Purchase history

Purchase history

How can I search in my purchase history? View purchase history on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch Open the Settings app. Tap your name and then Media and shopping. You may be asked to sign in. Tap Purchase history. Your purchase history is displayed. To view purchases made more than 90 days ago, click Past 90 Days and select a different time period.

How do you find your history of eBay purchases?

View and use your eBay purchase history In your favorite web browser, go to the page and sign in. Hover over My eBay in the top right corner and click Purchase History. You will see a screen similar to the screen below. Click the yellow buttons in the screenshot here to see what you can do with your purchase history.

How do I view in app purchase history on?

Open the Settings app. Tap their name, then tap iTunes and App Store. Tap your Apple ID, then tap View Apple ID. You may be asked to sign in. Scroll down to the purchase history and click on it. To view purchases made more than 90 days ago, click Past 90 days and select a time period. Find and tap Total billed.

How does Walmart know my purchase history?

Open the Walmart app. Select an account picture. Select your purchase history. Press the + icon in the top right corner. Place the QR code on a paper receipt to scan. If you can't see it, scan the barcode. If necessary, you have the option below to manually enter your admission details.

How to check your order history in Microsoft Store?

Microsoft Store Account Dashboard To view app, game, or subscription purchases, track orders, or view and print invoices, visit the order history page on the dashboard. Make sure you are logged in to the account you used to make the purchase. Open your order history.

Where can I Find my order history on Google Play?

You can view your Google Play order history at any time or open the Google Play Store app on your mobile device. Tap the account menu. Tap Purchase history. Remark. Order numbers are currently not available on Google Play. If you need your order number to request a return, please follow the instructions below.

How to check someone else's purchase history on Apple?

Sign in with your Apple ID. If you see items in your purchase history that you can't remember, check to see if someone else is using your device, such as someone else. B. family member who purchased the item. If someone else uses your Apple ID and password, change the Apple ID password.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How can I see past purchases on Microsoft 365?

You can view information about purchases such as apps, games, and subscriptions such as Microsoft 365 and Xbox Live. Make sure you are logged in to the account you used to make the purchase. Use the View and Sort in filters to view past orders and purchases. To print an order or the VAT invoice, select Order Details > Print / Tax Invoice.

How can i access my purchase history on amazon

Log in, log in if you haven't already, and click the "Your Account" link in the top right corner. Scroll down this page and click View and edit browsing history under Personalization. On this page you can view your story by category or in one go.

How to see everything you've ever bought from Amazon?

Log in and log into your account. In the top right corner, click Account & Lists. In the Order & Purchase Options section, select Download Order Reports. Select the report type: Standard Item, which shows all shipments, but select Return or Return from the drop-down menu. Select a start and end date. Click Request Report.

:brown_circle: How to search your Amazon order history?

  • Go to your Amazon account page.
  • Log in with the account you used to place your orders.
  • Click the "Your Orders" button to access your order history.

:brown_circle: Can you hide purchases on Amazon?

The easiest way to hide your purchases from your family is to use your Amazon startup account. This option only applies to Prime members and allows you to share Amazon benefits with other adults, teens and children in your household.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How to find my activity history on my iPhone?

  • Open the Gmail app on your iPhone or iPad. Press Menu Settings Your account Manage your Google account
  • At the top, click Data & Personalization.
  • In the Activities and schedule section, click My Activities.
  • Visualize your activity:
  • Find your activities sorted by day and time.
  • Use the search bar and filters at the top to find a specific action.

How do I See my Apple Pay history?

View your Apple Pay history: Launch the Settings app on the iPhone or iPad you use with Apple Pay. Tap Passbook and Apple Pay. Tap the card whose transaction history you want to view. You should see pending transactions in the main window if the cardholder supports them.

:brown_circle: How to find previous apps on iPhone?

open iTunes. Plug in your iPhone and stop any syncing processes that run automatically. Now delete the faulty app from iPhone. In iTunes, click the Applications link in the sidebar. Find the app you want to install an older version in and drag it to the iPhone area in the sidebar. Now all you need to do is sync your iPhone with iTunes.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How can i access my purchase history on ebay

Use the Tab key to see the results. In the purchase history you will find all your orders from the past 3 years. You can also go here if you want to return an item, make purchases or view your order details.

How long does eBay keep my purchase history?

EBay stores information about your transactions for up to three years. Transactions made 60 days ago can be viewed in your archived purchase history. To view transactions from previous years, select the Archived radio button at the top of the list.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can I see all my purchases on eBay?

Go to My eBay Orders. To see a summary of all your past eBay purchases, click Purchase History. You will then be redirected to the "My eBay Orders" section. There you will see two buttons.

How do I Check my eBay purchase history?

  • Select Purchase history opens in a new window or tab.
  • Find your item on the list.
  • Select View order details.

How can i access my purchase history on spotify

If you're using Spotify on your computer, you can find your history by clicking the hamburger menu with a little play button in the bottom right corner. You will first be taken to your regular playlist, where you can add and remove (or reorder) future songs.

How do you add a track to the play queue on Spotify?

In a playlist, press and hold next to a song. Drag it to the desired position. Click Play Queue in the lower right corner. Right click on the track you want to add. Click Add to Queue. In the playlist, right-click the song you want to delete.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Where do I Find my receipts on Spotify?

You can view your receipts by logging into your account page. You will also receive a confirmation email when you start a trial offer or make your first payment for a new subscription. Did you find this article helpful?

How do I add songs to my playlist on Spotify?

Then click on the icon to add numbers at the top. You'll see some featured songs, and if you swipe left, you'll see recently played songs there as well. You can then add them to your playlist or rate your songs to find them later using the search function.

How can i access my purchase history on youtube

Open the Settings app. Tap your name and then Media and shopping. You may be asked to sign in. Tap Purchase history. Your purchase history is displayed. To view purchases made more than 90 days ago, click Past 90 Days and select a different time period.

Where do I Find my history on Netflix?

Here's how to find your Netflix browsing history. You see, like everything else, Netflix has simplified this. All you need to do is log into your account and go to your account page by hovering over your profile name.

Where do I Find my Netflix account on my computer?

The first thing to do is access your Netflix account on your computer (not on your phone or through the Smart TV app). In a web browser, go to your account page by hovering your mouse over your profile picture in the top right corner and clicking Account.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do I Delete my history on Netflix?

Log in to your Netflix account, select Manage Profiles and click the pencil icon on your profile. Now click on the Delete Profile button and confirm twice. Don't worry, creating a new profile is as easy as clicking the Add Profile button. Now you can start all over again - a clear story, no fuss.

How can I see my first stream on Netflix?

All you need to do is log into Netflix and access your account. At the bottom of the menu you will find a hint titled "View activity". Tree. Now you can see the first thing you broadcast (this will probably be inconvenient, like most premieres online, were you looking for your first tweet?).

How do I see my iTunes purchases from my?

  • Open the Music or iTunes app. Select Account from the menu bar at the top of the screen, then click View My Account.
  • On the Account Details page, scroll down to the Purchase History section. Next to Latest purchase, click View all.
  • Find the article. It may take a while for your purchase history to appear. When you want to see the purchases

How to view iTunes purchase history easily?

In the iTunes application on your PC, select Account > View My Account and sign in. In the Account Information window, click View All (in the Purchase History section). Purchase history shows purchases made with this account, with the most recent purchases first. To get detailed information about your purchases, do one of the following: View details about.

How can I restore my iTunes purchases?

To restore purchases on the Apple platform. Click Settings > iTunes & App Stores. Touch your Apple ID and password. Tap Sign Out. Download your Apple ID (the same one you used to make your purchase), open the app, then tap Options > Restore Purchases. Confirm your password if necessary.

How do you restore your purchases?

To restore Apple App Store purchases, launch the App Store icon and then the Updates tab at the bottom. Tap the cloud icon to the right of the purchased app to download it for free. Use the search box to easily find a third-party application.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Where do I Find my purchased videos on YouTube?

You can find all the videos you've purchased by clicking "Library" and selecting "Your Movies and Shows" from the menu on the left. You can purchase content on your iOS device in certain locations. Check here to see if iOS purchases are supported in your region.

Why do I not see my history on YouTube?

The main reason is that Google has not implemented this feature on the YouTube website, but on the My Activity website. If you check the options on YouTube, you will only get the Pause or Manually delete options above.

Do you have to have Google account to watch YouTube Movies?

If you buy or rent movies and TV shows from YouTube, you can watch them on any of the following supported devices. You must sign in to your Google account to access your purchases.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How to see your recent purchases on the web?

To view your recent purchases online, go to Sign in with your Apple ID and password. A list of your recent purchases appears.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you clear purchase history on eBay?

You can follow the steps below to sign in to your eBay account. Access your purchase history. Find the item you want to remove from your purchase history. Select More actions for found item. Select Hide Article.

How to delete purchase history on Amazon?

Open Amazon and log in to your account. In the top left corner of the screen, click Browsing history. To remove a specific item from your browsing history, click Remove from view below the product. You can also clear the entire list by selecting the Manage history drop-down menu and clicking Remove all items from view.

:brown_circle: How do I download my Amazon order history?

To do this, go to the Amazon website and select "Account and Lists" in the top right corner. You have to click on it. In the "Purchase and Order Settings" section of the menu, select "Download Order Reports". A form appears in which you can select the desired report type.

:brown_circle: How do I access my eBay account?

Click the My eBay link in the upper-right corner of any page on the eBay website. Scroll down until you see the My Account section in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Click on the "Personal Information" link in the "My Account" section. The personal information page opens.

How do you open an eBay account?

Open an eBay account. To buy or sell anything on eBay, you must have a registered account. There is a registration link in the top left corner of the eBay homepage. Follow him to enter your name and email address and create a password.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Do you need an eBay account to buy something?

Create an eBay account. You need an account to bid on items and track your purchases. Creating an account is free and only requires a name and email address. You must enter your details to purchase.

Does it cost money to have an eBay account?

eBay is free to use as a buyer, you don't pay any money to open or keep an account open. You only pay when you buy, auction or bid on an item. However, using eBay as a seller, doing business, listing items for sale, selling items, etc. will cost you dearly.

Where do I Find my order details on eBay?

Follow these steps to find your order information: Find your item on the list. Select View order details. From there you can also let them know if an item didn't arrive on time or request a refund if there's a problem.

:brown_circle: How do you return an item on eBay?

Find the item in your purchase history, open it in a new window or tab, and select Return this item. Please select a reason for your return. If the item was delivered damaged, broken or defective, you have the option to add up to 10 photos with scratches or defects. Select Send.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What to do if you buy something on eBay and it hasn't arrived?

If the item you have purchased does not arrive, is defective, damaged or does not match the seller's description, you can give your money back. If you change your mind and no longer want the item, you can ask the seller if they accept your return.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How long does it take to get a refund from eBay?

Once the seller has received the item from you or has accepted a return and has given you permission to keep the item, you have 2 business days to initiate the return. If so, you will receive an email notification. It generally takes 3-5 business days for PayPal to return your payment.

How to customize your my eBay summary?

  • You can customize your eBay overview page as follows:
  • Click "My eBay" in the top right corner of the page.
  • Select "Summary" from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the objects you want to add, hide, or move.
  • Select the information you want to see
  • Open 3 tabs in the top left corner of the screen.

What is eBay summary?

Resume. eBay provides all the information a merchant needs to keep their account active, error-free and consistent. Sellers are responsible for adhering to the established rules. Sellers are not blocked for any reason, but for one of the reasons mentioned above.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can you tell me about eBay?

A trading place for collectors. eBay started out as a place where collectors could meet and exchange virtual collectibles. In September 1995, Pierre Omidyar founded a website called Auction Web, which later became the eBay you know today.

Can I Sell on eBay?

Now that you've created an eBay account, you can create an listing for the item you want to sell. When you complete your listing, you'll be prompted to add an automatic payment method that you'll use to pay eBay commissions.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you make an eBay purchase?

Buying on eBay Go to your web browser and click "Login" in the top left corner. Enter your email address or username in the first field, then click the second field and enter your account password. When you return to the eBay home screen, find the item you want to buy and click it to view its details.

How do you find your past orders on eBay?

Click the My eBay link in the navigation bar and select Purchase History in the left pane. A list of your orders from the last 60 days will open. Tracking information will no longer be displayed for orders placed within the last 60 days. You will usually see a tracking number and estimated delivery date under each product name.

:brown_circle: How do you delete apps from purchase history?

Remove apps from your app store purchase history. 1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Today page in the App Store application. 2. Touch your Apple ID profile picture, then touch Purchases. 3. On the next page, tap "My Purchases" and wait for the list of applications to load. 4. After the list loads, locate the application you want to remove and drag it to the left.

How do you clear app history?

Double-click the Start button to clear the history of used applications. You should now see all the apps you've used recently. Drag each app one by one to remove them from your search history. When all applications have been removed, you will be returned to the home screen.

How to view your news history on an iPhone?

1) Open the Messages app. The symbol looks like a small newspaper on a red background and is located on the home screen. 2) Click on "Saved". It's in the lower right corner of the screen and has a ribbon icon. 3) Click on "History". The button is located at the top center of the screen.

:brown_circle: How do you enable in app purchases on iPhone?

How to Enable InApp Purchases on iPhone and iPad. 1. From the home screen, open the Settings application. 2. Scroll down to the New iOS 12 Screen Time section and tap it. 3. Select Content & Privacy Restrictions. If you use a Screen Time password, you will be prompted to enter it.

How do I find purchased iPhone apps?

You can now find your purchased apps in the user account section of the app store. To find your past purchases in iOS 11, open the App Store as usual, then tap the small user account icon in the top right corner. It is available in all app store tabs except the Search tab.

How do you find purchased apps?

In particular, it takes a few more steps to find the purchased apps. Open the Google Play Store and open the hamburger menu by clicking on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner. Scroll down and tap Account. Tap your order history.

How do I cancel an iPhone app purchase?

Choose Store > View My App ID, then click Manage Purchases in Settings at the bottom of the Account Information screen in iTunes on your device. On the Manage Purchases screen, click the Cancel button to the right of the item you want to cancel. You will be asked to confirm the cancellation of the purchase.

Where do I find in app purchases in the App Store?

Not all apps offer in-app purchases. If the app offers in-app purchases, you'll see Buy Apps or Download Apps that offer In-App Purchases or In-App Purchases next to the Price button in the App Store.

How are subscriptions and in app purchases work?

Learn how subscriptions and in-app purchases work. What are in-app purchases? In-app purchases are subscriptions or additional content that you purchase in-app. Not all apps offer in-app purchases. To check if an app offers in-app purchases before purchasing or downloading it, search for it in the App Store.

What to do if you have problems with in app purchases?

If you're having trouble with an in-app purchase, make sure your billing information is up to date. For any other issue with in-app purchases, please report an issue. You can also change or cancel automatic subscription renewal in the app.

:brown_circle: How are in app purchases promoted on the App Store?

Promote your InApp purchases in the App Store. You can promote up to 20 in-app purchases at a time on your product page to increase the visibility of content that was previously only available in your app. Users can view in-app purchases directly from the App Store and make purchases even before downloading their app.

What does in app purchase mean

To disable in-app purchases, do the following: Open the Settings app from the home screen. Tap Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. Move the Content & Privacy Restrictions slider to On. / Vegetable ".

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What does in-app purchasing mean?

In-app purchases refer to the purchase of goods and services through an application on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. In-app purchases allow developers to make their apps available for free.

What does 'in app purchase' in iPhone app mean?

  • An in-app purchase refers to the purchase of goods and services through an application on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • In-app purchases allow developers to make their apps available for free.
  • Since in-app purchases are made with a mobile device, unauthorized purchases can cause security issues.

How do I View my App Store purchases?

Open the App Store and tap the update icon at the bottom of the screen. Click Purchased at the top of the list to see all the apps you've purchased. If you're using iCloud Family Sharing, click My Purchases to see your own list of apps you've purchased.

How do I track a Walmart purchase?

  • Open the Walmart app
  • Select store
  • Click the menu button in the top left corner.
  • Search purchase history
  • Find the order you want to track
  • Choose a tracking number

How do you track a package from Walmart?

To track your Walmart order, you can enter your Walmart seller tracking number in the rectangular box above and then click the Track button. Detailed monitoring results are immediately displayed in a new window.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you check your Walmart order status online?

Enter your registered email address. Enter your order number. Click View Order Status.

:brown_circle: How does walmart know my purchase history record

show your in-store purchases, like it or not 15 points from coreyp_1 March 13, 2018 | hide | The past | Favorite | 29 Comments You've known for a long time that Walmart is tracking your purchases and trying to compete with Amazon.

Can you scan a receipt to pay at Walmart?

This might not be as scary as you think either. The only way a transaction can be completed on your account is by scanning the QR code on a paper receipt or by paying in-store using the Walmart app (using WalmartPay or Scan and Go).

:brown_circle: Is it possible to stop shopping at Walmart?

Quitting shopping at Walmart is an option or, you know, paying cash. Could be worse: coreyp_1 March 13, 2018 Very relevant story. I thought about adding a link to this in my original post, but it took quite a while. Thanks for posting this here!

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What can I do with my Amazon order history?

For example, you can use Amazon Business Credit, a business credit card, or make tax-free purchases. You can also create multiple user groups for different industries and use the order history to sort and document the order history for each group of multiple users.

How can I see all my orders on Amazon?

Log in and log into your account. In the top right corner, click Account & Lists. In the Purchasing and order settings section, select Download order reports. Select a report type - Item is the default and shows all shipments, but use the drop-down menu to switch to Returns or Returns.

:brown_circle: How does walmart know my purchase history online

Walmart's return policy allows buyers to return most items purchased in-store or online within 90 days of purchase. Certain consumer electronics, including computers and tablets, must be returned within 15 days of purchase. For a full refund of your deposit, you must bring your receipt.

How do you return items from Walmart online?

The product can be returned to the store or by courier. Find your order in the "Order Tracking" section of your account, select "View Details" and click "Start Returns" to print your free returns label. After receiving the item and processing the return, you will receive a refund or replacement.

How do I access my Walmart account?

Steps to access my Walmart account. Go to the home page by typing words. Click the Sign Up Now link in the blue sign up box below. Now enter your 16 digit Walmart account number and click Next.

:brown_circle: How can I Stop WALMART from collecting my information?

You can easily prevent the mobile applications from collecting information by uninstalling the mobile applications. When you delete the Walmart app from your phone, you delete the settings stored in the app, including your login information and local store settings. What is California's Consumer Protection Act?

:brown_circle: Can a Walmart credit card use your personal information?

You may share your personal information with companies that offer co-branded products or services, such as: B. Your Co-branded Walmart credit card. These companies are prohibited from using your personal information for any purpose other than providing these ■■■■■ products and services to you.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How does Walmart use your information for marketing?

They will only use your information for marketing communications in the following ways: Text or phone messages: Walmart will not send you automatic text messages or call you unless you set your preferences to Yes or consent to calls.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What was the first acquisition that Yahoo made?

Yahoo's first acquisition came when it bought Net Controls, an Internet search engine company, for millions of dollars in September 1997. In April 2008, the company's largest acquisition was the acquisition of a $1 billion Internet radio company, turning co-founder Mark Cuban into a billionaire.

When did Yahoo Games go out of business?

Yahoo! Games was a division of Yahoo! A website launched on March 31, 1998 on Yahoo! Users can play with other users or alone. Most messages from Yahoo! The matches were concluded on March 31, 2014 and the rest on February 9, 2016.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How many games are there on Yahoo Games?

The games contain more than 1,400 games, most of which are developed by third-party developers. Online Game (PO) Downloadable (D) Mobile (M) Skill (S) Until March 2014 Yahoo! The games include a popular chess server on the Internet.

Where was the first Yahoo Search Engine created?

Go to navigation Go to search. Yahoo! Logo. Yahoo! a search engine and software development company founded on March 1, 1995. The company is a publicly traded company based in Sunnyvale, California. It was founded in 1994 by Stanford University alumni Jerry Yang and David Philo.

:brown_circle: My ebay summary purchase history

You can view the items you've purchased in the last 60 days when you go to your purchase history. To view old purchased items, you can change the time period displayed. Go to the "View Orders" section at the top of your purchase history and select a year from the drop-down list. Your purchases are automatically updated based on the year you selected.

Who purchased Big Fish Games?

Churchill Downs bought Big Fish in 2014 for $885 million and is now selling the company for $990 million. Just three years after acquiring Big Fish Games, Churchill Downs Inc. its mobile game development subsidiary to Australian company Aristocrat Technologies for $990 million.

How do you install Big Fish Games?

You can always install the games purchased from the Big Fish website. Do the following: View your purchase history. Find the game you want to install. Click the Install Now button next to the game and then click Run. (If you're using Firefox, select "Save File"). After clicking "Save File", browse to the game file and open it to start the installation.

How do you reinstall Big Fish Games?

After logging in, go to your purchase history to see a list of purchased games. Scroll down and click Install Now next to the game you want to reinstall. Click Run to download and run the installation wizard to reinstall the game.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is big Fish casino free?

Big Fish Casino offers you plenty of opportunities to quench your thirst for gambling without losing your salary. The game is completely free, no purchase is required to add it to your library and you will be rewarded with new tokens every day.

Can I print my iTunes purchase history?

Get and print your purchase history from the iOS app 1. Make sure you're on the iTunes Store home page. You can click on the little house icon on the top navigation bar or. 2. Go to the Shortcuts section on the right side of the main iTunes window and click Purchased. Quick links.

How do you delete your iTunes purchase history?

You need to sign in to your iTunes account and then go to your purchase history. Click from where you want to edit and then select them all. Then right-click on the marked purchase and select Delete.

Can you delete purchase history Amazon?

Until now, Amazon does not allow you to delete your order/purchase history. However, for those concerned about privacy, you have several options. First of all, to remind you that your order history is private. No one else can access your order history without accessing your Amazon account.

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