Assortment Strategies

Assortment Strategies,

Assortment Strategies:

The retail rating strategy includes the number and types of products that the store offers to consumers for purchase. Also known as assurance strategy, it is a strategic tool used by retailers to manage and increase sales. There are two main components to the strategy:

  • The ranking strategy is a strategic sales tool for retailers.
  • This strategy focuses on deep reach and a wide range of concepts.
  • Initially, the ranking strategy was only about physical stores.

Literal Meanings of Assortment Strategies


Meanings of Assortment:
  1. A collection of different objects or people.

Sentences of Assortment
  1. The room is full of different clothes

Synonyms of Assortment

medley, array, ragbag, jumble, motley collection, melange, pot-pourri, confusion, hash, diversity, miscellany, mishmash, hodgepodge, conglomeration, random selection, mix, mixture, patchwork, variety, hotchpotch, selection, farrago, mess, mixed bag


Meanings of Strategies:
  1. An action plan for achieving global or long-term goals.

  2. The art of planning and directing general military operations and movements.

Sentences of Strategies
  1. Now is the time to develop an integrated economic strategy.

  2. He is a talented man in military strategy

Synonyms of Strategies

military science, policy, blueprint, plan of action, the art of war, military tactics, plan, scheme, proposed action, grand design, procedure, approach, game plan, programme, master plan, schedule