Definition of Lecture:

  1. Give lectures or educational lectures.

  2. Academic speech for the audience, especially college or university students.

  3. A regular presentation by an expert in the field, followed by a question and answer session.

Synonyms of Lecture

Recitation, Address, Speak, Expound, Chew out, Preachment, Discourse, Declaim, Exposition, Take down, Pontificate, Instruction, Warn, Discourse, Talk, Treatise, Rate, Objurgation, Moral lesson, Dissertation, Have words with, Set straight, Sermonize, Straighten out, Admonition, Prelection, Diatribe, Discourse, Give a lecture, Call to account, Declaim, Scold, Harangue, Censure, Speech, Moral, Teaching, Reprehend, Sermon, Homily, Objurgate, Speech, Disquisition, Chastise, Hold forth, Give a talk, Dress down, Set task, Homily, Monologue, Admonishment, Recital, Morality, Castigation, Paper, Correction, Spank, Lecture-demonstration, Point a moral, Upbraiding, Fulminate against, Lesson, Object lesson, Reprobation, Tongue-lash, Give an address, Reprimand, Talk, Criticism, Religious discourse, Exposit, Reproach, Dressing-down, Task, Correct, Oration, Admonish, Spanking, Remonstration, Preachification, Take to task, Screed, Recitation, Chiding, Rating, Preaching, Berate, Make a speech, Reproval, Scolding, Berating, Expound, Prelect, Preachify, Chastisement, Bring to book, Moralize, Set down, Travelogue, Rail at, Reprove, Chide, Tell off, Reproof, Talk, Tongue-lashing, Assignment, Moralization, Homework, Preach, Presentation, Lesson, Give a speech, Upbraid, Orate, Disquisition, Read a sermon, Hold forth, Sermon, Deliver a lecture, Rebuke, Exercise, Address, Sermonize, Philippic, Pontificate, Reprehension, Declamation, Wig, Expatiate, Read a lesson, Explain, Skull session, Sermonette, Give a sermon, Chalk talk

How to use Lecture in a sentence?

  1. He gave lectures to his students.
  2. He gives an excellent truth-telling lecture on the method of filming weddings.

Meaning of Lecture & Lecture Definition