Definition of Billboard:

  1. Large outdoor advertisement (usually 12 feet x 25 feet) for which rent is charged according to three factors: (1) the amount of traffic that passes its location, (2) its visibility, and (3) its size.

  2. Brief announcement (usually not more than 10 seconds long) identifying the sponsors. It is broadcast at the beginning and/or at the end of a sponsored radio or television program.

  3. A large outdoor board for displaying advertisements.

How to use Billboard in a sentence?

  1. As we neared Chicago on our interstate drive, we passed at least five billboard s advertising season tickets for the citys various sports teams.
  2. The display of suggestive advertisements on billboards.
  3. Since the business was in the process of relocating to a much larger facility with state highway frontage, they took advantage of the passing traffic by placing a billboard at a nearby on/off ramp.
  4. You could try to put up a billboard in a well trafficked area to market your product to a lot of people.

Meaning of Billboard & Billboard Definition