Definition of Streamline:

  1. (of fluid flow) free from turbulence.

  2. A line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent.

  3. Design or provide with a form that presents very little resistance to a flow of air or water, increasing speed and ease of movement.

  4. Make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

  5. To improve the efficiency of a process, business or organization by simplifying or eliminating unnecessary steps, using modernizing techniques, or taking other approaches.

  6. Having a streamlined shape.

Synonyms of Streamline

Air line, Axis, Beeline, Boil down, Chord, Diagonal, Diameter, Direct line, Directrix, Distill, Edge, Great-circle course, Modernize, Narrow, Normal, Oversimplify, Perpendicular, Purify, Radius, Radius vector, Reduce, Reduce to elements, Refine, Right line, Secant, Segment, Shortcut, Side, Simplify, Straight, Straight course, Straight line, Straight stretch, Straightaway, Strip down, Tangent, Transversal, Update, Vector, Efficient, Smooth-running, Well run, Well organized, Slick

How to use Streamline in a sentence?

  1. We are working to streamline the information gathered from the cell phone use survey by utilizing wireless technology across the entire company.
  2. A streamline airplane.
  3. The flow was largely laminar, and the streamlines remained remarkably coherent and showed little deviation during the course of the experiment.
  4. After the entire body is through the hole, maintain your streamline position and flatten out quickly to direct your energy toward the other end.
  5. The process team at a large bank has decided to launch a project to streamline the document flow for new mortgages benefiting the internal staff and customer.
  6. Engineers can reduce a vehicles fuel consumption by reducing its size and weight and by streamlining its body.
  7. The company streamlined its operations by removing whole layers of management.
  8. We are attempting to streamline our production process to minimize costs and bring our products to market in a more timely manner.

Meaning of Streamline & Streamline Definition