have more membership choices. Notwithstanding the month to month family and homeroom plans, we currently offer considerable reserve funds with our 6-Month and Annual membership plans. We’ve likewise added another Free Subscription that offers a portion of the highlights of Premium membership at no expense.

3. What are some fun educational games?

Free Online Educational Game Sites
•Sheppard Software.
•PBS Kids Games.
•Mr. Nussbaum.
•National Geographic Kids.
•BBC Schools: Games.
•Primary Games.

4. How do I entertain my child at home?

Following are ten ways of keeping kids entertained at home

  1. Star in your own TV show.
  2. Make some music.
  3. Have a spa day.
  4. Hold a sensory scavenger hunt.
  5. Be your own superhero.
  6. Make a special soothing box.
  7. Join the Mad Hatter’s tea party.
  8. Put together a time capsule.
  9. Have a sleepover
  10. Create a soundscape for your house.

5. What should you not say to your child? Different ways to keep your preschooler child busy at home:

  1. Create a game box. Fill a box of things with which your child can play– like coloring books, playing cards, or easy puzzles.
  2. Help them to make their own cartoon
  3. Let them help you.
  4. Give them an important mission.
  5. Generate an idea box.
  6. Offer creative toys.
  7. Design a treasure hunt.
  8. Let them play outside.


Online educational games for kids inspire kids and helps them to focus on different subjects by playing games. One motivation to elevate educational games is to urge kids to learn outside of class. There is likewise proof that games permit both preschool as well as primary school students to concentrate alright to learn a better more savvy generation of gamers is growing up, fully exposed to learning through video games.

Young people are not only enthusiastic about games but are excited about creating them. At the same time, game development tools are finding their way into younger and younger hands. As a result, these games helps them to sharpen the skills they already own. They are the best for building foundational skills like creative writing, learning, reading, critical thinking and much more. But at the same time parents should set screen time limit before handling the game to your kids to avoid game addiction.

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