Top 10 Best Math Books For Beginners

Mathematics is one of the most significant parts of student studies. Almost all students study maths during their studies. As per research, most of the students find math difficult, while some find it interesting. Mathematics is used in almost every part of our lives as we know that mathematics has a vital role in regulating the various tasks of life. We can use math to analyze data, identify patterns, and find evidence. Mathematics provides a profitable way for students to understand complex information. To understand mathematics in a better way you need to have the best book that covers all aspects of mathematics and helps you in getting complex topics.

Perfect math books are the fundamentals to most student’s success. In the modern era, maths has expanded its area and developed into a vastly diverse topic. The advancement in this field is still constantly expanding and it will be beneficial in the technical areas. Maths is also known as the queen of science. As we know, Every year many books are published all over the world, but in millions of books, only a few become successful and loved by professionals and students. In this blog, We have discussed some best math books that help you in solving the complex topics of mathematics.

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics is a book composed by three writers named June Barrow-Green, Timothy Gowers, and Imre Leader. This book is considered the best book because it contains the expertise of three mathematicians. This book has described all the concepts of mathematics and helps you to understand the diverse and complex topics of mathematics because it comprises simple and effective methods to resolve all the complex maths problems.

This book consists of diverse mathematical topics with detailed solutions that aid scholars to understand advanced maths. This book is regarded as the most preferred book to learn mathematics.

Encyclopedia of Mathematics

This book is written by James Stuart Tanton. As per the name, we will get an idea that this book covers complete information about every mathematical concept such as arithmetics, algebra, calculus, and much more. The writer of this book did great work for the students by providing them an instant search option for every topic with the appropriate information. In simple words, You can find any topic in the book easily.

One of the best characteristics of this mathematical book is that this book is arranged in an A-Z alphabetic form that also includes an overview to draw a relation between other topics which is essential to explain a topic. In addition, it provides the requisite tools and facts that are essential for understanding the principles of mathematics. With the related timelines that accompany those posts, this book has more than 800 entries.

A Mathematical Introduction to Logic

This book is also considered as the best math books. because it contains the most excellent introductory text with consistent analyzes that helps students to understand easily. The writer of this book has included all the experienced information, theories, and additional topics.

Basically, this book is made for a student who has inadequate knowledge of mathematical logic because practicing this book helps them to practice the exercises easily. This book contains well-chosen standards and comprises a broader scope than different books. This book can be recommended to students who want to understand and learn mathematics logic.

Categories for the Working Mathematician

The Category for the Working Mathematician is a book written by Saunders Mac Lane. This book includes the essential kinds of methods that students must know. The writer practiced a great writing strategy with ability and skill. Hence, this book includes basic terminologies that can help graduate-level mathematics in learning. This book can also help the qualified graduates. They can use it to get the master’s in a math profession.

Classic Set Theory for Guided Independent Study

This book is written by Derek C. Goldrei. This can be seen as an individual research guide intended to make the detailed theory which is simple to grasp for students who are doing self-study. The reader of this book finds that all the complicated subjects have been clarified in a smooth way. It has a range of exercises to perform and demonstrate the number of cases focused on a variety of subjects.

Abstract Algebra: By David S. Dummit and Richard M. Foote

This book contains every topic covered by a standard course in basic abstract algebra. This book offers various approaches such as an easy-to-read approach and an inherent method, highlighting simple analyses accompanied by thematically designed exercises. This book is basically designed for undergraduate studies in abstract algebra, it is compatible for both junior and senior-level or professionals. The second edition of this book emphasizes further exercises to increase student knowledge with applications.

Elementary number theory

This book is written By Gareth A. Jones and Josephine M. Jones which is the most preferable book among students of graduate and undergraduate because this book comprises extensive knowledge of maths and this book content has great readability over others. The advanced subjects like Fermat’s Last Theorem are briefly based on this. The book rightfully stresses the strength of number theory, and the writers complete every exercise with perfect responses that will certainly be loved by certain students.

Calculus made easy

Calculus Made Easy book is written by Silvanus P. Thompson, this book helps the student to understand calculus without technicality.

The author designs his book inspiring where students can simply discover and understand the concept.

Linear algebra done right: By Sheldon Axler

This book concentrates on matrices and grasps the reader’s attention on linear mappings. The writer has especially taken care to drive concepts and to analyze proofs. And provides the student with several unsolved exercises that get to be exciting and thoughtful.

The four pillar of Geometry: By John Stillwell

It is considered as the best-written books that encourage students to link the points in four distinct phases of geometry. The four pillars of geometry are compass constructions and straight-edge, transformation groups, linear algebra, and projective geometry.


We have listed some best math books. Reading these books helps you to understand the mathematical concepts clearly. Some of these listed books are awarded as the best Mathematics books for beginners.

Top 10 best mathematics books for beginners are described in this article. So, keep reading to know more about learning math. Math is not easy for beginners but if you do some effort and read good books, it can really help you.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Why Is Math So Critical?

Regardless of how I look at it, math came and was key to my career. Science, engineering, and technology, which are critical to our country’s future development, cannot thrive without professionals possessing a strong mathematical foundation.

The value of a strong mathematics education extends much beyond the present discussion about increased competence on standardized tests. I’ve used the term mathematics regularly throughout my schooling and work but had never considered its true meaning until lately.

When I examined it from an etymological standpoint, I discovered some intriguing literal definitions in two ancient languages. It is “learning” in Greek. Its origin is “thinking” in Hebrew.

They assert that mathematics endows us with the crucial capacity for learning and reasoning in any sphere of endeavor. Today, acquiring skills are more valuable than knowledge, which is so easily accessible via the Internet.

A strong foundation in mathematics and science fosters and refines the abilities to formulate hypotheses, design experiments and controls, analyze data, see patterns, seek evidence, conclusions, and proof, solve problems, and seek absolutes, all while remaining receptive to new knowledge.


Mathematics education will not only generate more engineers and scientists, but also more people capable of learning and thinking creatively and critically, regardless of their job sectors. It will be required of the workforce of the future in all professions.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Main branches of mathematics

Branches Details
Arithmetics: It is the most fundamental and oldest field of mathematics, focusing on the fundamental operations and number system of the subject, including addition, division, subtraction, and multiplications.
Algebra: It is a branch of arithmetic that concerns with unexpected numbers. The unknown numerical values include A, B, X, Y, and others. The alphabets assist generalize written rules and formulae, as well as identify missing values in algebraic equations.
Geometry: This is the most useful field of mathematics that deals with figure size, form, and qualities. A line is a surface with a point or an angle.

There are further branches that deal with advanced mathematics.

Branches Details
Trigonometry: This phrase is derived from the Greek trignon (triangle) and metron (square) (means a measure). The sides and angles of triangles are the subject of this field of mathematics.
Analysis: It is concerned with the rate of change of several quantities. Calculus is the fundamental type of analysis.

:eight_pointed_black_star: How Can Math Education Be Improving?

Today’s instructional approaches place a premium on memory and the usage of calculators. Students are taught by rote rather than evaluating and comprehending, with an emphasis on exam results.

While test results are necessary, they are insufficient. If we believe that the purpose of a high-quality education is to build the abilities necessary for learning and thinking, we must do much more.

It is necessary to adopt new and creative learning programs that incorporate accessible technology in order to inspire students’ creativity, imagination, and confidence. They require more hands-on and effortful learning to pique their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

ST Math, the MIND Research Institute’s innovative math learning program, has been acknowledged nationally by educators and business leaders, with over 1,200,000 children nationwide benefiting from it.

The curriculum is built on computer games and visual learning, with students working at their own speed and teachers receiving feedback on student progress in near real time.

Having fun and gaining confidence while studying fundamental mathematics principles fosters a love of learning, which is sorely lacking in today’s educational system.

:eight_pointed_black_star: Best Mathematics Books for Beginners

To obtain proficiency in mathematics, self-study is undoubtedly the most effective method for math enthusiasts. Self-study of mathematics will improve your capacity to reason accurately, generate more creative ideas, think abstractly or spatially, solve problems efficiently, and even communicate effectively.

To study alone, you’ll need the most dependable and easy-to-understand books. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Mathematics Books for Self-Study, with the goal of assuring comprehensive growth. You will find it extremely interesting to read these finest books on mathematical thinking, which will also give you with mental rejuvenation.

1 - Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Math: A Self-Teaching Guide

All the Math You’ll Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide by Steve Slavin is the simplest, funniest, and nicest guide you’ll ever find. It is a self-guided book that provides a comprehensive list of all the basic mathematical instruments.

If you wish to become proficient in mathematics without the assistance of others, you need this book. It has a number of features that aid with the comprehension of mathematics.

It teaches you a simple and clear strategy for working with fractions and decimals. The book provides straightforward methods for calculating discounts, mortgage interest rates, and resolving time, rate, and distance difficulties.

You may practice mathematics with this book since it has several updated strategies and practical skills. Steve Slavin, the author, studied at New York University and earned a Ph.D. in economics there.

He possesses not just sound mathematical understanding but also novel approaches to the subject. It features everything that makes it a better and simpler way to learn mathematics formulae and develop as a proficient individual in the subject.

:small_blue_diamond: Within the Book

  • Formulas are provided in an easy-to-understand format.

  • The updated formula greatly assist you in learning everything about it in a new approach.

  • There are several demonstrative yet straightforward methods for demonstrating how to compute discount rates, mortgage interest rates, and solve time, rate, and distance problems.

  • These abilities can be applied to both personal and professional endeavors.

  • There are no superfluous phrases or formulae.

  • The direct procedures assist in quickly obtaining fractions and decimals.

2 - For Dummies: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Workbook

Without a doubt, this is an excellent book for individuals seeking a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics. It is meant to eliminate your weaknesses and provide you with appropriate suggestions so that you may learn in a fun manner.

Additionally, this book is one of the greatest mathematics books for beginners, as it focuses on effective learning. That is why you must read each part carefully in order to acquire the necessary abilities.

If there is a break between these portions and you are not following the serial, you risk becoming disoriented. Thus, in order to obtain comprehensive education, you must follow these steps sequentially.

Additionally, having the parts enables you to identify where you are going wrong. Basic rules are always simple to learn with this book.

There are several subjects as well, including various algebraic expressions, inequalities, scientific notation, and negative numbers. Additionally, if you are deficient in Geometry, Trigonometry, or Calculus, this book supplies you with a wealth of information in these subjects.

Whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation when practicing math, this book can help you out.

:small_blue_diamond: Within the Book

  • How to navigate a circle, triangle, trapezoid, and many more shapes.

  • To easily solve algebraic problems, both simple and difficult.

  • Using ten-fold multipliers.

  • Inequalities, square roots, exponents, and absolute values are all examples of problems that may be solved.

  • Online quizzes for practice.

  • Making a clear understanding of how fractions, percentages, and decimals should be handled.

  • Equations and expressions that are novel.

  • Numerous and Factors.

  • Algebra and geometry are defined.

3 - Precalculus: A Guide for Self-Teaching

Then, you might choose Precalculus: A Self-Teaching Guide to gain a thorough understanding of precalculus. It is the quickest, easiest, and simplest approach to get a complete understanding of precalculus.

Precalculus: A Self-Teaching Guide teaches precalculus using a variety of different techniques. Additionally, there are various subjects to discuss.

Additionally, this book has a self-guided approach that includes an overview of algebra and comprehensive coverage of log functions, exponential functions, and trigonometry.

With the book’s self-teaching style, you may simply follow along to get precise concepts and knowledge on how to practice on your own. That is why it is one of the greatest mathematics books for Precalculus self-study.

Steve Slavin, the author of this book, offers every information necessary for you to grasp the approach and comprehend everything about precalculus.

:small_blue_diamond: Within the Book

  • Self-learning strategy that is simple to comprehend.

  • There are no complicated procedures.

  • You may obtain a comprehensive understanding of precalculus in the simplest possible manner.

  • Additionally, you will study algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, and exponential functions.

  • It is an appropriate math self-guide book for corporate mathematics as well as first- or second-grade mathematics.

  • Numerous exercises and examples are supplied to ensure daily practice.

4 - The Calculus Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Excel at Calculus (Princeton Lifesaver Study Guides)

This is also an excellent book for acquiring advanced understanding of Calculus. It is a reader-friendly book that incorporates several developed approaches for simple comprehension.

If you are a student who wishes to achieve a perfect score on your exams, this is the right reading material for you. Calculus Lifesaver may be used to do this. Additionally, if you dislike reading books, you may check out the online video version of this course.

These are all available for free viewing, and this is how you can learn everything you desire. Additionally, the teaching technique is straightforward, casual, and uncomplicated, with specific examples to aid comprehension.

The examples vary from simple to challenging. Therefore, you may refer to those in order to have a better understanding of the notion.

:small_blue_diamond: Within the Book

  • The tone is casual and enjoyable, not frightening.

  • Over 475 examples ranging from basic to challenging.

  • Companion to any book on single variable calculus.

  • Students evaluate and test each approach.

  • Additional movies are available to help you understand Calculus.

  • Difficult subjects are explained in detail in a straightforward manner.

5 - Calculus Geometry and Trigonometry

With the book Geometry and Trigonometry for Calculus, it’s simple to learn both geometry and trigonometry. Simply following the guidelines will provide you with comprehensive knowledge on both areas.

Most importantly, the learning method is simple and efficient, allowing you to quickly grasp the analytic system’s trigonometric bounds. The formulations are novel and well-tested.

Additionally, there are self-test portions that you may practice by completing whenever and however you like.

:small_blue_diamond: Within the Book

  • Trigonometry, geometry, numerical trigonometry, and trigonometric analysis and limits are all covered in this course.

  • It is a self-teaching handbook; using this book, you may learn the formulae without the assistance of tuition or any teacher.

  • The procedure and its formulae are thoroughly tested, revised, and retested.

  • There are no requirements.

  • Self-assessments demonstrate that you are aware of your performance.

  • Exercises and reviews that are unique.


Additionally, it assists in strengthening your weak regions. You can obtain a variety of solutions to your concerns. There are several sections, and each section provides a detailed overview of the topics and ensures that you are familiar with them.

:eight_pointed_black_star: What is the definition of a variable in a mathematical problem?

A variable is any letter or alphabet that is used to determine the value of a certain integer. To represent a variable, you can use any of the English alphabets in lower or upper case, such as A, b, c, x, y, p, or Q.

It is critical to observe that the variables e and o are not utilized. As e denotes Euler’s number, which is 2.71828. On the other hand, o is not utilized since it might be mistaken for 0 (zero) in an algebraic statement.

In mathematics, the variable is sometimes referred to as the function since it represents a collection of integers rather than a single constant. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that variables are advantageous for comprehending the challenges associated with distinct graphs.

:small_red_triangle_down: Consider the following variable:

  • Einstein’s famous equation E = MC2, which employs variables:

  • E is used to denote the monetary worth of the energy generated.

  • M denotes the amount of mass consumed.

  • C2 is the cube of the light speed.

:small_red_triangle_down: Variables of various types

Once you understand what a variable is in mathematics, it is vital to understand the many sorts of variables. There are three distinct sorts of variables in mathematics. However, it has been observed that two distinct sorts of variables are most frequently utilized.

That is the relationship between the dependent and independent variables. Both of these variables are used to regulate the result of an experiment in statistical investigations.

Assume that you have the algebraic or linear equation y = (x)3 (x to the power 3 or x cube). y is a dependent variable in this case; it is determined by the value or function of x3. On the other hand, x is an independent variable since its value varies according to the conditions.


Apart from these, a controlled variable is another form of variable. Control variables are those that remain constant or stable during the duration of a scientific experiment. For instance, temperature is a controlled variable that must remain constant during an experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People ask many questions about math books. We discussed a few of them below:

:one: Why is mathematics critical in our lives?

Mathematics organizes and prevents chaos in our lives. Some traits such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and the capacity to think abstractly or spatially, as well as the ability to communicate effectively, are fostered in students who study mathematics.

:two: With math, where do I begin?

If you have difficulty recalling much of your high school math, begin with simple algebra and geometry. Texts are readily available, and khanacademy features excellent lectures. If you’re having difficulty with pre-algebra (basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, etc. ), take a step back and focus on them first.

:three: Who was the first author of a written math text?

The first clay tablets with mathematics stretch all the way back to Mesopotamia about 4,000 years ago. Egyptian papyruses include the first written literature on mathematics.

:four: Is it possible to understand math late in life?

You may begin learning about any subject at any point in your life; as long as you are interested in the subject, your age is irrelevant. You noted in this quotation that “mathematics is a young man’s game.”

:five: Can you conceive of a world devoid of mathematics?

Mathematics is the cornerstone of civilization and the scientific language. Without it, we would be unable to measure, manufacture, or construct anything. Money, houses, and roads would all be non-existent. There are no clinics or food production facilities, and there is no internet or defense.

:closed_book: Conclusion:

Additionally, we’ve included a list of the top ten greatest math books that will aid both beginners and mathematics in comprehending mathematical topics. Choosing the appropriate books for math enthusiasts, especially if you intend to pursue self-study, is a difficult task. The greatest mathematics self-study books listed here can assist you in locating the book you are looking for. You must obtain a book that has authoritative information on the mathematics topics you wish to study.

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