Definition of Script:

  1. A font style that looks partial, but not slanted. It is mainly used in formal documents (such as certificates and invitations) or in a kind of exhibition.

  2. The handwriting is different from the printed letters.

  3. Write a screenplay for (drama, movie or show).

  4. The written text of a play, film, or performance.

Synonyms of Script

Limning, Runic alphabet, Pen, Official document, Write, Literature, Production, Instrument, Scroll, Upper case, Libretto, Play, Text, Literary artefact, Descender, Back, Finished version, Calligraphy, Face, Piece of writing, Piece, Characterization, Continuity, Lucubration, Black letter, Prefigurement, Symbol, Chirograph, Essay, Personal file, Order, Imaging, Alphabetics, Dialogue, Print, Pica, ITA, Create, Printed matter, Literae scriptae, Small capital, Scrive, Bevel, Typescript, Flimsy, Document, Graphometry, Text, Notation, First draft, Pen, Playbook, Paleography, Score, Screed, Words, Drawing, Rendition, Stamp, Alphabet, Point, Reading matter, Lines, Score, Longhand, Portrayal, Musical notation, Beard, Font, Manuscript, IPA, Feet, Pi, Picturization, ■■■■■■■ type, Holograph, Docket, Letters, Capital, Chirography, Draft, Hand, Cue, Conventional representation, Parts, Diagram, Case, Typecase, Poem, Writ, Printing, Drama, Lower case, Engrossment, Manuscript, Papers, Arrange, Composition, Rendering, Typeface, Roman, Ascender, Transcript, Penmanship, Hand, Version, Recension, Small cap, Scenario, En, Typefounders, Second draft, Printout, Plan, Graphemics, Roll, Side, Calligraphy, Demonstration, Writing, Autograph, Lay out, Syllabary, Letters, Literary production, Dance notation, Scription, Writing system, Organize, Portraiture, Work, Logotype, Final draft, Illustration, Presentment, Minuscule, Pattern, Nick, Teleplay, Edited version, Fist, Legal document, Chart, Autograph, Libretto, Initial Teaching Alphabet, Pencraft, Brainchild, Logograph, Figuration, Futhark, Iconography, Prepare, Type class, Fat-faced type, Depiction, Penmanship, Belly, Stylography, Italic, Legal paper, Transcription, Realization, Tablature, Form, Graphology, Ligature, Projection, Design, Majuscule, Blank, Article, Lines, Autography, Penscript, Configure, The written word, Cap, Shoulder, Charactering, Screenplay, Fiction, Type lice, Ideogram, Handwriting, Book, Hieroglyphic, Body, Logogram, Nonfiction, Schema, Blueprint, Groove, Shooting script, Lyrics, Legal instrument, Matter, Counter, Book, Choreography, Copy, Sans serif, Writing, Imagery, File, Depictment, International Phonetic Alphabet, Delineation, Paper, Type body, Handwriting, Letter, Map, Pictogram, Computer printout, Original, Fair copy, Chirography, Typefoundry, Art, Graphanalysis, Shank, Stem, Opus, Scrip, Em, Parchment, Type, Dossier, Exemplification, Representation, Scene plot

How to use Script in a sentence?

  1. Your script is clean and organized.
  2. It is well written and beautifully interpreted.
  3. His collection also includes films whose scripts and novels were successful, one of which won the Booker Prize.

Meaning of Script & Script Definition

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It usually refers to a piece of code in an HTML page that makes the page more dynamic and interactive. Scripts can be written in many different languages, including JavaScript.