Giselle Hennessy

Giselle Hennessy is a well-known American actress. Her body was found in her home on January 1, 1994. She hadn’t been seen since she went for a run near her home in Beverly Hills, California, on Sunday morning. Police believe that Giselle died due to foul play but have not determined any suspects or motives in her death.

Giselle Hennessy

Who is Giselle Hennessy?

Here are some quick facts about Giselle Hennessy:

Full Name Giselle Hennessy
Profession Homemaker
Birth Sign Taurus
Country United States
Death 1 Jan 1994 (aged 65)
Birth Date May 13, 1928

Giselle Hennessy is an American actress best known for her roles as Samantha Reilly Reynolds on The Bold and the Beautiful and Tina on The Office. Her other roles include appearances in films like G.I. Jane, The Rock, Two Weeks Notice, Sex Drive, Black Cloud and House of Lies.

Giselle Hennessy was born in Stamford, Connecticut, to Kathy, a school teacher and part-time model, and Robert Hennessy. Her father is half Lebanese and half Irish, while her mother is of Russian ancestry. Giselle began acting at 13 when she portrayed Rose in her school’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank (1988).

After graduating from Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut, in 1996, she attended New York University for one year before transferring to Stanford University. Giselle Hennessy landed her first acting role in 1997 when she was cast as Samantha Reilly Reynolds on The Bold and the Beautiful.

She would remain with that show for ten years, earning a Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Actress. She made her film debut playing Amélie opposite Jim Carrey in Michel Gondry’s comedy-drama film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.


Giselle Hennessy played Samantha Reilly Reynolds on The Bold and the Beautiful. Giselle began acting at age 13 in her school’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank. She attended New York University for one year, then transferred to Stanford University.

Giselle Hennessy’s Honeymoon in Thailand

Giselle and her husband, Robert Giardina, were enjoying a two-week honeymoon in Thailand when she suddenly died after experiencing symptoms of severe dehydration.

The new bride was visiting Bangkok’s SPA Salon & Boutique at Hotel Quartier des Temples with her husband for Valentine’s Day treatment when she suddenly fell ill. After suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, Giselle died on January 1, 1994. Giselle was wearing a pajama-like tummy tuck suit during her visit to Bangkok and fell ill after changing into it.

Paramedics quickly arrived to treat Giselle, but they could not revive her. She died in an ambulance on her way to the hospital. An autopsy report stated that she had suffered from kidney failure caused by dehydration and overuse of a drug called Synacthen, which is usually used for patients who have experienced trauma or accidents.

After her death, Giselle’s loved ones set up a Facebook page in her honor and asked her fans to tune into their favorite songs, watch some of their favorite movies, paint a picture, write a poem or create something special in memory of Giselle. The hashtag #AlohaForGZ was created and used by fans on Twitter to express their love for Giselle.

Cause of Death - Drowning

Giselle was found floating in a swimming pool while fully dressed. She was still breathing when paramedics arrived, but she didn’t respond to treatment, so a nearby hospital pronounced her wound. No signs of violence were suspected on her body, and alcohol was not thought to have played a role in her death.

Investigators believed she suffered an adverse reaction to drugs as an autopsy found small amounts of ecstasy and methamphetamines in her system. The combination of those drugs, alcohol and a body weakened by days without food caused her heart to fail.

Giselle went into cardiac arrest after ingesting ecstasy mixed with drugs, methamphetamines and alcohol at her house in Encino earlier that day. Her death has been ruled an accident.

Place Of Birth - South Africa

Giselle Hennessy was born on April 7, 1980, in Benoni, Gauteng. She grew up in a family of two children, with her father being a lawyer and her mother as an opera singer.

Giselle Hennessy is also half French as she was born to a French mother and a South African father. Her name is Catherine Hennessy, and she is a beautiful model from South Africa. Though very beautiful, she had many ups and downs in her career, due to which, at some point, she had no job.

She studied at one of South Africa’s most prestigious private schools. Then she completed her education at the University of Johannesburg, where she graduated in Tourism Management. As a result of her lack of success as a model, she enrolled in a dance school to better her physical appearance and learn about music and dance.

She got an offer for a modeling assignment in China, and she gladly accepted it. The photographers loved her beauty and asked her to stay in China for more assignments. She got an offer from a German-based agency, which was a great job for her as she finally made it big. Her rise was gradual but steady, and soon she became one of South Africa’s most popular models.

Who is Giselle Hennessy Dating?

Giselle Hennessy does not discuss his private life or relationships with others.
This page’s information is always being changed, so check back often. Look back at Giselle Hennessy’s prior relationships, including her ex-girlfriends and previous filings. Giselle Hennessy likes to keep her marital status and divorce a secret from the public.

People often say that two unmarried celebrities who are seen together in public are “dating,” but it’s unclear if they are just friends who want to spend more time together or if they are dating.

Age at Time of Death

Hennessy, of Irish descent, died on January 1, 1994, at age 65. It was reported that she had suffered an overdose of GHB. When she was younger, she attended the Catholic school, Notre Dame for Girls, in Chingford in London. She started modeling when she was 16 and has been in several British magazines for guys.

She was also a performer for Ultimo lingeries before becoming a company presenter. Adult content shows on Fox, and Channel 5 are where she first made her mark. She appeared in Channel 4’s Big Brother spin-off show Big Brother’s Little Brother, where she became known for her interviewing style and catchphrase Toodles!.

She went on to host Popworld, a show about music and celebrity culture. Her most high-profile presenting role was as one of four judges on Sky1’s search for a lead presenter for a new interactive football show, Play TV. After impressing at an audition in London, she won that job with host Matt Smith.


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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about the Giselle Hennessy. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - Who was Clint Walker’s twin?

Lucille Westbrook, his identical twin sister, died in 2000. Although he landed a brief, uncredited role in a Bowery Boys film, “Jungle Gents,” Hollywood was slow to warm up to the newcomer (1954).

2 - Did Clint Walker ever play sports activities?

Clint transferred to NCAA Division I Elon University and played expert basketball overseas for some years after graduation. He currently lives in New York City, where he is a tech employee and does some modeling work for several businesses.

3 - Did Clint Walker have a grandson?

Clint has a daughter from a preceding marriage, stepsons, a stepdaughter and a grandson.

4 - What changed into John Wayne’s internet worth?

SANTA ANA, Calif., June 20 (AP) —John Wayne left property worth $6.85 million; however, none of it will be going to his 0.33 spouse, Pillar, from whom the actor separated in 1973, in keeping with a will filed the day gone.

5 - Did Clint Walker play any sports?

Clint has played on 2 football teams covered by MaxPreps. The accumulated varsity totals are in the last row of each table.

6 - Was Clint Walker a weight lifter?

Walker, eighty-two, who grew up in Alton, Ill., became a novice bodybuilder who made his dumbbells and barbells as a kid, and he studied the Charles Atlas course while serving in the U.S. Merchant Marine.

7 - Who is the eldest actress?

Marsha Hunt, who is 103 years old, is the oldest living actor from the golden age of Hollywood. The Human Comedy, Born to the West, and Pride and Prejudice are just a few of the many films she appeared in over her career.

8 - Why change into Cheyenne Cancelled?

Walker went on strike for two years throughout Cheyenne’s run from 1955 to 1963. Walker wanted, among other things, more residuals, less of a cut of personal appearance bills that had to go to Warner Bros., and a release from the limit of recording.

9 - Who were the best horsemen in westerns?

James Denniston, an expert on Westerns, says, "The Duke, Wild Bill Elliott, Randolph Scott, Slim Pickens, Richard Boone, and Jimmy Stewart all rode well in their early careers. Andy Devine was a good rider, even though he was big.

10 - What is the bloodiest western movie?

5-Movie Bloodiest Westerns: Massacre Time / Dig Your Grave, Sabata is Coming / Massacre at Grand Canyon / I Want Him End / If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death.

11 - Why did Clint Walker prevent appearing?

His last movie function became in the 1998 film Small Soldiers as the voice of Nick Nitro. Walker surpassed faraway from congestive coronary heart failure at the age of 90. His daughter Valerie became one of the first women to fly an airplane, and his third wife, Susan Cavallari, helped take care of him after he died.

12 - Was Clint Walker a pro soccer participant?

Norman Eugene “Clint” Walker, the cowboy actor on Cheyenne, likely did not play football in high school, as he left high faculty at age 17 to enroll in the Merchant Marine. After that, he did odd jobs, which included security in Las Vegas, till landing a possibility in Hollywood.

13 - Is there anyone from the 1800s still alive?

Emma Morano, born in Italy on November 29, 1899, is the last known person still alive who was born in the 1800s.

14 - Did Clint Walker play in Tarzan?

Not particularly, Walker’s first role got here as an uncredited Tarzan within the Bowery Boys movie Jungle Gents (1954). He heard Cecil B. DeMille turn into searching out muscular men to forge for his 1956 epic The Ten Commandments.

15 - How did Clint Walker get his start?

Encouraged to present appearing an attempt, Walker got his first-bit position as Tarzan in the Bowery Boys’ Jungle Gents in 1954. His next wreck came while he scored a small component in Cecil B. DeMille’s epic film, The Ten Commandments. Walker’s profession-making large damage came here in 1955 while Warner Bros.

16 - Who is the most famous western actor?

The Man With No Name. It’s a title that conjures up the most mythical of figures in all of Western cinema.


Giselle died of acute alcohol intoxication at 5:30 am on November 22, 2008. The autopsy showed her heart was pumping at a very fast rate with alcohol poisoning and liver damage from years of heavy drinking. Her blood tested positive for two type of drugs. She died at the young age of 27 years old. Giselle left behind two children with her husband, Olivier Martinez.

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French actress Giselle Hennessy was formerly married to a famous actor. As one of three spouses of legendary Hollywood actor Clint Walker, Giselle Hennessy gained public recognition. Giselle Hennessy’s birth date is May 13, 1928. The French town of Razes in Limousin is where she was born.

Giselle Hennessy :

Full Name Giselle Hennessy
Date of Birth May 13, 1928
Birth Place Razes, Limousin
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Profession N/A
Age passed away 65 years
Weight 55 kg
Height N/A
Nationality French
Zodiac Taurus
Ethnicity N/A

Childhood and Adolescence:

Giselle Hennessy was born on May 13, 1928. She entered this world in the French city of Razes, in the Limousin area.

Furthermore, her full name at birth was Madeleine Camille Prugnard Hennesy. Her astrological sign was Taurus, and she was French. Nothing about her background, including her family or schooling, can be found online.


Giselle Walker’s only claim to fame is her husband, Clint. Aside from that, she was just another individual going about their normal day. Not even her occupation or prior employment history is known.

Therefore, there is no data accessible on her career and professional endeavors. Her success as a celebrity might partly be attributed to the love and support of her husband.

Famous American actor Clint Eastwood. His role as Cheyenne Bodie in the western series Cheyenne made him a household name.

There is a long list of movies and TV shows that this actor has appeared, including but not limited to: Jungle Gentlemen, The Gambler Gets back:

The Luck of the Draw The Dirty Dozen, Silver of the Seven Angels, Scream of the Werewolf, and many more.

This actor was also honored in 2004 by the National Cowboys & Western History Memorial in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, by being inducted into the museum’s Hall of Western Performers.

In 1997, he earned the Golden Boot Medal as well. Additionally, he has a star just on Texas Road of Fame in the Castle Worth Stockyards.

Intimate & Personal:

In her private life, she tied the knot with Clint on May 26th, 1974. In a private ceremony, the pair said their vows to one other.

Their wedding details are a mystery. In all appearances, the couple was living happily ever after. Therefore, things were finally going to start making sense.

They joyously celebrated their 22nd nuptials. Their happiness was destroyed by her sudden death.

They also did not start a family after being married. The details of Giselle’s extramarital affairs are as sketchy as her history of marriages.

As a result, Clint seems to be her only husband. Walker’s first wife was Verna Garver, and he later wed Hennessy.

After Susan Cavallari passed away on March 7, 1997, Clint married her sister. However, their romance finally ended that year (2018).


The model Giselle has not made her stats public. Because of this, she had never before spoken openly about her height and weight. Yet, she was the ideal size and shape for her frame. Both her hair and eyes were a deep shade of brown.

Money and Social Media:

This famous person’s late spouse stayed away from the public eye. This young woman never flaunted her affluence. In addition, she forgot to emphasize the professional work she had done.

But the account implies that she was a housewife. However, at the moment of his death, Clint, her spouse, had a total value of $4 million.


Unfortunately, she passed away in Angeles on January 1st, 1994. Therefore, at the age of 65, she passed away. After her death, her body was laid to rest in Los Angeles’ Grass Valley at Holy Cross Cemetry.

Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Married
Spouse Late. Clint Walker (actor)
Religion Christianity

Giselle Hennessy Husband:

American actor Norman Eugen “Clint” Walker was born on May 30, 1927, and passed away on May 21, 2018. From 1955 until 1963, he portrayed Cheyenne Tanner in the Network Bros. western series Cheyenne.

Norman Eugene Walker, the future Clint Walker, was born on May 30, 1927, in Hartford, Illinois, to parents Vivian Huldah (née Schwanda) & Paul Arnold Walker.

His Czech grandmother was his mother, therefore he has some Czech blood. He shared an identical twin, Lucy.

After his discharge from the Merchant Marines, he was employed as a security guard at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, then as a handyman in Brownwood, Texas. Walker worked as a metal sheet worker and a bouncer at a nightclub.


Walker dropped out of high school to work in a manufacturing plant and on a steamboat, and then, in the latter days of World War II, enlisted in the U.s Merchant Navy.

Clint Walker career:

Ancient movies:

Walker was a client of William Willson, who gave him the stage name “Jett Norman” and got him a role as a Tarzan clone in a Bowery Boys movie (Jungle Gents).

It was in Los Angeles that he was cast in The Commandments by director Cecil B. DeMille. His connections in Hollywood got him a few small roles, and Warner Bros., which was creating a Western-themed TV series, took notice.


Walker, who was 6 feet, 6 inches in length with a popular and common chest and just a 32-inch waist, was able to get an audition for the main part in the Television show Cheyenne due to his excellent looks and intimidating size.

Clint Walker, as he was billed, played the role of Cheyenne Bodie, a wandering cowboy legend in the years following the American Civil War. In June of 1955, he was officially cast.

Warner Bros. Presents featured a revolving door of classic movies like Kings Row and Casablanca, and Cheyenne was one among them.

For some reason, Cheyenne became a huge hit. Walker’s rough physique was routinely used in the series, but the show was also beautifully written and played.

For eight seasons, it had massive viewership. Warner Brothers recorded an album of Walker performing traditional melodies and ballads because of his lovely baritone singing voice, which was occasionally included in the series.

Warner Bros. declared early on that Walker will play Sam Houston in a feature film titled “The Story of Sam Houston.” It just did not get produced.


Walker was on an episode of Kraft Intrigue Playhouse (episode “Portrait of an Unknown Man”, alongside Robert Duvall). Send Me No Flowers, the Rock Hudson and Doris Day comedy, featured him in a minor role (1964).

In Frank Sinatra’s lone directorial effort, the military melodrama None but still the Brave (1965), he plays the major role.

A few cameo spots on The Lucy Show led to a starring role in Paramount’s Western The Night of both the Grizzly, in which he fought a brown bear (1966). Maya, a film about a family on an adventure set in India, included him (1966).

For Walker, his role as the mild-mannered inmate Samuel Posey in the military thriller The Dirty Dozen was his most successful film role to date (1967).


Walker starred as one of several characters in The Phynx (1970), and he then returned to television to play the lead in three TV pilots that were later adapted into ABC Movies of the Week M.O.W.s: Yuma (1971), Hardshell case (1972), and Indeed the Bounty Man (1973). (1972).

One of his ice axes pierced through his chest after a skiing accident in May 1971 on Mammoth Mountain, but he made a full recovery.

In 1972, Walker appeared alongside Telly Savalas in the movie Pancho Villa, and in 1974, he featured in the short-lived series Kodiak as an Alaskan patrolman.

He was the lead in the infamous B-movie Killdozer, which was produced specifically for television. Screaming of the Wolf was also released in the same year (1974).

Walker’s filmography includes leading roles in Baker’s Hawk (1976), Snowbeast (1977), and also the White Bobcat (1980). (1977).

He was the lead in the Canadian film Deadly Grain (1977) and also appeared in Centennial & Mystical Island of Gorgeous Women (1979).

Clint WalkerHuman existence and demise:

The average length of Walker’s marriage was almost twenty years. For his 1948 wedding, Walker chose Verna Garver.

Valerie was born to the couple in 1950, but their marriage would terminate in divorce two decades later, in 1968. Valerie made history by becoming a commercial airline pilot.

Walker married Georgette Hennessy, who passed away in 1994. In 1997, Walker wed actress Susan Cavallari. One day he decided to make Grass Valley, California his permanent home.

When Walker was a voter in the US presidential election of 1964, he backed Republican candidate Barry Goldwater.

Accidental falls while skiing in Mammoth Mountain, California, nearly killed Walker in May 1971. Walker was killed after he fell from a chair lift and his ski pole went through his heart.

They rushed him to the hospital, but by the time he got there, he was already ■■■■. Walker’s injured heart was mended after surgery when a specialist saw a glimmer of life.

Walker had returned to work in under two months. According to Walker, he experienced a “near-death” sensation during the crash.

Walker passed away from congestive heart failure on May 21, 2018, in Grass Valley, Calif, nine days ahead of his 91st birthday.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ):

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Can someone tell me what became of Clint Walker?

On May 21, 2018, at the age of 90, Clint Walker died of congestive heart disease. As a result of the heart’s inability to pump blood effectively, congestive heart failure causes fluid to collect in the lungs and subsequently shortness of breath.

2. Is it possible that Clint Walker had a twin?

History’s beginnings. Norman Eugene Walker, the future Clint Walker, was born on May 30, 1927, in Hartford, Illinois, to parents Bertha Huldah (née Schwanda) & Nicholas Arnold Walker. His Czech mother was the root of his heritage. Lucy was his twin sister, and they were twins.

3. What happened to Clint Walker on the slopes?

Clint Walker, a star of westerns, recalls relying on his faith when he was declared lifeless in a bike crash in 1971. “I launched off down the steep slope, increasing speed as I followed the contours of the winding, uneven terrain,” Walker wrote in an essay for Guideposts.

4. So, what exactly caused Clint Walker to call it quits as an actor?

The show’s star, Clint Walker, left for a while because he and Warner Bros. had a contract disagreement. Johnson had to send Warner Brother half of his earnings from public performances, and he was only allowed to release albums on the Warner Bros label.

5. Was Clint Walker a part of the Tarzan cast?

Interestingly, Walker’s first performance was as an uncredited Spiderman in the Brownsville Boys pictures Jungle Gents (1954). The 1956 epic Ten Ten Commandments, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, reportedly required the casting of several strong males.

6. Is there a cowboy actor that made the most money?

According to a recent analysis from April, Wealthy Gorilla believes that Eastwood, frequently called the “world’s richest cowboy,” has earned a fortune of about $375 million (£297 million) since his first unacknowledged performance in his debut picture Revenge of the Demon in 1955.

7. Is there a state capital in Wyoming, and if so, is it in Cheyenne?

In the southeastern area of the state, on Hawk Creek, 49 minutes (79 km) east of Torrington city, you’ll find Cheyenne, the headquarters (since 1869) and biggest city of Wyoming, United States, and the seat of Laramie county. It sprawls across high plains that dip westward towards Laramie Mountain.

8. Is it possible that Clint Walker performed his stunts?

Walker, at his prime as an actor, stood at six inches 6 inches tall, weighed 255 pounds, and had a 34-inch waist. Because of his eight-hour days at a steel foundry, he was physically fit and tough enough to do many of his stunts.

9. Can we confirm that Clint Walker served in the armed forces?

Walker dropped out of high school to work in a plant and on a boat cruise, then at the age of 16, he enlisted in the U.s Merchant Navy during the last World War II months.

10. On Cheyenne, who did the stunts for Clint Walker?

In 1958, Russ hitchhiked to Hollywood, California, where he spent his days meeting with agents and his nights working as a car park attendant. McCubbin got his start in the entertainment industry as Clint Walker’s stand-in & stunt double on the Western Television series Cheyenne (1955).


After her marriage to Clint Walker, Giselle Hennessy became a public figure. Her husband, an American actor, sprang to fame playing the title character in the hit TV western Cheyenne. Giselle Hennessy has been born on May 13, 1928, in the town of Razes, Limousin. Giselle’s parents, who we do not yet know, gave birth to her. If she had lived, this famous person would be 93 years old today; however, she passed 1994 on January 1, 1994, just at the age of 65.

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