Bathroom Ideas

A boring bathroom with ordinary white tiles and one sink from the previous century is too old-fashioned! It is high time for you to quit making all the home improvements only for the living room and kitchen. Think more originally about the bathroom, because, no matter how strange it is, this premise also makes a huge impression on all of your guests. In case you are up to do some moderations or renovations in the bathroom, check out the following 7 non-standard bathroom ideas. Who knows, maybe, you will get inspired by them and eventually you will create a really gorgeous interior with outstanding decoration style:

Here are 7 DIY ideas that will help you out in finding the right fit for your bathroom.

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1. Fireplace in the bathroom

Why not? If you have a large enough bathroom, it may become the best spa center for your relaxing evenings ever! Add a set of Asian-styled stools and a cute minimalist armchair and the effect will be stunning!

2. Mahogany tiling and paneling

Such a decoration conception will add some really lovely and authentic features to your bathroom!

3. Japanese-styled bathroom with the Latest furniture

Dig the tube on the upper level of the bathroom and cover the low base with elegant black furniture – drawers with golden locks and red hieroglyphs!

4. Wooden elegancy.

Cover the tub with bamboo panels, install a small cabinet in the shape of a chest, and decorate with Antique-styled sculptures made of oak. Don’t worry, the maintenance of such beauty is easy, especially if you have professional maids!

5. No-privacy bathroom

In case the premise is located towards your backyard, you can simply afford it. Glaze the entire bathroom and add some stunning conservatory windows. Each zone with no window should be filled with mirrors in different shapes for a perfect look!

6. Sparkling bathroom

Play with the lights and install small lighting systems around the entire bathroom. Cover the tub with bulbs, put lamps under the wooden furniture, and make some amazing accents on the floor and the ceiling. Rely on the contrast! If the bathroom is light, choose colorful bulbs and if it is in dark shadow, get some flickering romantic lights.

7. Oriental wall coverage

Rugs along the entire bathroom wall are definitely extraordinary and make a fascinating approach to the interior decoration. Choose manufactured rugs, so you can easily sanitize them with a steam carpet cleaning procedure.

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