Top 5 Pakistani Women’s Clothing Brands

The fashion industry has always played a significant role in the economy of any country across 150+ countries. We cannot exclude Pakistan though as the ladies in this territory really love the latest fashion trends. And when it comes to the textile industry [we mean clothing] the intensity of this passion goes high up.

Today we’re going to talk all about top Pakistani women’s clothing brands in the country and as well as around the globe. It is worth noting that the small list of brands has been compiled by our experts and you could differ, as it’s your right. In our eyes, all 5 of these are flagbearers of our fashion industry.

So here are our chosen fashion iconic industries below who launches best Pakistani designer dresses in UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia as well as in Pakistan;

01. Al-Karam

We put Alkaram in the first position and there are multiple reasons for this. There are very few brands who conquered the textile industry in a very short time and Alkaram Studio is, undoubtedly, one of them. The studio became a textile giant in the first year and its customers became its brand ambassadors.

Alkaram releases almost all seasons’ collections including lawn, chiffon, khaddar, velvet, and linen articles. Each collection gets out of stock at many outlets instantly right after its launching which is a significant sign of the brand’s popularity. Alkaram Studio focuses on fashion fabrics and apparel for men, women, and kids, along with home textiles made the brand a huge icon for the apparel market.

02. Gul Ahmed

Another big name, that has millions of followers across the world. Gul Ahmed was founded in the early 1900s and gradually entered the field of manufacturing and became another big name in the apparel industry very soon. Today, there is no single city in Pakistan where you can’t find Gul Ahmed’s outlets.

The goal of Gul Ahmed is very clear; customer satisfaction and it’s been successful in its aim, clearly. The brand proved that its ideals and the right business tactics could create one of Pakistan’s biggest fashion brands.

Gul Ahmed, contrary to other clothing brands, releases a very big collection at once. Usually, it contains 100+ articles and there is no denying the fact that every single article has its own uniqueness and beauty.

03: Sana Safinaz

Innovative yet traditional, glamorous yet classical, it’s time to talk about Sana Safinaz. A fashion icon in the realm of trends that never compromise on quality. We observe, always, something new and something unique in Sana Safinaz collections. Whether it is summer season or winter collections the brand knows young ladies’ demands intricately.

Most importantly, the brand’s suits never seem to look any older. Always fresh, always trendier. So it is fair to say that the name of Sana Safinaz for many reasons is on the decisive position. The brand has the most amazing luxurious lawn and chiffon designs and styles for women of all ages. The latest prints of this season by Sana Safinaz are classy and brilliant. Markets are filled with customers with the arrival of this unique Pakistani clothing brand.

04: Maria B

Maria Butt laid the foundation of Maria. B in 1999. And today, after 20 years the brand has become the heartbeats of millions of ladies in the country and abroad. Maria B deals with the pret, formal, semi-formal, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linens, and urban contemporary women’s chic and high fashionable sleek cuts and intricate detailing from ready-to-wear formal to couture.

Maria. B is yet another brand in Pakistan that is best known for remarkable both in terms of its designs and hues internationally. The best thing about Maria B’s dresses is their embroidery that is always just breathtaking. Its collections contain super-hot designs with vibrant dupattas. The brand’s articles are, truly, matchless, and cool.

05. Asim Jofa

Another biggest entrepreneurial success story we have in Pakistan is Asim Jofa. Asim Jofa also set new traditions in fashion with an innovative approach inspired by global. The brand became one of the prestigious brands and won respect as the master of detail in the realm of ready-made garments manufacturing in a very short span of time. With over 100+ outlets across Pakistan today, Asim Jofa stands as an enormous textile giant.

The brand deals with the embroidered collections, bridal couture, festive mysorie, luxury lawn, and organza collection with stunning stitching service.

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Final Thoughts:

We strived to achieve justice for the fashion/clothing industry. And you will let us know whether we have been successful in this or not. Set your own and unique trend by wearing these top international clothing brands.