Snapchat Usernames Ideas

Snapchat Usernames Ideas. Snapchat usernames ideas are numerous. Snapchat is the social media app and the username is what shown on the front when anyone reaches you. Snapchat username should be unique and simple that suits your personality.

Snapchat Usernames Ideas:

Many people use this app to share more personal content, such as selfies, food photos, or even just silly faces. People can share their stories that how was the day. That is cool that you can share the whole day story just from sending photos or personals contents.

How to change the Snapchat Username?

Snapchat usernames are one-of-a-kind and cannot be changed. This is for security purposes in 2022, as no one should be able to access your personal information if you use a different name. It also prevents anyone else from using their own information to transfer data from an account with an old username to a new user’s profile.

Here are steps to change the username on Snapchat:

  • Firstly you have to open the app.

  • Just click on the profile icon located at the screen’s top.

  • You can access setting of your account settings present under the gear icon.

  • There will be several options as current username or birthdate and mobile number.

  • Now tap on the option “display name”.

  • You can see there the input area where you can enter text.

  • You can enter your username that you want.

  • After editing is done you can save the changes by pressing “Save” button.

Snapchat is the social app that is used to share photos, stories, messages and silly faces to your family and friends. You can change the username of snapchat by following proper setting process.

How to choose good Snapchat usernames?

Idea of good username comes when we talk about the choosing a unique name for the snapchat. This name is display at the top which can be assessed by your friends. The username should be short and catchy. The username can be the short form of your name and it can be the nature of yours.

The best example of idea of good snapchat username is “its_mari_”, it is good to sound like a name that defines your name. There could be more examples like “_crazylife”. Some people want to display the name that could show their personality either they are cool or tempered.

Here is the list of some good Snapchat usernames that are really awesome and you will definitely like them:

Crazy Nature Crazyfrog_9
Joyful Nature Party_animal
Cool nature Cool_bugs
Kind Nature Ladykind_9
Respectful Nature Its_respectable
Colorful Nature Colourdream_
Sweet Nature Sweetie_0
Friendly Nature Friendzone_0

Types of Snapchat Usernames:

Snapchat is the social app that is the source of pleasure and enjoyment. It is the source of entertainment and you can enjoy this app with your family and friends. It is used to take photos and having a lot of filters that make you feel brighter and cooler.

So while using this app the username is the other level of entertainment which makes you unique from others. You look special form other type of fellows. It requires a good choice of username. Here we will suggest you some usernames that can make you feel happier and fantastic among others.

The username of snapchat could be nature, behavior based or it can be the name of some big personality. This makes you different or amazing among your fellows and friends.

Some Good Snapchat Usernames:

Here are some ideas of good snapchat usernames given below:

  1. Happy lady: This is the first idea that is mostly applies on that lady who is happy in her life or with someone around her. It is the special characteristic of that lady because she is either single or married but she is satisfied or happy with her surroundings.

  2. Sassy girl: It is the wonderful feeling that one is bold and lively. The world is full of negativities and competition but in this time the boldness of one can defeat the sadness all around him/her. She/he could be the motivation of other that is afraid of speaking or raising his/her voice.

  3. Spicy Sugar: This is quite interesting that one is amazing or entertaining personality. One who keeps other people around him/her happy.

  4. Fed-up angle: A girl who is fed up of what is happening around her. She keeps distance from others and likes to remain alone.

  5. Darkman: A man that don’t like the light and wants to live in sadness. The person who do not want to get involved with other persons.

  6. Respected life: A person who always believe in giving respect so that he could get respect in back.

  7. Crazy dude: This is quite amazing that the person who is always crazy about his life. He always wants to explore things with depth.

  8. Adventure life: the person who likes to go on adventure. he likes to believe that if he can think then he can also do that easily.

  9. Naughty bird: A person who always shows naughty character. He always want to enjoy the things as he want.

  10. Lovin Nature: A positive healthy person who always want a healthy environment around him. He loves the nature and its beauty.

  11. Angry bird: As it is the character of animated movie but this character belongs to a bird or person that remains angry.

  12. Secret life: A person who likes to keep his secrets and do not tell anyone about his ongoing life and situations.

  13. Only me: A person who love his own personality. Who love himself for being good. he praises himself and love himself.

  14. Humble dove: A person who is humble with others. He always respect others while dealing with them. He becomes polite even when he is in anger.

  15. Caring leaf: A person who cares for others and always there to help the needy. He never left anyone alone to fight their own battle.

Here are some other good Snapchat Usernames given below:

  • Toxic company

  • Bad man

  • Nature love

  • Tired life

  • Sassy spices

  • Good Look

  • Pretty angle

  • Exotic life

  • Fun Master

  • Artist flood

  • Snap lover

  • Animal love

  • Love Life

  • Shrinking rays

  • Downy

  • Crazy buffers

  • Thinking lady

  • Thinkerbell

  • Shining Star

  • Loss angle

  • Lost in Heaven

  • Dark love

  • Silent figure

  • Lost war

  • Silly child

  • Queen heart

  • Spicyy Sugarz

  • Lucky bear

  • Traveling master

  • Thinker girl

  • Fairy tail

  • Cat lady bug

  • Buggy bag

  • Fashion craze


There are many good usernames of snapchat that are cool and also define your nature. It is easy to tell that which type of environment you like to live in.


People often asks these questions:

1. What are some cool snapchat usernames for girls?

Here are some cool snapchat usernames for girls:

  • Beautifool._.

  • Sassy sugar

  • Cool buddy

  • Spicy lady

  • Crazy women

  • Think like a bird

  • Shining star

2. What are some cool boys snapchat usernames?

Here are some cool snapchat usernames for boys:

  • Master mind

  • Pro Gamer

  • Super Power

  • Hard Life

  • Never give up

  • Live like a lion

  • Handsome boy

  • Nice look

  • Killer boy

3. What are some hot snapchat usernames?

Here are some hot snapchat usernames:

  • Hot cat

  • Burning sun

  • Sharp lady

  • Killer smile

  • Heart touch

  • Red carpet

  • Blue sky

  • Rose smell

4. What are some famous snapchat usernames?

Here are some famous snapchat usernames:

  • rickthesizzler

  • selenagomez

  • KylizzleMyNizzl

  • h.estyles

  • Kendalljenner

  • mileycyrus

  • rihanna

  • shawnmendes1

  • Nickiminaj

  • moonlightbae

  • maroon5

  • camilacabello

  • dovecameron

  • haileybisboring

  • dualipa

  • jasonderulo

  • milliebbrown

  • rowablanchard

  • aldnama

5. What are some cute usernames on Snapchat?

  • cat lady

  • dreamy life

  • life is love

  • shine brighter

  • cute face

6. Is there any issue while logging in with user name on Snapchat?

Yes, sometimes snapchat shows that the user is not found so that is not a big issue. You can login you on snapchat with your email instead of using the username.

7. Why some usernames are unavailable on Snapchat?

Some usernames shown to you as they are unavailable. This is because these accounts are deleted by the users so they remain as unavailable to you.

8. How many times can I change the username on Snapchat?

You can change the username once a year on Snapchat. This is not liked by users but this is the necessary to ensure the security of users.

9. What does it means "Added by Snapchat"?

When someone added you as a friend on snapchat by typing or searching your name in the search bar then it shown as added by snapchat.

10. How snapchat knows that you are sleeping?

The snapchat detects that the user is sleeping by knowing the inactivity of user. So it is quite interesting as well as entertaining.


Snapchat is a source of entertainment that allows you to share pictures of your own taste to your family and friends that are added on your snapchat. Here we have discussed about the good ideas about snapchat usernames. It is quite interesting task because one who looks at your account the first impression is your username. So the username should be unique and simple. The short and unique username makes you happy by entertaining you. You can change the username on snapchat after a year or while making the new account. You can se names that are cool and according to your personality.


*What does SB mean on snapchat?