Definition of Instrument:

  1. General: Device that communicates, denotes, detects, indicates, measures, observes, records, or signals a quantity or phenomenon, or controls or manipulates another device.

  2. Law: Formally executed document that evidences a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties, and expresses a contractual duty, obligation, or right. Practically all documents used in borrowing, lending, investing, and sale and purchase on credit, are legal instruments.

Synonyms of Instrument

Bourdon tube, Charlie McCarthy, Danish balance, Federal, Gramophone, Gyropilot, Mach meter, Roman balance, Teletype, Weightometer, X-ray machine, Absolute altimeter, Accelerometer, Adapt, Aerial reconnaissance camera, Aerometer, Aeroscope, Agency, Agent, Air log, Alloy balance, Altigraph, Altimeter, Amanuensis, Ammeter, Analytical balance, Ancilla, Anemograph, Anemometer, Anemoscope, Aneroid, Antler, Apparatus, Apple-polisher, Appliance, Arrange, Aspirator, Ass-licker, Assay balance, Autograph, Automatic pilot, Autosyn, Awl, Backslapper, Baggage agent, Balance, Balance of precision, Barb, Barbed wire, Barblet, Barbule, Barbwire, Barometer, Barrel scale, Beam, Bedpan, Blank, Bodkin, Bombing locator, Bombsight, Bootlick, Bootlicker, Bradawl, Brown-nose, Brownie, Bullion balance, Business agent, Calorimeter, Caltrop, Card compass, Carpet tack, Cash register, Catalyst, Catheter, Channel, Cheval-de-frise, Chirograph, Chromatoscope, Chronograph, Chronometer, Chuck, Claim agent, Clamp, Clasp, Clawback, Clerk, Clinch, Clinical thermometer, Clip, Cockspur, Commercial agent, Commission agent, Compact, Compass, Compose, Consignee, Contract, Contraption, Contrivance, Control rod, Counter scale, Courtier, Cramp, Creature, Cringer, Customer agent, Cylinder scale, Device, Diathermy machine, Dibble, Direction finder, Docket, Document, Dog, Dossier, Drain, Drum scale, Dummy, Dupe, Electrocardiograph, Electroencephalograph, Electrograph, Equipment, Evaporimeter, Facsimile telegraph, Factor, Fan scale, Fawner, Fed, Federal agent, Fid, File, Fishhook, Flatterer, Flexure plate scale, Flight recorder, Flunky, Footlicker, Forceps, Fork, Form, Freight agent, Functionary, Gadget, Gaff, Galvanometer, Gauge, Gauger, Gear, General agent, Gimcrack, Gimlet, Gimmick, Gizmo, Go-between, Goad, Goniometer, Gosport, Gosport tube, Grab, Grapnel, Grapple, Grappler, Grappling iron, Grip, Groveler, Gyrocompass, Hand tool, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Handshaker, Harmonize, Harpoon, Hat pin, Heat lamp, Helot, Hemostat, Holdfast, Holograph, Hook, Horn, Hub dynamometer, Hygrograph, Hygrometer, Hypo, Hypodermic, Hypodermic needle, Hypsometer, Icepick, Implement, Inclinometer, Induction compass, Instrumentality, Instrumentate, Instrumentation, Insurance agent, Interagent, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermedium, Jackal, Jaws, Joy stick, Kaleidoscope, Kowtower, Kymograph, Lackey, Lance, Lancet, Land agent, Laser, Law agent, Led captain, Legal document, Legal instrument, Legal paper, Lever, Lever scales, Lickspit, Lickspittle, Literary agent, Loan agent, Long-arm balance, Machine, Machinery, Magnetic compass, Make an adaptation, Manometer, Marlinespike, Mealymouth, Mean, Means, Measure, Measurer, Mechanical device, Mechanical heart, Mechanism, Mechanize, Mediator, Medium, Melodize, Meteorograph, Meter, Microfilm reader, Micrometer, Microscope, Midwife, Mill, Minion, Ministry, Motorize, Musicalize, Nail, Needle, News agent, Nippers, Octant, Official, Official document, Optical altimeter, Orchestrate, Organ, Oscillograph, Otoscope, Oxgoad, Ozonometer, Pact, Pair of scales, Paper, Paper clip, Papers, Paraphernalia, Parchment, Pari-mutuel, Pari-mutuel machine, Parliamentary agent, Passenger agent, Pawn, Peon, Personal file, Photometer, Pike, Pin, Pincers, Pitchfork, Pitot-static tube, Plate fulcrum scale, Platform scale, Plaything, Pliers, Pluviograph, Pluviometer, Pneumatograph, Pneumatometer, Potentiometer, Power tool, Precision balance, Precision scale, Precision tool, Press agent, Prime mover, Prism, Probe, Prong, Punch, Puppet, Purchasing agent, Pus basin, Put to music, Pyrometer, Quadrant, Quill, Radar, Radio, Radio compass, Radio direction finder, Radiogoniometer, Range finder, Rate-of-climb indicator, Real estate agent, Recording barometer, Recording hygrometer, Register, Retool, Robot pilot, Roll, Rowel, Sales agent, Scale, Scales, Scalpel, Score, Scrip, Script, Scroll, Secretary, Seismograph, Seismoscope, Serf, Servant, Set, Set to music, Sextant, Sharpen, Short-arm balance, Skewer, Slave, Sound, Sound recorder, Spaniel, Spearhead, Special agent, Spectrograph, Spectrohelioscope, Spectroscope, Speculum, Speed tool, Spicule, Spiculum, Spike, Spine, Spiral balance, Spirit level, Spirometer, Spit, Splint, Spur, Staple, Static tube, Station agent, Stereopticon, Stethoscope, Steward, Sting, Stooge, Strike radar scanner, Suck, Sun compass, Suture, Swab, Sycophant, Syringe, Tachometer, Tack, Tackle, Tang, Tape recorder, Teletypewriter, Telltale, Theatrical agent, Thermograph, Thermometer, Thermometrograph, Thermostat, Thingumabob, Thingumajig, Thingummy, Throttle, Thumbtack, Ticker, Ticket agent, Timeserver, Tine, Toad, Toady, Tongs, Tool, Toy, Transcribe, Transit instrument, Transpose, Travel agent, Trepan, Trephine, Truckler, Tufthunter, Turnstile, Tweezers, Utensil, Variometer, Vehicle, Venturi tube, Viewer, Viscosimeter, Vise, Voting machine, Walking delegate, Way, Weigh scales, Weighbridge, Weighing machine, Weight voltameter, Whatnot, Wherewithal, Wrench, Writ, Write, Writing, Yes-man, Yoke

Meaning of Instrument & Instrument Definition