Definition of Online:

  1. In operation or in stock.

  2. Databases, files or web pages are available for download or reading.

  3. Services such as online help, ticket booking systems or functions are available directly through the computer system or under your direct control.

  4. A computer or device connected to a network (such as the Internet) and ready to use (or used) another computer or device.

  5. When connected to computer control.

  6. Control or connect to another computer or network.

How to use Online in a sentence?

  1. However, in 1960, only 31 computers were online and connected to each other.
  2. The server finally returned online after 22 hours of unavailability, which led to a dramatic increase in activity, ending the site's crash.
  3. Once inside, the control continued to work when he turned a few buttons.
  4. The online marketplace is so real and authentic that even Internet hosting data structures take place in our 3D world.
  5. The city's new high-tech factory is due to go online this month.
  6. Working online requires patience, time, commitment and a positive attitude or you will fail.

Meaning of Online & Online Definition


How To Define Online?

  • Online can be defined as, This refers to services or products available for use or purchase on the Internet. A computer connected to the Internet.

Meanings of Online

  1. When connected to or controlled by a computer.

  2. In action or in existence.

  3. Controlled or connected by another computer or network.

Sentences of Online

  1. Once inside, his controls came online when he flipped some switches.

  2. The city's new high-tech plant will be operational this month.

  3. However, in 1960, only 31 computers were connected.