Definition of Freedom:

  1. Unconstrained right.

  2. The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Synonyms of Freedom

Right to, Entitlement to, Arrogance, Artlessness, Audaciousness, Audacity, Authority, Authorization, Autonomy, Bigheartedness, Blank check, Bluffness, Bluntness, Boldness, Bounteousness, Bountifulness, Bounty, Brass, Brazenness, Broadness, Brusqueness, Candidness, Candor, Carte blanche, Clarity, Clear coast, Clear road, Compass, Convenience, Copyright, Deliverance, Deregulation, Directness, Discretion, Dispensation, Disrespect, Ease, Easiness, Easy going, Easy purse strings, Effortlessness, Emancipation, Exemption, Facileness, Facility, Favor, Forthrightness, Forwardness, Franchise, Frankness, Free hand, Free time, Freehandedness, Freeheartedness, Freeness, Gall, Generosity, Generousness, Genuineness, Givingness, Goof-off time, Graciousness, Grant, Great heart, Greatheartedness, Highroad, Honesty, Hospitality, Idle hours, Immunity, Impertinence, Impudence, Independence, Indulgence, Ingenuousness, Intelligibility, Lack of hindrance, Largeheartedness, Largeness, Largess, Latitude, Leisure, Liberality, Liberalness, Liberation, Liberty, License, Magnanimity, Manumission, Margin, Munificence, Naturalness, Nerve, Odd moments, Open hand, Open heart, Openhandedness, Openheartedness, Openness, Outspokenness, Patent, Permission, Plain dealing, Plain sailing, Plain speaking, Plainness, Plainspokenness, Plane sailing, Play, Power, Prerogative, Presumption, Presumptuousness, Privilege, Range, Release, Relief, Repose, Rest, Retirement, Right, Roundness, Royal road, Scope, Self-determination, Self-direction, Self-government, Semiretirement, Simplicity, Sincerity, Smooth road, Smooth sailing, Smoothness, Spare time, Special favor, Straight sailing, Straightforwardness, Sweep, Time, Time to kill, Time to spare, Uncomplexity, Uncomplicatedness, Unconstraint, Unreserve, Unrestraint, Unselfishness, Warrant, Welcome

How to use Freedom in a sentence?

  1. We do have some freedom of choice.

Meaning of Freedom & Freedom Definition

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