Non-ownership Automobile Liability

Non-ownership Automobile Liability,

Definition of Non-ownership Automobile Liability:

Insurance due when you drive a car that is not owned or rented by the insured.

Literal Meanings of Non-ownership Automobile Liability


Meanings of Non:
  1. Express rejection or absence

  2. It shows neutral negative connotations when they or the related forms beginning with them have a special meaning (e.g., inhuman or inhuman).


Meanings of Ownership:
  1. The right to own an act, state or thing.

Sentences of Ownership
  1. Land ownership

Synonyms of Ownership

possession, holding, right of possession, proprietorship, title, proprietary rights, freehold


Meanings of Automobile:
  1. A typical vehicle, usually four-wheeled, is powered by an internal combustion engine or electric car and is capable of carrying very few people.

Synonyms of Automobile

motor, machine, automobile


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The person or thing whose presence or behavior causes embarrassment or harm.

Synonyms of Liability

answerability, inconvenience, handicap, encumbrance, hindrance, legal responsibility, nuisance, responsibility, accountability, burden