How to Write a Best-Selling Fiction Book?

“Writing fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.”

The best friend a human can have is a book. People seek diversion from the routine and therefore, they read books. Especially when it comes to fiction books, the aim of the reader is to skip reality, escape from it, and create a happy world in their minds. Thousands of fiction readers read only fiction because it relaxes them and gives them the hope of a happy ending.

The fiction writers put in all possible efforts to create stories that are relevant to peoples’ lives. The stories, however, are disguised as fiction, so that, no one can guess the true story of anyone at all. The reason for doing this is to comfort the soul who is reading the book and make them feel that there is someone else with the same story too.

To accomplish the writing goals, many writers opt for the ghostwriting services of any famous ghostwriting company. Because having a ghostwriter by your side will help you generate creative ideas in a short span of time. Also, they will not ask for any rights on the content and will only be concerned with the payment you have promised them.

If you are an emerging writer and want to pursue fiction as your niche, then here are the seven ways to write a best-selling fiction book. You can follow the pathway and be the next shining star in the literature industry.

Create an Outline

One of the crucial and important steps is this. Creating an outline will make you understand everything comprehensively. Once you have the outline, you will be able to divide your attention, time, and creativity accordingly. You can also make a to-do-list to keep a check on the writing activities and your book’s progress. You will also be able to get things done on time.

Make Intriguing Characters (Relatable)

Why would people read a fiction book if the characters are not interesting enough? You have to think of characters that will make room in the readers’ hearts instantly. The readers should feel a connection with the characters too. After all, no matter what you write, they are reading it because they want to feel affiliated. Invest as much time as you need to establish the characters but make sure they come out good.

Focus On the Plot

Can you go get a degree without a reason? No, you cannot. Similarly, a book without a plot will be clueless. All your efforts will be useless and nothing will make things better until you are focused on what grounds the story should rotate around. The plot decides where the story will head and what twists and turns it will take.

Avoid Clichés

You must have heard the phrase “uniqueness is the key to success”, you have to follow that. While creating the story, you have to keep in mind that the readers will invest time and money in your book, therefore, they want to have a story that is different from the rest of the market. The more the uniqueness factor the better the story.

Keep Formatting & Structure in Check

A book that looks good sells good. You have to make sure that each line, each page, and sentence are properly aligned. The structure of the book should look pleasing to the reader, or else, all the efforts will go in vain. Remember when a reader opts for your book in a bookstore, the only thing he/she can judge your creativity is the presentation of it.

Use The Chapter-By-Chapter Approach

Slow and steady wins the race. Go slow with your writings and have a chapter-by-chapter approach to make things easier for you and for the reader. This approach will give you extra time to think of creative plots and will make your book look interesting. This also adds value to your book and allows the readers to use their cognitive skills as well.

Look for Self-Publishing

You have to look for a good and well-known publishing house that will highlight your skills to the world conveniently and will guide you properly in the process.