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Cooling glass is a term which is used for Sunglasses in some parts of India. Cooling glass simply means the sunglasses you wear in day-time to cover your eyes.

Cooling glass is a term which is used in Southern India specially in Kerala state. This term of cooling glass which means sunglasses is also used in Middle East. People in these areas use sunglasses in day to cover eyes from sun rays. Sunglasses as cooling glasses are also to protect your eyes from dust.

Cooling glass is a sunglasses which is a protective eyewear to prevent eyes from high or bright sunlight. It protects your eyes from discomforting because of much light. Cooling glass means that sunglasses which block ultraviolet sun rays. As cooling glass term is used in Southern India and Middle East. This term is also popular in these areas.

1. What is meant by cooling glasses?

Cooling glass is a term which is used for sunglasses. The name of the term ‘cooling glass’ is also showing that the glass which gives cooling effect. So, instead of sunglasses, cooling glass word is also used. Sunglasses are there to wear on your eyes and to prevent direct sunlight. With preventing bright light, cooling glass gives soothing effects to your eyes.

2. What is a sun glass?

Sunglass is a eyewear which we wear on eyes to protect them from bright rays of sun. Sunglasses contains convex lenses which converge the ultraviolet rays of sun an give your eyes soothing effects. In some parts of Middle East and South India, these sunglasses are referred as cooling glass.

:dark_sunglasses: Which cooling glass is best?

There is a lot of category of cooling glass which is used in sunlight. Best category of cooling glass is as;

  • Round Tortoise cooling glass

  • Sutton cooling glass

  • Gold & Green Hexagonal cooling glass

  • Midway Acetate

  • Silverlake glasses

These are some best categories of cooling glasses which are being used.

3. Where to Buy cooling glasses online?

If you want to buy cooling glasses online, then just go to and watch the category of cooling glass. There is a lot of variety and the price starts from few dollars as 11$ and it ranges upto several hundred dollars depending upon the quality of the product you select to buy. You can also contact on this number 00 1 206-922-0880, if you want to place an order from Amazon online site.

4. What are top cooling glass brands?

There are many brands which offer a lot of variety of cooling glass. Brands make the quality of the product and brand is there behind success of the product selling in the market. So, there are some top brands of cooling glasses or Sun glaasses;

  • Ray-Ban

  • Gucci

  • Versace

  • Christian Dior

  • Prada

  • Dolce & Gabbana

These are some top brands of sun glasses which have demand in the whole world. These are world class brands of cooling glasses.

:dark_sunglasses: Cooling Glass With Power

As we know, cooling glass is a term used for Sunglasses. Sunglasses are worn to protect eyes from bright rays of sunlight and from any other shiny light to prevent discomfort of eyes. But if you want some power in your cooling glass like power which also supports your eye sight and stable your weakening eyes sight, then wear cooling glasses with that glass which supports your eye sight. You can have cooling glass with power.

:dark_sunglasses: What is Bluetooth cooling glass?

Bluetooth cooling glasses are those which also give facility of earphones or handsfree. In this type of cooling glasses, small and soft lightweight speakers are attached to the both polymer arms of glasses. Speakers are attached to the length which reaches you ears. It is on the side of your head. Bluetooth cooling glasses let its user to attend calls, listen to players and news. Bluetooth cooling glass removes the need of hands-free and airpod.

5. What are the styles of Cooling Glass?

Cooling glasses are of many styles because some people also use them for looking stylish and wear them with matching their suits or color. So, the most common styles of cooling glasses are;

  1. Flipkart cooling glass

  2. Round Shape cooling glass

  3. Ray-Ban cooling glass

  4. Master Vijay Cooling glass

  5. Fast Track cooling glass

These are some common designs and styles of cooling glasses.

:dark_sunglasses: What are the uses of Cooling Glass?

Sunglasses which are also known as Cooling glasses are used to wear on eye. Cooling glasses protect eyes from ultraviolet radiations of sun. Some people feel discomfort and irritation in their eyes when direct sunlight falls on eyes. So, people use cooling glasses to cover eyes.

Cooling glasses are also used as power glasses means that you can use it for your eye sight purposes. If your eye sight is weak and you want to use stylish glasses, then you can use cooling glasses. When you look in the mirror v you will look stylish and your purpose will also be achieved.

Cooling glasses are also used to protect eyes from dust particles. When riding bike, dust may insert in eyes and cause irritation. So, cooling glass restricts dust particles and gives soothing effect.

:scroll: Summary

Cooling glass is a term which is used for Sunglasses. Sunglasses are used for preventing bright lights. Cooling glass term is mostly used in Southern India and Middle East areas. Cooling glasses as Sunglasses are stylish to wear and they also cover your eyes. Cooling glasses make your visual soothing and keeps away discomforting effects. You can buy cooling glasses of many brands and styles.

6. Concept of Cooling Glass

The Concept of Cooling glass is same as of Sunglasses. When you go to India and nearby countries. You’ll never hear the word sunglasses because they term here is common by the name as Cooling glass. The name also means that the glass which gives cold or soothing effect. So, sunglasses prevent sun rays and give cold effects. But on the other side, this term is referred as Sunglasses in UK, USA and other countries.

:dark_sunglasses: Does the term originate from Indian English itself?

As we discussed this term is referred as Sunglasses in the states of UK and USA and others. But in Southern India and in Middle East, people mostly use this term of cooling glass which meant that cooling mirror which gives ‘cooling to eyes’. So, we can say that this term is originated by Indian English itself but by name this term is not wrong just different from other.

:white_flower: Note

If you want to buy cooling glasses online and of best quality with pure product and original copy of the sample which is shown on the site. Then just visit Amazon for this purpose and buy the cooling glasses as sunglasses there. It will orotect and cover your eyes.

:peace_symbol: Frequently Asked Questions

Cooling glass is a term which is interchangeable with sunglasses and is used in parts of India and Middle east. Some people got confused and ask questions. Some of them are;

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do I choose a cooling glass?

There are two general things to remember whenever you need to buy a pair of cooling glass;

:one: Always pick the shape of cooling glass which is opposite to the shape of your face. Because t will look amazing on your face.

:two: Always select Classic shape of cooling because it will stay longer and you can wear them for years.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Should sunglasses cover your eyebrows?

It is upto your choice whether you want to cover eyebrows with sunglasses or not. Some people like revealing their eyebrows in sunglasses and they choose glasses with low-cut. Some people like to cover their eyebrows also because they want to cover. So, if your are revealing eyebrows, then you will look attractive. And if your cover your eyebrows, then you will also look attractive. It is completely up on your face shape and selection.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Which glass is used for sun glasses?

Sunglasses are made of lenses which are of plastic, glass or SR-91. Glass lenses show clear visual and have clearity and no scratch resistance in them. Glass lenses are heavy then plastic lenses. Plastic lenses are made of acrylic or polycarbonate things. Plastic lens is are not easily broken but glass lenses can break on slight impact.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What are police sunglasses?

Police is the maintaining department of the society. Police maintains crime and arrest people on doing wrong. Police also wear glasses in duty time because of their rank and to show their personality. Police mostly wear black cooling glasses which are bright light resistance. Police also had to work in day time when the sun is in its full light. So, they wear cooling glasses of black color to prevent discomfort of eyes.

:eyeglasses: Conclusion

Cooling glass is a term which is used instead of Sunglasses. Cooling glass term is used in Southern India and in Middle East because they use this name cooling glass which means it provides cooling effect to eyes of the person who wears them. Sunglasses or Cooling glasses prevent bright lights, dust particles an gives soothing effect to eyes. Yu can buy cooling glasses from Amazon of best quality.

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