Cynthia Rowley Net Worth

How much is Cynthia Rowley net worth? Cynthia Rowley’s net worth is $100 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth as of February 2021.

Cynthia Rowley Net Worth in 2021 $100 Million
Cynthia Rowley Net Worth in 2020 $1 Million - $5 Million
Cynthia Rowley Net Worth in 2019 $100,00 - $1Million
Profession Fashion Designer
Gender Female
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth 29 July 1958

Cynthia Rowley net worth

About Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley was born in Illinois in 1958 and designed her first dress at the age of 9. She attended the School of the Chicago Art Institute and designed her first dress as a professional as a senior.

The world of fashion has been able to react to her talent by awarding her the new Fashion Talent Award (CFDA). Not only for the design of women’s clothing, but she also began to design men’s clothes and went into the design world. The boutiques of the USA, Europe, and Asia also include a wide range of accessories, signature scents, and more than 50 boutiques.

The Career of Cynthia Rowley

A cosmopolitan article says that Cynthia was brought up in an art environment by her parents Ed and Clementine Rowley and that she took up her love for beautiful clothes that she is currently making from her mother’s eye. “My mother was all painters from the family. My grandmother has done many self-portraits,” the New York Times said Cynthia. “Even though she was only 100 percent Italian, she used to wear Chinese dresses like that. It was an excellent education, with theme rooms and stuff,” she said.

  1. With $3,000 of the seed money of one of her grandmothers, Cynthia Rowley started her career.
  2. Rowley launched its first collection in 1988 of women’s wear, handbags, lenses, color cosmetics, scents, bathrobes, furniture, bedding, office accessories. info about this collection.
  3. She also created a range of home accessories named Swell, based on her 2003 Target debut book series, which she co-wrote with friend Ilene Rosenzweig.
  4. In 2011, Rowley presented a limited men’s wear range called Bill Powers, its husband.
  5. Kit developed a podcast called Ageless, together with Cynthia and her daughter, in 2019.
  6. She has taken on several shows, including The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Gossip Girl, and The Late Show with David Letterman, as a guest.
    Cynthia Rowley Career

Education of Cynthia Rowley

In 1981 she obtained her graduate degree from Barrington High School and a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Chicago School of Art. But you knew her first show didn’t go exactly as planned and that she showed the door? She clashed with the faculty about her design using exuberant wings and that was what led her to escape. “I got booted from my Junior Show — not that I have a resentment or anything,” she said to the Chicago Tribune. She also took on several shows, including The Today Show, Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey Show, Gossip Girl, and David Let’s The Late Show.

She didn’t allow this incident to be the start or break of her new career and worked her way to win the Fellowship award in her senior year. However, she used it to purchase a U-Haul to fly to Italy with her internship money and moved to New York with her collection. The rest is history.

In 2012, SAIC invited her back to accept SAIC’s first double Legend of Fashion honor at the famous Park during a student fashion show and fundraising event, along with her husband Bill Powers, the Half Gallery owner.

The Profession of Cynthia Rowley

Rowley was granted a SAIC award in 1981. She used the donation money to move from Chicago to New York City. Her grandmother used the money to begin her career. Then she used it. She began her collection of capsules in 1988. Then she started producing various glasses, color cosmetics, home furniture, swimming clothing, and much more. More significantly, her customers have made Cynthia Rowley’s wetsuit very famous.

Rowley has created Swell for home a range of accessories. In 2011, she released Mr. Powers Collection, a men’s wear brand. Dresses from Cynthia Rowley have flirted, carefree, and simple. A large number of magazines praised her lines of fashion.

In reality TV programs like 24 Hour Catwalk, Project Runway, Design Star, the next top model, and more, Rowley came as a judge, among others. In the Return to Amish TV series, the audience had the opportunity to have the ex-Amish Kate Stoltzfus join Rowley as an intern.

Cynthia Rowley First Failure

After completing all the work, Cynthia created a collection of only a thousand US dollars, inviting the most fashionable publishers and influencers in New York City, but according to, nobody attended her to show that her apartment was staged. “I have just been so naive I [thinking], ‘They will all, of course, want to come!’ A double slap in the face was coming to New York. It was shocking and hard — but good,” she told Chicago Splash.

Cynthia Rowley First Success

Cynthia continued to work for nearly a decade after her first flop, creating such an unusual collection that the Council of Fashion Designers of America honored her with the New Fashion Talent Perry Ellis Award. In January 1995, she opened her second boutique’s doors in June of that year.

Cynthia Rowley Books

Rowley also wrote a series of good-selling books called Swell. They focus women on “swelling” ideas on such subjects as holidays, decorations, dining parties, and so on. She also inks columns for Glamor magazine, and under her SwellCo line has a new line of home products. By combining TV, books, and fashion, she has been very successful for years to come in several genres.
Cynthia Rowley Books

What is Cynthia Rowley Net Worth?

Cynthia sold its West Village city house at 14 million dollars in March 2019, in New York City. In 2014, she purchased the property at $11 million and had used it for her brand as a live workspace. She was looking for $18 million originally. According to public records, Cynthia owns at least two other New York City properties. Sources indicate that the estimated net value of Cynthia Rowley for 2020 was $100 million.

She owned a New York City West Village townhouse which she claimed 18 million dollars but in März 2019 the price she received was 14 million dollars. In 2014, she purchased $11 million in New York City property, bringing her profit of $3 million. It has also a website.

It is reported that it owns at least two other properties in New York City, according to the public records. Kit Kennan is also a fashion designer with a net worth from $100K to $500K. The Kit is also a fashion designer.
Net worth


Below you can read some of the most common FAQs about Cynthia Rowley.

1. Is Kit Keenan, daughter of Cynthia Rowley wealthy?

Net Worth Kit Keenan: Kit Keenan is a skilled and well-known American TV and fashion entrepreneur, known alternatively as the Kit Clementine Keenan. The net value of Kit Keenan was $5,000,000 as of 2021.

2. Who’s the husband of Cynthia Rowley?

The husband of Cynthia Rowley is William Powers. While her husband, Bill Powers, and the daughters Kit Keenan and Gigi Powers, spend much of the time in New York City, Cynthia Rowley enjoyed getting away.

3. Is Cynthia Rowley still married?

2019 saw a podcast called Ageless by Cynthia and Kit. She married William “Bill,” an art dealer, author, and owner of the Half Gallery in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on 17 September 2005 at the home of photographer Peter Beard, after Rowley and Keenan Jr. had divorced her.

4. What is the net value kit for the bachelor?

Kit Keenan is an American fashion and television star. She is most known for her participation in the TV show ‘The Bachelor.’ Kit Keenan is assessed at $1 million in net value by 2021.

5. Who is Cynthia Rowley selling?

Neiman Marcus’ Cynthia Rowley offers a high and eclectic range of contemporary women’s wear that is both enjoyable and fun.

6. How old during the kit was Cynthia Rowley?

However, fans of the ABC reality show saw something familiar with Cynthia Rowley, a 21-year-old mom of New York.

7. What is Rowley doing?

Cynthia Rowley is a leading international brand of lifestyles based on an adventure philosophy of fashion. The brand’s beautiful, sporty range includes ready-to-wear, surfing and swimming, fitness, fittings, and decoration, as also exclusive partnerships with like-minded manufacturers.

8. Does Cynthia Rowley have been sold at Marshall’s?

To know that a well-known fashion name like Cynthia Rowley enables a major discount chain corporation such as Marshalls to create the product without any supervision of its quality is quite a little disturbing.

9. How do clothes fit Cynthia Rowley?

It is extremely nice or a bit undersized for sizing. I’m typically a 6, I have bought an 8, and it’s snug and snug – but it’s an absolutely lovely dress.


So it can be concluded that Cynthia Rowley, an American fashion designer, and Cynthia Rowley net worth is $100 million by 2021. Cynthia Rowley, the company she created, makes more than $50 million annually.

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