Definition of Milestone:

  1. An action or event that indicates a significant change or stage of development.

  2. A roadside rock with a distance of kilometers to a specific location.

  3. General: A sub-objective or phase in which programs or projects are shared to monitor and measure work performance.

  4. Project Management - Scheduled events that mark the completion of important project delivery events (or series of events). Milestones can be measured and observed and acted as indicators of progress. However, by definition, they are not time-dependent (not final), so they do not involve labor or resource consumption.

Synonyms of Milestone

Cardinal point, Watershed, Cairn, Substance, Essential matter, Fundamental, Issue, Catstone, Pivot, Monument, Milepost, Material point, Main point, Marker, Crux, Sine qua non, Menhir, Lightship, Tower, ■■■■■■, Landmark, Milestone, Important thing, Real issue, Lighthouse, Kernel, Major achievement, Bookmark, Chief thing, Mark, High point, Historic event, Essential, Turning point, Bench mark, The bottom line, Watchtower, Seamark, Substantive point, Great point, Core, Occasion, Salient point, Main thing, Pith, Nub, Pharos, Keystone, Gist, The point, Heart, Crisis, Platform, Critical point, Gravamen, Meat, Turning point, Essence, Cornerstone, Critical point

How to use Milestone in a sentence?

  1. We have been together for ten years. Next year, eleven years after we met, we will move forward together.
  2. The speech was hailed as a milestone in racial relations.
  3. Barry Bonds, which runs in 700 homes, was a major milestone in his career and made him very happy and rich.
  4. When you have children, it will always be good for them to reach each milestone and how well they learn and grow.
  5. A landmark made of stone or granite is preserved in Bridge Church.

Meaning of Milestone & Milestone Definition