Definition of Superfluous:

  1. Unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.

  2. Extra, to the extent of being unnecessary. Once you prove your point, any additional comments are simply superfluous..

Synonyms of Superfluous

Surplus, Redundant, Unneeded, Not required, Excess, Extra, Spare, To spare, Remaining, Unused, Left over, Accessory, Accidental, Additional, Adscititious, Adventitious, Aimless, Appurtenant, Ascititious, Auxiliary, Casual, Circumstantial, Collateral, Contingent, De trop, Dispensable, Excess, Excessive, Expendable, Expletive, Extra, Feckless, Fortuitous, Gratuitous, Impotent, In excess, Incidental, Ineffective, Ineffectual, Inessential, Left, Leftover, Meaningless, Needless, Net, No go, Nonessential, Odd, Of no use, Outstanding, Over, Pleonastic, Pointless, Prolix, Purposeless, Redundant, Remaining, Remanent, Secondary, Spare, Subsidiary, Superabundant, Superadded, Supererogatory, Supernumerary, Supervenient, Supplemental, Supplementary, Surplus, Surviving, Tautologic, Tautologous, To spare, Unasked, Unavailing, Uncalled-for, Unconsumed, Unessential, Unnecessary, Unneeded, Unused, Unwanted, Useless, Verbose

How to use Superfluous in a sentence?

  1. The purchaser should avoid asking for superfluous information.

Meaning of Superfluous & Superfluous Definition