When Does Gale Fix The Pedestals In Prodigy

When Does Gale Fix The Pedestals In Prodigy

How do you put pearls on the foundations in Prodigy?

In the future, you will be able to place the Bonfire Bead on the shelf after completing the Bonfire Spire mission and after Gale has repaired the sockets. In the future, you can place the wreck heel on the shelf after completing the Shipwreck Shore mission and after Gale has repaired the shelf.

How do you get the storage keys for this in Prodigy?

Note: To unlock the tower, you must acquire the cornerstone of the firefly forest and reach level 25. In the Earth Tower you must go to the eighth floor of the tower. Once you get to the next level you will find a key to unlock the director’s office.

And how healthy is the ice worm in Prodigy?

Ice Wyrm has approximately 3,500 health points.

Besides the above, what are the old socks in Prodigy for?

Old socks are for your feet. If you open the crates or spin the wheels, you can pick up the old sock.

What happens when you get all the gems in Prodigy?

Each gem can be obtained by completing all missions on the spot. A sixth Keystone won’t be released despite rumors, according to Prodigy Zendesk. These rumors say that the sixth pearl comes from the astral realm. List of keystones.

Name how to get it
Firefly Jewel Given by Flora after completing the trials and defeating Gerald

How many floors does Prodigy’s Earth Tower have?


where is the old prodigy road?

Shiverchill Mountains

Who is Gale in Prodigy?

A storm fairy with charcoal gray skin and spiky alabaster hair. She has light yellow / blue wings and dark yellow eyes. Gale wears decorative academy-style uniforms to show her attachment to the collapsed workforce.

How to dissolve frozen breasts in Prodigy?

MjolnIce is in the frozen treasure chest. To defrost the breast, take the last Power Crystal and turn on the last oven. You can find this by defeating a wizard protecting a chest in The Chasm, which is far from the start and takes a lot of struggle to reach.

What are you doing with grand scales in Prodigy?

What are ice crystals for in Prodigy?

Ice crystals. Ice crystals are blue diamonds with snow and long cracks. You can get them from Frozen Somethings after melting them.

What is the bug in Prodigy?

Subject: Entrance destroyed. Well, you want to spawn in the boxing cave. You must then go to the upper left corner and enter the control room. There will be a split path, turn right.

What is the white feather in Prodigy for?

Benni uses this device to take weather measurements around Skywatch. The feather of a white bird.

How do you get Prodigy clothes?

Select your backpack from the main menu bar.

How can I catch fireflies in Prodigy?

What is Prodigy’s rarest item?

When Does Gale Fix The Pedestals In Prodigy