How Much Does A Car Wash Cost

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost? A single automatic car wash typically costs between $10 and $25. Typically, the cheaper wash is a basic wash and comes with complimentary vacuums.

how much does a car wash cost

How Much Does A Car Wash Cost

  1. Prices for car washes vary according to facilities, location, and other elements. A single automatic car wash typically costs between $10 and $25. Typically, the cheaper wash is a basic wash and comes with complimentary vacuums. On the top end, the client needs to get the greatest wash, together with waxing, ceramic coating, tire shine, and a complimentary vacuum.

  2. But at Caliber Car Wash, we believe that every client deserves the best wash possible for their budget, which is one of the reasons we don’t charge more for cutting-edge ceramic coating! Wheel cleaning, a dry, and an exterior wash are all included in Caliber’s Classic Wash. You will be shown to our station, which offers free detailing with all washes, including our Classic package after your car exits the tunnel.

  3. A vacuum, air freshener, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, microfiber towels, and detailing air are all included in each station. Additionally, you will have use of our free automatic carpet cleaner and other facilities.

How Much Does a Car Wash Cost – Average Cost

  1. When you lack the time, energy, suitable space, or essential instruments to wash your automobile yourself, a car wash is an option. However, that raises the following query: “How much does a car wash cost?”

  2. Because there are several kinds of car washes, it varies. For an automatic car wash, the price may be as little as $10 or as high as $100 for a full-service car wash. There are techniques to reduce the expense of car washes, but other factors may also have an impact.

Different Types of Car Washes and Their Cost

  1. Each type of car wash has a unique set of tools and techniques for washing or cleaning automobiles. The various equipment and methods result in differing average vehicle wash costs. See which car washes the best suit your requirements and price range by looking through the list of available car washes.

1. Automatic Car Wash

  1. Compared to the average cost of other vehicle wash kinds, the average automatic car wash isn’t too pricey. Prices for basic automatic car washes typically range from $10 to $20. However, you shouldn’t use this car wash too frequently as the bristles of the brushes used in automatic car washes have a tendency to chip paint.

  2. Large brushes, high-pressure water, and soap jets, and a conveyor for guiding a car towards the washing equipment inside a tunnel structure are typically used in automatic car washes. This procedure makes cleaning your car quick and simple.

2. Touchless Car Wash

  1. This sort of car wash is similarly mechanized to automatic car washes and more or less has a similar typical car wash cost, which is between $10 and $30.

  2. However, one distinction is that it washes vehicles using high-pressure jets and potent chemicals. Compared to automatic car washes, this type has a lesser risk of causing paint damage to vehicles.

3. Hand Car Wash

  1. A hand car wash often costs between $20 and $30, and it takes longer than an automated car wash. However, its benefits include being gentler on cars because it doesn’t scratch them and it doesn’t leave swirls or watermarks after washing.

  2. In a hand car wash, a team would typically manually apply soap to a vehicle, scrub away the grime, and carefully dry the automobile. Typically, it would also involve vacuuming and interior cleaning of the car.

4. Full-Service Car Wash

  1. With complete car washing and car detailing, a full-service car wash takes care of the entire vehicle, from the outside to the interior. A full-service car wash can take many hours as opposed to a basic car wash, which would only take a few minutes. It would also contain a wide range of supplementary cleaning services, premium goods, and apparatus.

  2. Therefore, it makes sense that the price is typically substantially greater than for a standard car wash. Of course, other factors like the size of your vehicle and the services you use also come into play. The full-service car wash with basic detailing includes tire cleaning, tire protectant application, headlight polishing, window cleaning, mirror and trim cleaning, inside vacuum cleaning, and headlight polishing.

  • The typical price for standard-sized vehicles is between $50 and $100.
  • Amounts between $75 and $125 would apply to larger SUVs and vans.
  1. You can also choose from improved detailing packages that include high-end products like leather cleaning, carpet shampoo, high-quality wax, etc. Additionally, the service includes other tools like a steam cleaner, extractor vacuum, etc.
  • Costs for vehicles with normal sides range from $100 to $200 on average.
  • The typical price for an enhanced package for larger SUVs or vans is between $150 and $250.

5. Mobile Car Wash

  1. The inconvenience of making the trip to a car wash facility and standing in line to have a car wash is eliminated by a mobile car wash.
  • Car washing by hand costs $30 to $60.
  • For regular-sized automobiles, full-service inside cleaning and washing ranges from $60 to $150, while larger SUVs and vans cost $100 to $175.
  • Additionally, detailing costs between $125 and $275 for standard-sized cars and between $175 and $325 for larger SUVs and vans.
  1. It will be the one to come to you and take care of your needs for automobile washing. The more expensive hand washing, full-service washing, interior cleaning, and detailing are typically offered by mobile vehicles washes.

6. Self-Service Car Wash

  1. Coin-operated machines with tools and settings are available in self-service car washes so that customers can wash their own vehicles. As we put pennies into the machine, it operates. The machine will then be activated by the money for a certain time to wash the automobile. Typically, the price ranges from $7 to $15.

  2. Brushes and hoses are typically included with self-service car wash machines. Some even include suction hoses for cleaning the inside of automobiles. You should know that they typically contain settings for washing, soaking, and rinsing as well. Ahead-of-the-curve self-service vehicle wash equipment with additional options for pre-soaking, high-pressure rinsing,, etc. is now available.

Factors Affecting Car Wash Cost

  1. In addition to the typical cost of a car wash noted previously, the following factors can also influence car wash costs:

Vehicle Size

  • The larger SUVs and vans would require more work and water to wash, as well as more soap. Thus, the price would often be higher. Expect to pay more for cleaning a large vehicle’s components than you would for a small one.

Additional Services

  • It will cost more if you choose extra services like undercarriage washing, waxing, tire shining, etc. Each service would be priced between $5 and $10.


  • Both hand car washes and full-service car washes expect tips. By doing this, you may express gratitude for their assistance and guarantee that you’ll receive excellent service the next time you hire them to wash your car. Depending on the quantity and caliber of the work, you should tip accordingly. The recommended tip range would be between 10 and 15 percent of the minimum price. Additionally, if you choose an automatic car wash, a service member might hand dry your car. Typically, $2 to $3 is paid for that service.

Ways to Save Money on Car Washes

  1. Indeed, car washes are quite beneficial. However, one may assume that frequent car washing would be too expensive. There are several techniques to reduce the cost of car washes, including:

Frequent Washer Discount

  • Owners of vehicles that frequently have their vehicles washed by car wash businesses frequently receive discounts. For instance, a car owner can receive a free car wash from them after receiving 10 car washes from them.


  • Coupons for sales or discounts are frequently sent by car wash businesses. Their coupons are typically available online, on Facebook or their website, in local savings mailers, or in phone books. Or if you ask, they could even give it to you.

Monthly Subscription for Unlimited Car Washes

  • Most car washes also provide monthly memberships that include unlimited car washes, which can help you save a lot of money. Typically, it costs $15 to $30.

Discounts From Gas Stations When You Purchase Gas

  • Some gas stations that also provide vehicle wash services give customers who buy gas from them a discount. When it comes time to fill up your tank, you can benefit from this discount.

How Much Does An Automatic Car Wash Cost

  1. Automatic vehicle washes often charge between $10 and $20 for a straightforward exterior wash. However, the price will increase if you choose services like undercarriage washing, tire shining, car waxing, and others based on the extra service you select.

  2. Regular exterior washes combined with sporadic auto detailing services, according to car wash specialists, can help preserve your car more effectively. We advise you to only select other supplemental services when it is absolutely necessary.

How Much Does A Self-service Car Wash Cost

  1. Depending on the services you select on the self-service car wash machine, self-service vehicle washes typically cost between $7 and $15. The majority of self-service car wash equipment has settings for washing, soaping, and rinsing your vehicle. Advanced machines also come with pre-soaks, high-pressure rinses, and other options.

  2. If you live in an apartment, don’t have a location to clean your car, or lack the tools for a thorough car wash, the self-service car wash is an excellent alternative.

How Much Does A Touchless Car Wash Cost

  1. The price of an automatic car wash and a touchless car wash is about comparable. You pay between $10 and $30 for touchless car washes; once more, the cost varies depending on where you go. A touchless car wash is an excellent choice if you want to avoid getting scratches on your vehicle.

  2. The likelihood of paint damage is low because of high-pressure washers and potent detergents, rather than bristles, brushes, or cloth applicators, are used in touchless car washes to clean and rinse your vehicle.

How Much Does A Hand Car Wash Cost

  1. You will pay $20 to $30 for a single wash at a manual hand car wash site, which is more expensive than an automatic vehicle wash. Hand car washes require more time to clean your automobile than drive-through car washes do. However, some automobile owners prefer the traditional hand car wash method to clean their traveling companion since they avoid automated car washes out of concern for scratches and swirl marks.

How Much Does A Full-Service Car Wash Cost

  1. A full-service car wash will cost you far more money than a straightforward exterior wash. You’ll pay between $150 and $200 for a full-service car wash package that includes many autos detailing services. Although the prices are greater, your car needs to be pampered once in a while.

  2. Your investment in a full-service vehicle wash is not an outlay of funds. A well-kept vehicle will draw potential buyers and provide you with a greater price during a resale. For hassle-free vehicle upkeep, top car wash experts advise getting a full-service wash once or twice a year.

Cost Of Hand Car Wash

  1. You will pay far more for a full-service car wash than for a straightforward exterior wash. You could expect to pay $150 to $200 for a full-service car wash package, which includes numerous car detailing services. Although the prices are greater, your car really does deserve some TLC now and again.

  2. Your payment for a full-service vehicle wash is an investment, not a cost. A well-kept vehicle can draw interest from potential buyers and bring you a higher selling price. Obtaining a full-service car wash once or twice a year is advised by top car wash professionals for hassle-free vehicle maintenance.

How To Save Money

  1. Consider subscribing. Some automatic and manual car washes offer monthly plans for $15 to $30 on average that include unlimited car washes. You’ve already saved money on two machine washes at that rate. Obtain a voucher. In local savings mailers, phone books, or online, many car washes provide discount coupons. Some people may honor coupons from rival businesses or even offer you one if you ask.

Cost Of Self-service Car Wash

  1. The least expensive alternative is to wash your car at home, therefore self-service car washes are the next best thing. The majority of self-service car washes function on coins or tokens, with each one turning the machines on for a certain period of time.

Self-serve car washes have high-pressure hoses, and soapy brushes, and wash, soak, or rinse settings. To clean the inside, there are also coin-operated vacuum hoses. If you want to cut costs but don’t have a location at home to wash your car, this is a fantastic choice. $7 to $15 on average per wash.

Cost Of Full-service Car Wash And Detailing

  1. The best full-service vehicle washes and cleaning leave your car looking practically like new, but they are more expensive and take longer than a basic wash. A team of professionals can thoroughly clean, revive, and polish your car inside and exterior in several hours (instead of 15). Three detailing sessions per year are advised by experts to increase the longevity and resale value of your car.

  2. The basic car detailing service and full-service wash includes a wash, wax, interior vacuuming and polishing (including the trunk and other cargo areas), window washing, cleaning of the mirrors and trim, protecting and cleaning the tires, and polishing of the headlights. In general, sedans cost $50–100, whereas SUVs and vans cost $75–125.

A more expensive detailing package could include extra services including the use of high-end cleaning agents and specialized tools like steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, leather upholstery cleaners, and superior wax. In some enhanced packages, dent removal and engine cleaning may also be included (with a degreaser). $100–200 on average for sedans; $150–250 for SUVs or vans.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Let’s look at the faqs of cost of the car wash.

1. How much does it cost for someone to wash your car?

Depending on the size of the car and any further cleaning or treatments required, a full hand-washing of your automobile normally costs $20 to $30.

2. What does a basic car wash include?

A straightforward vehicle wash will remove grime, salt, and debris from your automobile’s surface. Most frequently, this is carried out in an automatic car wash, where your car is rolled through a device with sizable cylindrical brushes, soap, and high-pressure hoses. A standard car wash runs between $10 and $20 and takes ten minutes.

3. Is it cheaper to wash your car at home or at a car wash?

For an average price of $30 to $80, you may get packages that include soap, microfiber cloths and sponges, wax, tire coating, interior cleaning, and glass cleaner. The majority will last you 10 to 15 washes. That’s less expensive than a professional car wash, even accounting for water use, but you’ll have to put in your own time.

4. How much do most car washes cost?

The average cost for a basic wash is often between $5 and $10. Add-ons like an undercarriage wash or a spray wax treatment could cost an extra $1 to $2 apiece. A few packages that go above and beyond a basic wash are offered by the majority of automatic car wash firms.

5. How profitable is a car wash?

According to a poll by Auto Laundry News, a prominent newspaper in the car wash industry, revenues for a self-service car wash can range from $55,000 to $100,000 per year to $500,000 to $900,000 for a full-service operation.

6. Is a car wash a good investment?

One of the numerous benefits of having a car wash that appeals to new company owners the most is the quantity of profit that can be made. While larger luxury vehicle washes can bring in owners more than $500,000 annually, smaller self-service car washes typically turn a profit of just over $40,000.

7. How long does it take to wash a car?

It may take around an hour or occasionally two to three hours, depending on how much cleaning is required. However, it would take longer if you used additional detailing services.

8. How do you value a car wash business?

A 10 lakh rupee initial investment is required to launch a vehicle wash business. While 1000 square feet is the very minimum needed for the same.

9. How much does it cost to start an automatic car wash?

In any case, multiplying the average yearly earnings by 2 or 2.5 for a very prosperous region is the easiest approach to figure out a fair buying price for a car wash that is for sale. This simple formula will provide you with the fair market worth of a car wash that is for sale and is a very reliable benchmark for negotiating the final price.

10. Is a car wash passive income?

By having your completely automated car wash bays clean the enormous number of vehicles that are on the road every day, owning an automatic car wash enables you to generate passive income.


How much a car wash will cost you will depend on your needs for cleaning and washing your automobile as well as your budget. Be aware that additional factors may influence the cost you would pay. Additionally, you can benefit from the various techniques to reduce the cost of vehicle wash expenses.

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