Definition of Milestone:

  1. An action or event marking a significant change or stage in development.

  2. A stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place.

  3. General: Sub-objectives or stages into which a program or project is divided for monitoring and measurement of work performance.

  4. Project management: Scheduled event that indicates the completion of a major deliverable event (or a set thereof) of a project. Milestones are measurable and observable and serve as progress markers (flags) but, by definition, are independent of time (have zero durations) therefore no work or consumption of resources is associated with them.

Synonyms of Milestone

Bench mark, Bookmark, Cairn, Cardinal point, Catstone, Chief thing, Climax, Core, Cornerstone, Crisis, Critical point, Crux, Essence, Essential, Essential matter, Fundamental, Gist, Gravamen, Great point, Heart, High point, Important thing, Issue, Kernel, Keystone, Landmark, Lighthouse, Lightship, Main point, Main thing, Mark, Marker, Material point, Meat, Menhir, Milepost, Monument, Nub, Occasion, Pharos, Pith, Pivot, Platform, Real issue, Salient point, Seamark, Sine qua non, Substance, Substantive point, The bottom line, The point, Tower, Turning point, Watchtower, Turning point, Milestone, Watershed, Critical point, Historic event, Major achievement

How to use Milestone in a sentence?

  1. We have been together for ten years. Next year we will pass another milestone together, making it eleven years since we meet.
  2. The speech is being hailed as a milestone in race relations.
  3. The 700th home run that Barry Bonds hit was a milestone in his career and made him very happy and very rich as well.
  4. When you have children it is always fun to see them reach each milestone and see how much they learn and grow.
  5. A granite marker stone or milestone is preserved in Breage church.

Meaning of Milestone & Milestone Definition