Stick n Poke

Stick n poke is the style of the tattoos that are done without the use of the machine, with this reference the stick n poke is also called machine free tattoos. Stick n poke are completely hand-poked nonelectric tattoos.


2 What Is Stick And Poke Tattoo?

Stick n poke is a tattooing technique that is done without the use of a machine, with this reference the stick and poke are also called machine-free tattoos. In this technique, the ink is applied directly to the skin, with the help of a needle attached to a rod, a kind of contraption. It is just like a pen or a pencil and a thread, with the help of which design is created on the skin. The stick n poke is under the use of many professionals, and it is quite safe as they make use of the needle and the tools that are completely sterile.
The technique is just the same as its name. The design is formed by dipping the needle in ink and then poking it onto the skin, one by one until it is stable.

2.1 How Stick n Poke Originated?

The hand poke method evolved from nonelectric tattooing that was commonly used in connection with community or religion across cultures. The tradition of tattooing the skin is much older. We can trace back the tattooing from ancient Egypt. As the mummies recovered there were found with the tattoos on the different parts of their body like arms, shoulders, and abdomen.

2.2 How long Does It Last?

There is a misconception that the stick n poke does not last longer just like the machine tattoos. This is not the truth. If in any case your tattoos have got faded, then this might be due to the reason that the salon from where you have done the tattoos was not up to the mark, and the person who did this for you was not experienced, or he might have not made use of the quality products. In stick and poke the tattoo artist usually do the same as the tattoo artist use to do in the machine method. But one thing that is essential in stick n poke is that the artist here pushes the needle really deep into the skin to make sure the ink insert deep inside. But it should not be inserted too much deep. As in such a case, the ink will scatter below the skin, which is called a blowout. So it is only an experienced artist who would know that how much exactly he has to insert the ink deep.


People believe that stick n poke may fade out soon in comparison to the machine tattoos. But it is not the case. The inexperienced tattoo artist using low-grade products could be the reason in incase the stick n poke fade-outs. So always select an experienced artist who knows well his work and who uses clean tools for tattooing.

3 Things To Know Before Doing Stick N Poke Tattoo

There are a few of the things that are required to be in your knowledge before doing stick n poke tattoos, just to overcome the misconceptions.

• There are many tales about the stick n poke tattoos gone wrong. Well, if you are going to do this from a well-reputed tattoo artist, then there is nothing wrong to happen. The sterilization of the tools and proper cleansing of the skin, including the shaving is much more important.

• There are different views regarding the painfulness of the stick n poke tattoos, which gain is mostly baseless. The tattooing is done with the needle ■■■ or the electronic needles, and the stick n poke tattoos, in the case of both the pain effect is depending totally on the personal pain threshold.

• It is true that the stick n poke tattoos take time longer than the needle ■■■ tattoos. As in stick n poke tattoos the person has to take the ink after each poking or some times after two times poking of the skin, while in the case of the needle ■■■, the artist fills the lines quickly.

• With stick n poke tattoos you may get the same versatile tattoos onto your skin just like with the needle ■■■. All that is required is the skill, if the artist has transferred the selected design carefully, and he has a grip on his hands, then he will create the same lovely images as one gets with the needle ■■■.


• There is a plus point of the stick n poke tattoos, as they use to heal quicker than the other type of tattoos.

• This is true that the stick n poke tattoo use to fade out a bit earlier and they do not last just like the professional tattoos.

• The stick n poke tattoos are usually the most affordable than the professional tattoos.

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The other names of the stick n poke tattoos are hand-poked, handmade, or DIY tattoos.

4 How To Do Stick n Poke ?

Well, the best part of the stick n poke tattoos is that they can be done by you all by yourself. Yes, if you know the techniques. And have the proper tools than you can do this on your own easily.

4.1 Steps To Stick n Poke

Here are the steps that you can follow to DIY tattoos.

1. Selection of the Design

First thing first, you select the design of your choice, which you want to create on your skin. Take your time, and select the one that you really want to see again and again, as this would be permanent, so be careful in the selection of the stick n poke tattoos design.

2. Select The Body Part

The second important thing is the selection of the body part, where you want your stick n poke tattoo. Again you need to be careful about the selection of the area, as the tattoo will remain there forever and it’s not changeable. One thing more that is important is that the area should be clean, and clear from any skin-based problems like eczema, abrasion, or any other wound.

3. Make the Tools Ready

The next step is related to sterilizing the tools. Before starting all this you should wash your hands, and cover any wound if there is any.
You can make use of the bleach solution for the disinfection of the tattoo tools. Keep one spare pair of gloves reserved, as you might need one extra during this process.
Very carefully shake the container, which contains the stick n poke ink, for at least a minute. Take another container, for pouring the rubbing alcohol. One thing that is important is that if in case the ink finishes then you must throw the container along with the gloves, as it is required to refill another container with the new ink using new gloves.

4. Prepare the skin

Now once the tools are all ready, it’s time to prepare the area of the skin that you have selected for tattooing. First of all, wash the area with soap. If it is required do shave that part of the skin as well. Then with the help of the cotton pads apply the alcohol on the area thoroughly.

5. Tracing

With the help of the tattoo pen, trace the stick n poke tattoo. This also can be done with the help of the tattoo stenciling. By this the tattoo design will appear on the selected area of your skin. For using the tattoo stencil don’t forget to use the alcohol on the area again.

6. Outlining Of The Tattoo

So the best thing will create is the outline of the tattoo. Take your needle in the hand carefully, and dip in the ink. Then start poking the skin to define the outline of the tattoo. If the skin bleeds then it means that the poking is done deep then it is required. So poke the needle just to a sufficient pressure that is required. This is a long process, and just the outlining will take some of the time to complete in the first round.

7. Completion Of The Stick N Poke Tattoo

After the completion of the outlining, start filling the stick n poke tattoo. Remove the excessive ink from the skin with the help of the rubbing alcohol. Then keep filling the design. During this process, the skin gets swelled due to the poking. So it is recommended to take a break, once the swelling heal, resume the poking. After the completion of the tattoo, just rub it again with alcohol, and then apply a bandage for its complete healing.

5 Stick N Poke Aftercare Measures

After the completion of the stick n poke tattoo, there is some aftercare that will be required, just like any other tattoos.

• There are available some antiseptic ointments, that can be applied on the stick n poke tattoo to speed up the healing. Like A+D Ointment , it is an ointment that is recommended by the experts, to be applied on the first two days post tattooing.

• To keep the skin moistured make use of the unscented lotion, which is also free of alcohol and any sort of medicine.
• Avoid using products that contain petroleum.
• Avoid going in the direct sunlight in the first two weeks of the tattooing. As the UV rays may dim the appearance of it. So if you need to go in the sunlight, don’t forget to wear sunblock.

6 Stick N Poke Ideas

There are an infinite variety of the Stick N Poke Ideas. Stick N Poke Ideas for guys and for women are the same. There are unlimited Stick N Poke Ideas, but let’s see what are the categories of the designs that the folk like to use for Stick N Poke tattooing.

  1. Script
  2. Zoomorphic
  3. Flora
  4. Geometric
  5. Alien
  6. Religious symbols
  7. Human figures
  8. Insects
  9. Seashells
  10. Snails
  11. Fruits and vegetables
  12. Underwater organisms
  13. Tools ( farming, guns etc)
  14. Utensils

7 Stick N Poke Kit

Let’s have a look that what a professional stick n poke kit is composed of;

Medical surface
• Disposable razor
• Alcohol prep pads
Stenciled paper
• Lubricant packet
• Ink
• Ink cups
• Tattoo needles [1RL, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL]
• Tattoo wipes


8 Stick N Poke Ink

To achieve the best results of the stick n poke, you have to select a high quality tattoo ink. There are some three to four types of inks used for this purpose. Like pen ink, Indian ink, professional tattoo ink.
The ink use for stick n poke should not be old. In this reference, it is recommended to make use of the Indian ink. As the Indian ink is non toxic. The Indian ink is naturally carbon based. Use of such non toxic ink will help keep the infections away. Although it is a natural element, still it is easily available and also is much affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Let’s see the answers of some of the most frequently asked questions about the stick n poke.

1. Does Stick n poke go away?

Well, the stick n poke is this that it is a permanent tattoo, but the truth is that they also get fade with time, unlike the other professional tattoos.

2. Are stick n poke illegal?

No, this is a wrong concept, stick n poke is not illegal at all, especially when you are doing it from a certain qualified expert artist.

3. What ink is safe for stick n poke?

There are different types of tattoos that are available for tattooing, but all are not safe for stick n poke, being toxic. The most highly recommended ink for the stick n poke is the Indian ink, which has natural substances in it and is a natural substance.

4. How do I get rid of stick n poke?

One good thing about the stick n poke is that you can remove it as well permanently. But for its removal, you will have to go to a certain professional laser expert. Because the stick n poke can only be removed via laser treatment.


body tattooing is the most popular body fashion since old times. As the mummies that have found from ancient sites around the world were seen that were having tattoos on their skin. This body art is still living among the girls and the guys. The stick n poke is a way of tattooing the body, but it is different from the electronic way of tattooing. As it is done with the help of a needle, when it is dipped in ink, the needle insertion in the skin creates the designs or tattoos of your desire. The stick n poke although fades out with time, but it is better in a way that it can be removed with the laser permanently.