When does Gale fix Pedestals in the Prodigy

No more keystones will be taken into account, according to Prodigy Support, because the planet where Prodigy lived was made up entirely of those five elements. The Firefly Gem order was in Prodigy Education’s management until January 15, 2019, while the Shiver chill Gem order was under their control until September 8, 2021.

Gale In Prodigy

  • Gale is a Fairy with spiky golden hair and grey skin. He has deep amber eyes and wings that are white, pale yellow, cyan, and gold-tinted.
Gale is the Academy’s keeper and an NPC whose responsibility it is to restore order. Gale is a Fairy with spiky golden hair and grey skin. He has deep amber eyes and wings that are white, pale yellow, cyan, and gold-tinted.
  • You may use hacks right now to acquire the five crucial items you need to complete Prodigy. The game is unwinnable even if you utilise cheats. They won’t ever release the second Warden Keystone if you don’t have hacks.

Ice Tower In Prodigy

  • The remainder of the towers are locked since Prodigy has not yet released them; only the Earth Tower and Ice Tower can now be unlocked. By completing level 25 and using the Firefly Gem Flora gave you, you can access the Earth Tower. After completing level 35 and using the Shiverchill Gem that Bok gave you, you can access the Ice Tower.

  • The Ice Tower was made available to beta testers on July 6, 2021; it has since been made available to more individuals and will eventually be made available to everyone this summer. The Ice Tower’s (as well as other places of Ada’s) backdrop is highly reminiscent to the Shiverchill Mountains.

  • The miner at Ruined Entrance, Shiverchill Mountains, will accept this item in return for gifts like fireworks, confetti, and even tools like the Ice Crown.

How To Place All The Key Gems in Prodigy

  • Many of you want to know how to place all the gems in Prodigy, so all you have to do is make sure you have a great account and complete all the quests. After doing that, you want to make sure you’re level 100 because you need to be level 100 to be able to place all the gems if you’re level 100 the next step is to make sure you have all the gems and stones.

  • Afterwards, you will be presented with five different towers, and as you guys know, we only unlock two towers—the earth and ice—so we have to unlock three more towers in order to unlock the main tower, so guys, you know, you should head up to the towers because that’s probably where you can, you know, get to the gyms. So just head over here to the academy’s academy archives just you know head over here.

  • I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really play Project that much anymore because it’s kind of getting boring, but I’m just doing this for you guys to know what’s really going on so if you guys want to unlock the towers, just keep yourself busy in Project. If you’re too lazy to do it, you won’t be able to unlock anything, so make sure you’re not lazy in produce.


What exactly are the aged hosen in Prodigy, excluding the overhead? For your feet, use worn-out socks. You can take the old Hose if you unlock the containers or turn the wheels.

Prodigy The Big Glitch

  • You’re going to go to your home page right here, click it, and then I’ll be showing you how to glitch Prodigy. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a lot of fun. When you go down here and click the arrows one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen times, you will see this planet named Prodigy.

  • If you don’t know what this game is, I can’t get it to focus, but it’s a narrow type, and I like the plate. However, you could also play another game, but first you just want to have Prodigy open in another game that you enjoy playing; it could be anything like Minecraft Roblox; okay, now you need to exit out; no, I’m just going to number so here I am; I’m going to move right here; see that’s me.

How to get keystones in Prodigy

  • The blankie stone is primarily what you need to obtain in order to unlock this keystone, so southern keystone. The academy now up here in this area, you might have noticed this pedestal where the keystones reside now first before you put in or obtain any of these other keystones.

  • You should obtain a blankie stone. see the ice keystone which is what I need to place on the pedestal right away because it will likely finish up because I’ll be completing this quest and possibly recording it. I hope you guys enjoyed it.

How do you acquire the Prodigy storage keys for this?

  1. The fastest way to get it is to collect all the Fireflies the Merchant need. Go to the left and click on the merchant. He will instruct you to gather fireflies for him. Once you have collected five, he will give you the Master Key as payment.

  2. You must obtain grade 25 and the cornerstone of the firefly forests in order to unlock the building. You must ascend to the ninth floor of the Earth Tower. A key to unlock the director’s office will be waiting for you once you advance to the following level.

  • Warden Keystones.
  • TEK-Y4.
  • Dyno Dig Shovel.


When you have successfully located the Bonfire Spire and Gale has built up the pedestals, you will have the good fortune to be able to place the Bonfire Gemstone on it. When you have finished the Shipwreck Shore search and Gale has set the pedestals, you will have the good fortune to be able to place the Wreck gemstone on it.

Frequently Asked questions ( FAQS) :

1. In Prodigy, where is the Forest of Firefly?

Here, Gerald, the Old Road Remains, the Old Road, Mountain Pass, and Firefly Crossing are the ideal places for the performer to run into a Forest Neek.

2. What is Prodigy’s most potent spell?

It is now the most powerful spell in Prodigy Math Game. Although having a chance to be cast by any player, focus spells are quite uncommon. The colours blue and yellow used in the Concentration Spell and the All-Out ■■■■■■■ are those of the Astral emblem. It cannot be utilised in Harmony Island or when facing a boss.

3. Is ice susceptible to fire, Prodigy?

When compared to Fire, Shadow, and some Ice spells, the Ice element in the video game Prodigy is weak. It is neutral with other elements and most potent when used against Storm.

4. What Prodigy weakness does Shadow have?

Astral element spells are vulnerable to the Shadow element.

5. Who is Prodigy’s biggest antagonist?

The main antagonist of the 2019 horror movie The Prodigy is Edward T. Scarka, better known as the “Thrush Creek Killer,” a deceased Hungarian-American serial killer whose spirit inhabits an 8-year-old American kid called Miles Blume.

6. Is Prodigy a titan?

The Puppet Master summons the Titan as a boss frequently. It is the only adversary in the game that needs several players to defeat.


After completing the Bonfire Spire quest and once Gale has updated the sockets, you will be able to mount the Bonfire Drip on the frame in the next days, according to the article’s final conclusion. The Prodigy Earth Tower has eight floors. I hope you received too much assistance to play Prodigy online.

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