Casey Neistat's Net Worth

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth Is $16 million. He is an American filmmaker, producer, and YouTube celebrity. As of this writing, he has 12 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram followers. Casey Neistat is well-known for his vlogs and videos on YouTube, which cover a broad variety of subjects.

Casey Neistat's Net Worth

Who Is Casey Neistat?

1. Popular As Casey Owen Neistat
2. Age 39 years old
3. Zodiac Sign Aries
4. Born 25 March 1981
5. Birthday 25 March
6. Birthplace Gales Ferry, Connecticut, United States
7. Net worth $16 million

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat has a net worth of $16 million as an American filmmaker, producer, and YouTube celebrity. He has 12 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram followers as of this writing.

Money Casey Makes From Youtube

Casey Neistat is known for his famous YouTube vlogs and videos, which cover a wide range of topics. He was born and raised in New York. He started Beme, a social media firm, in addition to being a producer and director.

His films essentially consist of him chronicling his day-to-day existence as he encounters new events. He has amassed a net worth of $28 million over a long period as a result of these businesses.

He is well-known for traveling throughout New York on Boosted Boards. He is married and has a daughter who appears on his vlog regularly.

Casey Neistat’s Income Sources

As previously stated about the multimedia company, Beme, Neistat, and his team pitched the idea to investors, and the company was founded with his own money. But, for the time being, he has sold the company to CNN for $25 million.

Even though he sold Beme to CNN, he explains that he will continue to collaborate with CNN on what and how the future Beme will look like. He once stated in an interview that selling Beme was not like winning the lottery.

As a YouTube personality, Neistat’s daily earnings are estimated to be around $2,480.54, which he earns from his 1,249,270 daily views. If we make a rough calculation, he will earn around $74,416.20 per month from his views of 37,208,100.

That means his yearly view will be 452,698,550, and his yearly revenue will be $905,397. And if a tax of around 35% to 40% is deducted, he will receive $588,508.05 per year.

Casey Neistat Per Month Net Worth

1. $ 2.43K in March 2022
2. $ 1.08K in February 2022
3. $ 6.21K in December 2021
4. $ 2.92K in November 2021
5. $ 3.78K in October 2021
6. $ 4.78Kin September 2021
7. $ 7.59K in August 2021
8. $ 6.37K in July 2021
9. $ 7.82K in June 2021.
10. $ 7.98K in May 2021
11. $ 6.94K in April 2021
12. $ 10.6K in March 2021
13. $ 10.2K in February 2021
14. $ 4.52K in January 2021
15. $ 2.11K in November 2020
16. $ 24.6K in October 2020
17. $ 45.5Kin September 2020
18. $ 19.2K in August 2020
19. $ 7.73K in July 2020
20. $ 18.7K in May 2020

Early Life Of Casey Neistat

Gales Ferry, Connecticut, is where Neistat was born. He was brought up as a Reform Jew. At the age of 17, he dropped out of high school during his second year. He finally left his family and had a kid called Owen with his then-girlfriend Robin Harris in 1998, when he was 17 years old.

Between the ages of 17 and 20, he lived in a trailer park with Harris and Owen (from 1998 to 2001). That is when Neistat decided to go to New York City and start a new life.

Before relocating to New York City, Neistat worked as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant and as a short-order cook in Mystic, Connecticut.

Casey Neistat’s Early Filmmaking

After Robin supposedly left him in 2001, Neistat packed his belongings and headed to New York City, where he found employment as a bike messenger. Later that year, he began working on sculpture-related films with his brother, Van, in collaboration with artist Tom Sachs.

It wasn’t until 2003 that Neistat began to gain a following. He made a short video called “iPod’s Dirty Secret” that slammed Apple’s stance on iPod battery replacements.

The video received more than one million views on the internet in less than a week, sparking a media frenzy with coverage from BBC News and “Rolling Stone Magazine,” among others.


Casey Neistat is an American filmmaker, producer, and YouTube celebrity. He has 12 million YouTube subscribers and 3.3 million Instagram followers. He started Beme, a social media firm, with his own money, and sold it to CNN for $25 million.

Casey Neistat’s Success

Casey and Van created their video series, “Science Experiments,” in 2004. The series was part of the 26th Sao Paulo Biennial and Creative Time’s 59th Minute Program, and each video lasted 15 minutes and contained random experimentation.

The Neistat Brothers signed a contract with HBO in 2008 for an eight-episode TV series, which debuted in 2010. “The Neistat Brothers,” which aired on June 4, 2010, was written, directed, and produced by the brothers.

1. YouTube:

A year after releasing his debut YouTube video, Neistat criticized the MTA for not explicitly specifying when the emergency brake chord should be pressed on the New York City subway.

Since 2010, Neistat has released over 80 educational YouTube videos, including one on Chatroulette and another in which he distributes two-dollar note stickers to his admirers.

In 2015, he started posting daily vlogs, and by January 19th, 2016, he had 300 vlogs posted. In 2016, a video showed him snowboarding around the streets of New York City during a snowfall received 6.5 million views in 24 hours on YouTube.

He has posted 936 vlogs on YouTube by July 2018. Each year, his subscriber base has expanded tremendously, from 1 million in August 2015 to 11.9 million in February 2020.

2. Other projects:

Neistat has directed many TV advertisements for multinational businesses like Google and Samsung, as well as giving seminars around the country. Casey collaborated with Nike in 2012 on the video “Make it Count,” which he wrote, directed, and starred in.

The video starts with scrolling text that reads: "Nike approached me with the idea of making a film on what it means to makeitcount. Rather than creating their film, I used the whole amount to travel across the globe with my buddy Max.

We’d keep going till we ran out of money. It took ten days to complete." On April 8, 2012, Nike posted the video on their YouTube channel. The video became viral when Neistat uploaded it on his page the following day, with over 1.5 million views in the first three days.

The film was hailed by several media publications for “going rogue” with its unique branding and out-of-the-box thinking. In 2015, Neistat collaborated with Mike Hackett to build Beme, a video-sharing app that allowed users to make uncut four-second films that could be instantly shared and posted with their followers.

On July 17, 2015, Beme was introduced. CNN revealed in November 2016 that it has bought Beme for $25 million in a transaction. It’s unclear if Casey had any additional investors or how much the purchase was worth before taxes, but it was a big windfall for the YouTube sensation.

CNN said that the purchase will allow them to reach out to more millennials while also boosting their digital approach. Beme was shut down by Hackett on January 31, 2017, and Neistat and Hackett parted ways with CNN a year later.

In addition, Neistat owns 368, a creative coworking space, and he and his wife co-host Couples Therapy, a podcast that debuted in May 2018.

Achievements & Awards Of Casey Neistat

The Independent Spirit Awards honored Casey Neistat with the 'John Cassavetes Award in 2010. He received the ‘Streamy Awards’ for ‘Best First-Person Series’ and ‘Best Editing’ in 2016. In the same year, he was named “YouTuber of the Year” at the Shorty Awards.

At the GQ Men of the Year award presentation, he was also given the ‘New Media Star award.’


HBO commissioned the Neistat Brothers for an eight-episode TV series in 2010. Since 2010, he has released over 80 educational YouTube videos. He has posted 936 vlogs on YouTube by July 2018. His subscriber base grew from 1 million in August 2015 to 11.9 million in February 2020.

Private life Of Casey Neistat

Neistat married Candice Pool in Houston, Texas in 2005. This marriage lasted just a month before being annulled. He returned to Pool on February 18th, 2013, and proposed to her.

On December 29, 2013, Neistat and Pool were married in Cape Town, South Africa, in a Jewish wedding ceremony. Georgie and Georgina are their two children. He believes he is Jewish.

During World War II, his grandmother Louise Neistat (née Louise Celice Grossman) was a tap dancer and a member of the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. He created a movie in 2004 in which his grandma prepared the “world’s finest french toast” and served it to his kid, Owen.

Neistat released a four-minute short video about his grandma on YouTube on October 31, 2011. The video begins with him asking his grandmother how many more years she thinks she’ll put on her annual tap dance show.

Then cuts between various press clippings from her accomplished life and footage from her most recent tap dance show, with the focus on the money her tap dancing has raised for cancer research-related charities.

The video was shared on many news and viral video websites, including the Huffington Post, and was tweeted by YouTube’s official Twitter account. Louise died of natural causes at the age of 92 twenty-two days after the video was uploaded; Neistat authored her obituary and performed the eulogy.

In a video titled “I’m Leaving NYC Forever…,” Neistat revealed that he will be leaving New York City and heading to Los Angeles to be with his family on May 10, 2019.

Casey Neistat’s Wife’s Net Worth

Candice Pool has a net worth of $1.5 million as a result of her many business enterprises. The pool also has a casual apparel brand called Love Billy! in addition to Finn. Billy is my favorite! It focuses on unisex clothing and accessories that are basic and easy to wear.

  • T-shirts, necklaces, tote bags, and moleskin notebooks are among the items available.

  • Due to her personal experience, Pool was motivated to launch Love Billy! She hardly had time to groom herself after the birth of her children.

  • She was also wearing an old sweater from her spouse, as well as trousers and chap stick.

  • She then decided to create a company that would appeal to others who had found themselves in similar situations.

  • Pool’s experiment seems to have succeeded, since Love Billy! currently has clients from over 72 countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask following questions.

1. How much money did Casey earn from Beme?

It has been nearly four years since it was first published. CNN drew a lot of attention in 2016 when it paid an eye-watering $25 million for Casey Neistat’s YouTube star company Beme.

2. Who Will Be the Wealthiest Youtuber in 2021?

According to Forbes, YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, will earn $54 million in 2021. This makes him the first YouTuber to earn more than $50 million. Ryan Kaji, a popular kid’s YouTuber known as Ryan’s World, has an estimated income that is nearly twice as high as that reported by Forbes.

3. Who Will Be the Wealthiest Youtuber in 2020?

Be*st (Jimmy Donaldson) was the highest-earning YouTuber in terms of worldwide earnings, with an estimated income of approximately 54 million USD. Jake Paul, who finished second, was expected to receive a few million dollars. The final metric was earned dollars over time.

4. Why is he so well-known?

Neistat, 35, is one of the most successful filmmakers to emerge from the YouTube platform. He began filming hilarious films about his daily life, which led to a short-lived HBO sitcom and endorsement agreements with Nike, Google, and Samsung.

5. How much did Casey get for Beme?

Share CNN has shut down Casey Neistat’s video startup Beme, which it purchased 14 months ago for $25 million. According to BuzzFeed News, CNN has shut down Casey Neistat’s Beme, which it purchased for $25 million in November 2016.

6. Who is the most well-known YouTuber?

YouTube Mr. B*ast (Jimmy Donaldson) was expected to be the top-earning YouTuber in the world in 2021, with earnings of almost 54 million US dollars. Jake Paul came in second, with estimated earnings of 45 million US dollars in the previous year.

7. What happened to Casey Neistat’s place?

Casey Neistat’s house is a quiet, 20th-floor aerie in a Battery Park City building, which you may not anticipate.

8. How are YouTubers compensated?

According to Forbes, advertisements account for 50 percent of the top YouTube earners’ yearly revenue. To advertise on your YouTube channel, you must first register an AdSense account. You will be paid after your AdSense account hits $100.

9. Is There a Billionaire Youtuber?

There are a total of two viewers. Jeffree Star currently earns $5 billion per year.

10. How Did He Get That Way?

Neistat has been involved in a variety of other projects in addition to making short films and uploading online works as a source of financial wealth.

He is originally from Ireland and co-founded Beme, a video-sharing app that was later discontinued. He was a member of the venture capitalist group LNKA with MattHackett.


As an American filmmaker, producer, and YouTube star, Casey Neistat has a net worth of $16 million. As of this writing, he has 12 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.3 million followers on Instagram. Casey Neistat is well-known for his popular YouTube vlogs and videos on a variety of subjects.

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