Clean the toilet

A toilet :toilet: is that commonplace in your home that disposes of human waste (urine and ■■■■■). It disposes of through the water :potable_water: to flush it through the drainpipes. Cleaning toilets methods are very important to kill germs and keep you away from different diseases.

Clean Toilet

TOILET is that place that can be the reason for many harmful diseases. It becomes the disease hub in your house because of the dirty toilet and the poor sanitation facilities Toilets can be investigated and cleaned properly and extensively because it uses on a daily basis and called the dangerous necessities of life. It can also cause a massive number of infections. Toilets are commonly made of materials like ceramic, plastic, concrete, and wood.

The NSF international conduct the result in 2011 that the bowl of toilets is an unhygienic place that carries a wide range of various harmful and dangerous bacteria, viruses, ■■■■■■, yeast, and many more other infections. These bacteria are continuing to grow as the waste of the body continues to move through that place.

Best way to clean a toilet:

As it is called the commonplace and disease hub in your home, so it must be cleaned very carefully. The toilet bowl spread harmful germs and viruses very rapidly even it is used by the infected person or the other person as well.

Cleaning a toilet is a simple method when you know the right steps. The proper cleaning techniques not only give the best results but also saves your time :timer_clock: and energy. The proper and suitable products allow you to do your work in the best possible way. While cleaning, it is important to arrange and organize all the things at their places for easy use.

The things that need to be arranged and required:

Toilet stuff

The things that are required in a cleaning process are as follow:
:black_small_square: Toilet brush
:black_small_square: Pair of rubber gloves
:black_small_square: Eye protection
:black_small_square: Toilet cleaner
:black_small_square: Paper towels or cloths
:black_small_square: Cleaning products

  1. All-purpose cleaning spray
  2. Glass cleaner
    :black_small_square: Broom/dustpan
    :black_small_square: Household sponge
    :black_small_square: Peroxide or Oxygen bleach, baking soda, and salt.

Method to clean:

Both the exterior and interior parts of the toilet must be clean properly with the side areas and walls of the toilet :toilet: as well.

Put on rubber gloves and eye protection before starting your work. Rubber gloves :gloves: save your hands from harmful and dirty places and eye protection save you from any kind of irritation that damages your eyes :eyes:. It may happen due to using cleaning products that will contain bleach. Keep the seat lid down to prevent splattering and splashing while flushing the toilet.

Gather the things from around the area:

Remove everything from around the toilet or on the tank lid. It will prevent the products from dropping into the bowl during cleaning. Take the cleaning liquid in a cup then spread over the places to clean them. Firstly, spray the disinfecting sprays that take you away from harmful infections.

Add liquid/clean the exterior part:

Add the powder, gel, or liquid of your choice to the toilet bowl. While it soaked into the toilet grime in the bowl, clean the exterior part of the toilet that contains a huge number of the germs that come after the flush. Spray the tank, handle and tank edges and then wipe down. Also, spray at the ■■■■■■ areas like the back of the base and underside of the seat.

Use brush:

Now apply the liquid that helps you to remove the stains and bacteria from the parts of the toilet. Let the liquid cleaner sit for at least five to ten minutes which will give you amazing results of cleaning. You can use a brush to remove the spots or heavy signs that may not be good.
Some people spray and then immediately wipe away is not a good idea. You must have to give the time to cleaner to show their best results.

Remove the chemicals:

Now clean the toilet seat. It should never be neglected. It is the main part that contact with the body and it must be cleaned properly. Spray the seat, inside the lid and the rim of the toilet with any cleaner then wipe them with a cloth moistened with clean water to remove all the chemicals from the sitting surfaces.

Clean the interior part:

Now move to the main interior part before washing the exterior part. It is the most important part to be cleaned. Clear all the water and then apply the cleaning liquid like bleach. Don’t use chlorine as it can cause irritation. If you want to use it then you must need to use gloves and glasses. Scrub the bowl, the main core part of the toilet with a toilet brush and the pumice stone. It will save your designs from different scratches and help in better cleaning. Then flush the toilet.

Salt/Baking Soda/Can of Cola:

Use the materials like salt and baking soda for easy use and if the material has brown or reddish rust or mineral satins. Some people advise putting a can of cola into the bowl then scrub and rinsing, then mixing in vinegar to the toilet bowl water to remove the all stains.

Then come to the last part of the cleaning method to clean the toilet with paper towels than water for effective results. Clean the interior and exterior part with paper and towel then after wiping them all around throwing them.

Side areas and parts:

Clean the flush as well as it contains different germs on it, part of the toilet needs to be cleaned. The sidewalls, tabs, and handles must be cleaned with that cleaning process. Because they are also used several times by everyone.


Sanitization is very important in the last for the last touch in the cleaning process to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Keep all the things clean before putting them in the right places.
After that, remove your gloves and wash your hands properly with soap and a hand cleaner to prevent any germs or bacteria. Then removes all the wastes from the toilet like gloves, paper towels, or other materials so that the germs do not spread.


The products used in the cleaning products have bleach and other chemicals that can affect and irritate your eyes, so must wear eye protection during the cleaning process. They will save you from splattering toilet water and cleaner. You must use protective rubber or latex gloves to keep your hand safe. While flushing, keep the seat lid down. It saves you from splattering and splashing.
During the scrubbing process, do not use sponges. The damp or moistened sponges are responsible for the breeding bacteria. Some experts advise sterilizing the sponges by placing them into the microwave because the heat generally kills all pathogens.

Use the paper towels because they can be thrown away. If you use reusable cloths, wash them in the hot water with bleach.

You can avoid the tablets and disks of the toilet bowl cleaner. This may be dropped into the tank or that hangs inside the rim of the bowl. They carry the chemicals that damage the porcelain. It is also dangerous for your pet animals that may drink chemical-laden water.


According to the 2011 survey by NSF International, the holders of the brushes in our toilet can provide the highest risk of viral bacteria, mold, and different germs. The toilet seats carry 27 percent and the handles of the toilet hold 14 percent bacteria and germs. So, we must clean the toilets properly. The best way to remove germs and viruses is to actually sterilize them.

Some tips and tricks of bathroom cleaning:

Bathroom cleaning

We tell about some tips, tricks,s and secret techniques from the home remedies to sparkle your bathroom.

Baking soda/ammonia:

Forget about the expensive products for the toilet cleaner. Instead, take the 3 tablespoons of baking soda and ½ cup household ammonia into the hot water of the two cups. Then you wipe the solon and rinsed it off with the help of the sponge. You will see the best results of these two products. You will see the surface gleam.

Antacid Tablets/Mouthwash/Cola:

There are some easy ways to make your work easy by cleaning toilets. The cleaning of the toilet ranks somewhere zero on the Pleasant Cleaning tasks scale but we have no other option to handle it.

Antacid tablets:

Take the baking soda in a bowl and mix the two antacid tablets or one denture tablet into the bowl and mix it for about 20 minutes. Then scrub the bowl with the help of the brush. You will get amazing results. A vitamin C tablet will also show you are working.

Mouth wash:

Pour ¼ cup of the mouth wash into the bowl. Then scrub the bowl for half an hour with the help of the brush and flush it.


Pour the full can of the cola into the bowl and wait for half-an-hour. Then scrub and flush for amazing results.

Get mildew-free shower curtains:

Don’t be surprised if the mildew appears on your shower curtains. The humid environment of the bathroom is just made for mildew so don’t be shocked to see this. Soak the curtains and liners in the saltwater before hanging and if any mildew appears then
Mix the ½ cup of the borax and vinegar into the two cups of water. Drop this solution on the affected areas and wait for at least 10 minutes. Then scrub with some cloth and sponge.
Add the 2 tablespoons washing-up-liquid with one-pint household bleach. It is in the form of the spray then spray this solution on the curtains.
Mix the vinegar and salt together spread on the areas of the mildew. Clean it with a moist cloth and then dry the bowl.

Clean the ceiling:

While cleaning process, we ignore the ceiling. Mildew, spots, and built-up-grime saw on the ceiling when you look up. Use the equal part of the water and the white vinegar to clean it easily. Use your eye protection and goggles. Dip the long-handled mop into the mixture, squeeze and clean that affected part of the ceiling.

Get the bathroom’s tiles clean:

The bathroom tiles are the main reason for the germs that are trapped between the tiles and very difficult to remove them during the cleaning process. It also looks so bad so every so often:
The first home remedy is to make one paste. Add

  1. one- part borax
  2. two-parts baking soda
  3. one to two parts water
    scrub this paste between the space of the tiles with the help of the toothbrush.

Mouth wash:

Use the mouth wash because it contains the tooth-whitening agent.

Cotton wool/ Bleach:

Soak the cotton wool ball in the household bleach and place it on the badly stained spots for a few hours.

Lemon toilet cleaner:

Make the paste of
:black_small_square: Two to three parts of borax
:black_small_square: One- part lemon juice
Stir this solution. Apply this solution to the stained toilet bowl in order to get rid of the ring that often appears at water level on the toilet bowl.

Remove the rust stains:

We see the hard-water rust stains on commodes, tubs, and sinks. To get rid of these stains just squeeze the little toothpaste onto an old toothbrush and scrub away.
We also make the paste of the borax and lemon juice or a solution of equal parts turpentine and salt.
Every method gives you amazing results. It the easy to remove the stains if we deal sooner.

Keep the showerhead clean:

The minerals trap between the showerhead so we must clean them properly. If you can unclog the showerhead, dissolve four to five denture tablets in a bowl of water and place the showerhead in it. Soak it also in white vinegar for better results.
Heat the vinegar in a microwave for the extra cleaning method.
If the showerhead is not removable, but the denture tablet or vinegar into a plastic bag and then tie it in this way that the head is totally dipped into the solution. Clean the holes with a needle, piece of wire, or toothpick.

Make the glass shower doors sparkle:

The glass doors in a bathroom quickly cloud up with the soap scum. For their cleaning try these home remedies:

White-Vinegar/Baking Soda:

Keep a spray of the white vinegar for cleaning the glass doors. Take ¼ cup of the dishwashing-up liquid, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. Make a solution then scrub it on the doors with the help of the sponge.

Vegetable oil:

Drop a little vegetable oil onto a sponge or some towel paper and scrub the door in order to get amazing results.

Furniture polish:

Use the polish on the door and rub it with the cloth. Then wipe it off with a clean cloth.


The task of cleaning the toilet is often felt unpleasant and gets postponed but it is important to keep it clean. A dirty toilet looks bad and the chore or place of the different germs and bacteria. The proper cleaning methods of the toilet keep you away from different bacterial diseases. It is a task that can be done quickly and easily or in proper management with proper or right tools and with a few clever tricks, like knowing how to clean the bowl of the toilet with coke, baking soda, and vinegar.

:writing_hand: Conclusion:

A toilet is the main and common part of any house. Everyone uses it on a daily basis. It disposes of the waste in a proper way but it is also a reason for the spread of many bacteria, germs, and viruses that are unhealthy for your health.

First, clean the exterior parts of the toilet properly and then come to interiors and bowls. Clean all the parts carefully in order to away from the different germs. Don’t use sponges while scrubbing the toilet. Damp sponges give the perfect environment for breeding bacteria. Some advisors suggest that sterilize the sponges in order to keep them in the microwave oven for 30 seconds or so while damp. The reason behind that the heat kills all the pathogens.

Use good materials and cleaners in the cleaning method because it will give effective and amazing results and keep you away from harmful diseases.

:question:Frequently Asked Questions:

There are some frequently asked questions about the cleaning toilet method are as follow:

Q1: How do you clean a badly stained toilet?

White vinegar is the best option for removing the stains from the bowl of the toilet. Soak it overnight for better results. Pour the vinegar about 120ml into the bowl with the closed lid. Wait till 8 hours or overnight for the amazing results.

Q2: What is the best homemade toilet cleaner?

The spray bottle of the vinegar and the shaker-top bottle of the baking soda must be placed in your bathroom. They are the best home remedies. Sprinkle the vinegar in the bowl and allow to sit for several minutes then sprinkle the baking soda inside the bowl. Scrub and flush toilet. You will get amazing results.

Q3: Can I leave the vinegar in the toilet overnight?

If your toilet is pretty clean, you can just leave the vinegar on at least for about 10 minutes. And, if there is a pretty bad ring, you can soak it overnight in order to get rid of the bad stains.

Q4: What do the professionals use to clean toilets?

To remove the stubborn stains, we can get a product with an acid such as Borax. Try to pour ¼ cup of the borax and 1 cup of vinegar into the bowl. Swish it around with the brush of your toilet and allow to wait for 20-30 minutes.

Q5: What is the strongest toilet bowl cleaner?

:black_small_square: Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner is the best liquid cleaner.
:black_small_square: Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Gel Toilet Cleaning Stamp is the best automatic toilet bowl cleaner.
:black_small_square: Kaboom Bowl Blaster toilet bowl cleaner is amazing and best for the stains of the hard water.

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