Best DIY Household Cleaners

The current pandemic situation has taught us to treat health and hygiene with seriousness. Homeowners are taking full-proof precautions to ensure that the house remains clean and keeps them safe from the external virus. Therefore, many people have sought professionals via the internet by browsing the internet for ‘local cleaners near me.

Why do you need DIY solutions?

In New Jersey and Massachusetts, a survey was conducted on chemicals used to make household products. It revealed that chemicals worth ‘twenty-eight million pounds’ that had doubted ‘neurotoxins,’ 'carcinogens’ or ‘reproductive/developmental’ intoxicants in them, were used to make soap as well as other detergents. Therefore, it is preferable to rely on home-madenon-toxic cleaners.’

Also, professional cleaners everywhere, be it Cleaners Newbury (England) or Cleaning services Winchester (USA) or Cleaners Mumbai (India), are expensive devoid of the geographic location. So, the formulas of eight cheap and effective DIY cleaners are listed below -

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is pretty readily available in the market and pocket friendly too. It has an innate abrasive quality. It is biodegradable.

2. Castile Soap

is a ‘vegetable soap’ made from lye, a hundred percent ‘pure’ olive oil, and water. It assists in removing dirt and get past ‘grease.’

3. Essential Oil

Various essential oils are famous for their antiseptic properties. They help in the cleaning process, act as deodorizers, are excellent degreasers, are immunity boosters and mood lifters.

4. Vinegar

The traditional Vinegar is a perfect cleanser as well as a degreaser. ‘Apple cider vinegar’ can also act as a good alternative.

5. Rubbing alcohol –

In case vinegar is too strong an antiseptic, one can use Rubbing alcohol with stable pH. It is wholesome for ‘streak-free glass.

List of Easy DIY Crafts Anyone Can Do

Here are the right simple DIYs that one can use to apply in combination with other useful natural components

1. DIY ‘Floor Cleaner’

The ingredients are - one-gallon water, two tablespoon castle soap, and four to six drops of Thieves oil, Lavender, Melaleuca, and Purification. All these ingredients should be mixed, and specifically, a ‘damp mop’ should be used while cleaning the floor with this mixture.

2. Grout Cleaner

The ingredients are –Half cup baking soda, Half cup water, and five drops of lemon essential oil. All of these ingredients are to be fused and made into a paste. The paste should be rubbed on the grout ina ‘circular motion.’ The grout is then to be rinsed, and the action is to be repeated.

3. DIY ‘Toilet Bowl Cleaner’

The ingredients to be used are Half cup Vinegar, a Half cup of baking soda, and two to three drops of purification or Thieves oil. All the ingredients should be mixed in a bowl, and then the mixture can be poured into the toilet bowl and then flushed after five to ten minutes. Within five-ten minutes, the mixture will clean away the dirt and remove the toilet’s lousy odor.

4. Castile Soap Household Cleaner’

The ingredients are –One by the fourth cup of castile soap, two cups of water, and six to ten drops of either Thieves or Melaleuca or Lemon. The ingredients are to be mixed and poured into a spray bottle. The mixture can be sprayed on glass or stove, or granite and used to clean them with a cotton cloth or a newspaper.

5. Carpet Deodorizer

The ingredients are Half cup baking soda and five drops of Lavender or Thieves oil or Melaleuca or Purification. Mix the baking soda and any one of the essential oils and then sprinkle it on the carpet and then let it rest for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, vacuum it.

6. Household Cleaner

The ingredients are – One cup water, One cup of Vinegar, six to ten drops of Lavender or Thieves oil, or Melaleuca or Purification. Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle, spray it on the surface you wish to clean, and gently wipe it off.

7. DIY Soft Scrub

The ingredients are - half a cup of baking soda, one by the fourth cup of soap, five drops of Lavender or Thieves oil or Melaleuca or Purification. Mix all of it in a small bowl and pour an adequate amount of water into a paste. And now you may use it for cleaning tiles, tubs as well as the toilet.

8. Serious Degreaser

The ingredients required are –one cup of Castile soap, two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol, and fifteen drops of ‘lemon’ essential oil. One has to fuse the ingredients in a container, shake it well before use and then apply the mixture on damp cloth and then wipe the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Wrapping Up

Usually, professional cleaners do not use DIY cleaning products because they do seem to be natural and healthy but they cannot compete with professional tools and solutions. DIY is pretty cheap and easy but if you don’t trust these homely methods, you can quickly go on the internet and browse for ‘local cleaners near me’ for skilled cleaners around you.