Definition of Interactive:

  1. Live presentation in which the audience can participate.

  2. Computer program, device, game, etc., that (in response to a users action or request) presents choices (paths) depending on where in the program the user initiated the action. By following different choices, the user can accordingly control or change the action of the device or outcome of a game or program. In many ways the web is the most interactive device in the world.

How to use Interactive in a sentence?

  1. Donnie thought that the best types of games for his son to play were interactive ones where he would learn decision-making skills hands-on.
  2. There is an interactive game on this website. It allows you to click your mouse and your character will follow whatever action you tell it to do.
  3. Japans computer geniuses continue to push the envelope in terms of game immersion, and the emphasis these days is on maxing up the game-plays interactive components.

Meaning of Interactive & Interactive Definition

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