Definition of Gun-jumping:

  1. The intentional solicitation of interest in an initial public offer (IPO) prior to filing a registration statement. It is illegal and can result in substantial penalties.

Meaning of Gun-jumping & Gun-jumping Definition

Gun Jumping,

Definition of Gun Jumping:

  • Ignore, or more generally, ignore, refers to the selective use of financial information that has not been released to the public. At least two methods of illegal shooting can be identified

    • Jumping of firearms in financial markets affects information that is not available to all potential investors.
    • The use of privileged information for financial purposes is illegal.
    • Stock analysis techniques, such as the scattle bit method, can take advantage of obscure language, but not hard facts.

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Meanings of Gun:
  1. A weapon with a metal tube that fires bullets, projectiles or other missiles with explosive force and usually produces a characteristic loud, fast sound.

  2. Strong weapon, well-developed biceps.

  3. Running (one engine)

Sentences of Gun
  1. Most of the artillery projects were highly explosive projects that could throw fragments into trenches over long distances.

Synonyms of Gun

weapon, firearm


Meanings of Jumping:
  1. Press the surface into the air with your legs and leg muscles.

  2. (Someone) moves suddenly and quickly in a certain way.

  3. Sudden and unexpected attack (on someone).

  4. (One place) is full of live activities.

  5. Having sex with (someone).

  6. Start with the jump cable (car).

  7. Jump off the surface by pressing your legs and feet.

  8. Sudden unintentional movements due to shock or surprise.

  9. An act or matter of sexual act.

Sentences of Jumping
  1. The cat jumped out of her lap

  2. Juliet jumped

  3. Taking a short leap into the gorge, he lost his balance

  4. I wake up with a jump

Synonyms of Jumping

spasm, astir, hectic, set upon, beat up, bound, wince, start, fall upon, crowded, involuntary movement, bounce, assail, thrash, beat, convulsive movement, aggress, pound, busy, assault