What is the Net Worth of BTS?

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According to the sources, BTS’s net worth is around 200 million dollars. BTS produce this worth by their own hard work and determination.

BTS Net Worth

BTS WORTH BEGINNING :compass: :compass:

BTS is one of the greatest groups ever exist in the world. They are selling out arenas on visits, delivering songs that charts in every country and breaking their own and other people records. They, BTS, are breaking their records with the help of their faithful army. Graph beating collections, developing an ARMY of faithful fans, and breaking records. Indeed, all of their most recent collections have topped the Billboard for consecutively 2 weeks and their most recent, Map of the Soul: 7, sold 422,000 units in the first week. So, with this achievement, you realize BTS is not something cheap. If you are an army then you should know that BTS produces lots of songs and music that include rapping and singing and dancing. And the outselling of albums have made them pretty rich than other K-pop artists . so, what do you think is the net worth of BTS? BTS net worth is a lot more than what you think is.
In spite of the fact that BTS was initially expected to be the spotlight in only Korea, the band has delivered music that fits many new genre types of music . the genre in their music has what make them more famous. Resulting in the addition of their net worth. The BTS single collection, 2 Kool 4 Skool, was delivered in 2013. Their first studio collection, Dark and Wild, wasn’t delivered until 2014, yet all the music that was put out after these few years have make them extravagantly rich .Presently, over five years after their debut , BTS has unquestionably make them much more famous than any other. They’ve broken a huge load of records, including a lot of Guinness World Records. Their songs with halsey broke alone their world records. They are the only Asian group to ever have 5 billion streaming of their songs/.


Let us see how BTS makes the money and what makes the net worth of BTS goes to millions and billions.BTS delivered Map of the Soul: 7 in February 2020 and it like any other song topped the charts. It turned out to be their fourth album to ever exist on the billboard. Despite the fact that they needed to drop their 2020 event dates due to the Coronavirus, they came out with another album, BE, in November 2020. And apart from the cancellation of the concerts, the group BTS held an online concert . Map of the soul price was $13.60.BE (Deluxe Edition) was $47.51 .BTS breaks the records of the largest online concerts to ever exists in the history. The BTS took many of US$26 - US$35 for one ticket and that is pretty impressive. While BTS being having a net worth of $ 240 billion . they still have no mercy over the people looking for illegal ways of watching concerts. BTS company took strict actions against the individuals that were found to use illegal resources to watch the online concerts of BTS.

Love yourself worth :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

This album that gives the message of self-love and harmony took place in many countries of the world .In the United Kingdom the worth of this album was more than any other countries. Love yourself concert worth was US$44 in only US. This sum of money gives us an estimate that how rich the BTS is.

MOVIES WORTH :left_speech_bubble: :left_speech_bubble:

Music – composing it, delivering it, performing it during overall visits – has certainly assisted the BTS members to be richer and have a huge sum of income into their bank accounts. However, BTS has another means also that can add up to their net worth . In 2018, BTS delivered a movie that was present on YouTube Premium. The whole movie was of their tour called Wings Tour. They also later released another movie after the movie of wings tour called Burn the Stage: The Movie in performance centers in late 2018. As indicated by different media sources, after they release the movie. The big hit company made at its initial end of the week, $2.4 million.

BTS net worth other means :speech_balloon:

BTS make their money from different resources other than music. They attended different reality shows and make their presence known at different events and music awards. BTS also make money by appearing on Rookie King: Bangtan, BTS Gayo, and BTS: Bon Voyage, which included some place that BTS visited for consecutively 10 days. Their TV show American Hustle Life, in which the group makes a presence, also adds to their net worth. They attended that shows with hip people having familiarized with the historical backdrop of pop music, from rappers Coolio and Warren G.

BTS NET WORTH :envelope_with_arrow:

BTS is sometimes called as not a band but a brand. They are so much famous in the world that they caused $3.6 billion net worth towards the South Korean economy. The band has the ability to sell out the whole lot of items on which they put eyes to. Many brands also they support, have brought in many with their albums. So, we will not be surprised if each BTS member would be given billions dollars individually due to their performance. In the past years, BTS has had various organizations with notable brands like Coca-Cola, Mattel, and Hyundai who gave them their sponsor ships .Presently, BTS is also presenting themselves as the brand ambassador for FILA. As per Celebrity Net Worth, BTS acquired $170 million just from visiting and in September 2020. A news hit the media that their company Big Hit Entertainment opened up to the world about h their stock prices. The BTS company, called big hit is also producing money by days and night and the stakes worth of each big hit company is $7.9 million. BTS makes huge sum of money just by showing their faces to the world. South Korea’s Big Hit Entertainment, the organization that takes one other group called under his supervision and a group called BTS, told the world on Thursday something surprising. According to them, they have a $236 per share and a company has an estimation of $8.38 billion. BTS is due to these reasons are the Best Top 20 Composers. The net worth of BTS increases with BTS ARMY because of the money they get from streaming.

Bang Si-hyuk worth for BTS

The IPO made Big Hit originator and co-CEO Bang Si-hyuk who himself is a very rich person. According to the media reports, he has raised $20 million each for all the seven in BTS. This means that all the seven members of the group have an equivalent stake in the organization from Bang since August 2020.

networth of bts

BTS for big hit company worth :dizzy: :dizzy:

If you want to see the face of the success, then see BTS. In the three years BTS has been raising around $840 million. BTS, ostensibly the K-Pop group on the planet right now and in the history ever . BTS is the main source of producing revenue for Big Hit Entertainment .they are so much publicized that they are encompassing the mark’s IPO. Success that BTS got in the years are $86 million . Not only this the big hit company net worth increased to $4 billion at the start of 2020. BTS represented practically 90% of Big Hit’s revenue. They are estimated to give $249 million in end of 2020 to big hit company. And that also means that big hit is dependent on BTS. Without BTS worth produced in the years, the BIG hit company can’t do any thing as it seems to be.

Hyundai Research about net worth :sunglasses:

A December 2018 report by the Hyundai Research Institute assessed that BTS contributes around $3.5 billion to South Korea’s economy every year. The band’s commitments incorporate $1.12 billion in fares of BTS-related product. The band is likewise liable for increasing the tourism industry as many tourists attend the concerts. BTS concerts are being held mostly in Korea . hat make a lot of army to go to Korea to attend the BTS concerts.


With the number of records BTS has broken since 2013 . it is difficult to accept their total assets isn’t in the million’s dollars. The K-pop group BTS has delivered many songs that break millions into their accounts . not only this BTS outsold many stadiums within hours. BTS also released some bts that are worth of producing $ 244 million dollars. While the rumors say that people are paid by their names. Some says that bts are paid more because they are a brand and their whole brand is worth over $3.8 billion dollars!). so how much do you think each member would produce the toral money? Or are they really paid the money because of their names? Or on the other hand is there some other person in the bts that is richer than any other member in whole of the BTS? BTS are included in Best Talented Music Composers

J-Hope net worth :blush:

J-Hope has been informally called the one to produce more net worth than any other from BTS . this more net worth fact is confirmed by various news sources, however how evident is the story? Shockingly, J-Hope’s assessed total assets is more than very member of BTS. With an expected net worth of over $12 million dollars, J-Hope beat other members of his group in net worth. Also, he is the only K-Pop members to earn this much in the years. But remember the fact that each in BTS, get equivalent compensation from their BTS-related activities. J-Hope’s solo mixtape Hope World topped the charts in many countries for weeks . Topping at position 38 on the Billboard 200, J-Hope’s collection was the only position any solo Korean performer has got.

But the people in BTS have also delivered their own performance work since the realise by Jhope of Hope World . However, J-Hope’s collection actually remains the most productive BTS song. It was the unique in its nature also. So, may this song collection be the reason that many considers Hope as someone having the most net worth.

V net worth :tiger:

Considering V who also acted in a K-drama called Hwarang, alongside acting in BTS. it’s amazing to know that his total assets are also more or less same as his group mates. The youngest in the group after Jungkook is V. V have an expected total worth of $8 million dollars.

Alongside making many by dancing and singing in BTS. V is also a born actor . He also made some money from his side role in drama along with his friends. But unfortunately, the drama in which V acted was not much of the factors causing V total worth to grow. The drama in which V acted got only 8 stars review and the reading of the whole series was much low than expected.
V has made so much money from his singing and dancing along with his group that he can be featured in the drama. He can also make some more worth in his money if he is casted in some drama based on his looks. Also, V has got the drama cut face just like actors.

Summary: No matter what BTS do. Army’s are always whipped over them. Not only the Jhope make records by releasing his hopeworld collection. but also he is the only member to ever set this record in Billboard

Jin total worth

Discussing acting, then Jin would also be the actor in some of the K-dramas because he loves acting. Jin wanted to join the industry of Korea as an entertainer . he instead joins K-Pop as a singer . Jin then became the vocal in the group and now he is the eldest in whole of the BTS. Jin is said to have an estimated measure of $8 million-dollar total money as of 2020 according to the resources. But like the Jhope and any other members in BTS. Jin don’t have any other solo mixtape. The different songs and collabatrive mixtapes that most probably you have known about Jin’s are his SoundCloud covers and the ones he created for BTS’s collections. In any case, his work with BTS is not as much as the other members. Jin is the worldwide handsome in all of the BTS. So, can I say that being pretty and handsome will make your account have millions? :wink: . Jin plays Online educational games for kids in his free times.

Suga worth :smiley_cat:

While all in BTS are using their skill to deliver and compose their music, Suga is effectively perhaps the greatest musician to ever exists in the history of Korea. With more than 100 tunes credited to his name by the Korean Music Copyright Association. Suga has various collabs with some top South Korean solo artists. However, Suga’s total assets actually sits at an expected $8 million dollars, similar to JIN and V of BTS. While Suga has dropped and made two brilliant mixtapes and composed tunes for various solo artists himself. a large portion of his work is as yet attached to the name of BTS. It’s nothing unexpected that his total net worth is like V, JIN, JUNGKOOK , RM and RM of BTS

Jimin net worth

Estimated net worth : $ 8 million dollars
The lead dancer and vocalist of BTS, Jimin, along V and Jungkook. He hasn’t done a ton of solo work. Generally, he sings the covers with Jungkook and make his presence known in some music shows, Jimin’s total assets and his all work is associated with BTS. Incredibly, Jimin is also following the same pattern of having an expected $8 million-dollar total assets. Who knows without a doubt? We would love to see our Jimin , Mochi, to get as much total net worth as Jhope has produced with his Hope World album.

RM total asset :bowing_man:t2:

The brain and head of BTS, RM likewise has an expected total asset of $8 million dollars. Nut to your astonishment I would add one thing in this that RM is producing not less than Jhope. Rm mixed tape called ‘MONO’ topped the world charts in at least 28 countries . not only this RM is said to have this record to get his song on 26 number on the Billboard 200 outlines. Also, RM also was called as Runch Randa in his pre-BTS days

In any case, RM has had monstrous role in BTS as a rapper and lyricist. Like Suga, RM has also written various songs in his career for BTS. It was confirmed by the KMCA. Teaming up with other rappers , for example, Honne, Steve Aoki, GLAM, and Tiger JK. RM also has created a top position for himself in the list of rappers.

Jungkook worth

Last, however not least, the child of BTS, Jungkook. He has an expected 8 million US dollar total assets from his debut days. As the maknae in BTS, Jungkook is the most hardworking member of bts. He has said to make an estimated money worth of $ 8 million dollars. Jungkook also the lead in BTS as Jimin. While Jungkook did not deliver and written any collection of songs by himself . he made some money by visiting in tours of BTS. Jungkook also appeared in many varieties shows of Korea.

Jungkook  worth


There are a lot you need to know behind the net worth of BTS members

How much money do BTS take for one concert?

BTS takes approximately US$26 - US$35 from every person that is willing to take part in their concert. The sales revenue being created by BTS is US$19 million .

How much BTS produced in a month?

BTS produced about US $ 170 millions dollars in six month and 57 million dollars in only one month.

Who has more richer in EXO and BTS?

EXO, is also another famous group of Korean world. But the EXO is said to produce US $ 1 billion dollars. While BTS produced only US 50 million dollar in a emonth


BTS Net worth is increasing day by day . It has now made Korea one of the best visiting countries in the world. BTS produces their worth by their own hard work. While you were playing Mafia Game - How to Play Mafia card game in your age, at that time BTS were producing and making money. SO, if you want to see how and what years took them to become this famous and earn this much worth. Then you should seriously consider to learn something about BTS.