Definition of Glass:

  1. A mirror.

  2. A drinking container made from glass.

  3. A hard, brittle substance, typically transparent or translucent, made by fusing sand with soda, lime, and sometimes other ingredients and cooling rapidly. It is used to make windows, drinking containers, and other articles.

  4. A lens, or an optical instrument containing a lens or lenses, in particular a monocle or a magnifying lens.

  5. Cover or enclose with glass.

  6. Reflect as if in a mirror.

  7. Solid material that is usually transparent and breaks easily. Glass is formed by fusing sand, sodium carbonate, and calcium carbonate under extreme heat. Glass is used for the construction of windows, eye glasses, and bottles, among others, and does not break down organically.

  8. (especially in hunting) scan (ones surroundings) with binoculars.

Synonyms of Glass

Mirror, Looking glass, CM-glass, CR-glass, Achromatic lens, Adobe, Aerological instrument, Agate glass, Alabaster, Aneroid barometer, Aneroidograph, Astigmatic lens, Barograph, Barometer, Barometrograph, Beaker, Bifocals, Bijouterie, Billiard table, Binoculars, Biscuit, Bisque, Blown glass, Board, Bottle glass, Bowl, Bowling alley, Bowling green, Brick, Bubble, Bullet-resisting glass, Burning glass, Camera, Camphor glass, Carnival glass, Cement, Ceramic ware, Ceramics, Cheval glass, China, Clapboard, Clear as glass, Coated lens, Concave lens, Concave mirror, Concavo-convex lens, Condenser, Convex lens, Convex mirror, Coralene, Costume jewelry, Crock, Crockery, Crown glass, Crystal, Cut glass, Diaphane, Display case, Distorting mirror, Eggshell, Enamelware, Eyeglass, Eyeglasses, Eyepiece, Face, Fiber glass, Field glass, Firebrick, Flat, Frosted glass, Glass house, Glasses, Glasslike, Glassware, Glassy, Glaze, Goblet, Goggles, Ground glass, Hand lens, Hand mirror, House of cards, Hurricane-hunter aircraft, Hyalescent, Hyaline, Hygrometer, Ice, Image, Ivory, Jewelry, Jug, Junk jewelry, Laminated glass, Lath, Lens, Level, Light, Looking glass, Lorgnette, Lorgnon, Magnifier, Magnifying glass, Mahogany, Marble, Matchwood, Meniscus, Mercury, Microscope, Mirror, Object glass, Objective, Objective prism, Ocular, Old paper, Opaline, Opera glasses, Pane, Paper, Parchment, Paste, Piecrust, Pier glass, Plane, Plank, Plate glass, Porcelain, Pot, Pottery, Prism, Radiosonde, Reader, Reading glass, Rear-view mirror, Recording barometer, Reflector, Refractory, Revet, Rhinestone, Safety glass, Satin, Scatter pins, Scope, Seeing glass, Shake, Shaving mirror, Sheathe, Shingle, Shopwindow, Showcase, Silk, Slate, Slide, Smooth, Specs, Spectacles, Speculum, Spy glass, Spyglass, Stained glass, Stemware, Stone, Telephoto lens, Telescope, Tennis court, Terrestrial telescope, Thatch, Thermal detector, Thermometer, Thermostat, Tile, Tiling, Toric lens, Transparent substance, Trifocals, Tumbler, Urn, Vacuometer, Varifocal lens, Vase, Velvet, Veneer, Vitreous, Vitrics, Vitriform, Vitrine, Wall in, Wall up, Wallpaper, Watch crystal, Watch glass, Weather balloon, Weather instrument, Weather satellite, Weather vane, Weatherboard, Weatherglass, Window, Window glass, Window mirror, Windowlight, Windowpane, Zoom binoculars, Zoom lens

How to use Glass in a sentence?

  1. A glass door.
  2. This allows you to scrutinize as much of the glass lens elements as possible.
  3. A beer glass.
  4. The first day was spent glassing the rolling hills.
  5. She couldnt wait to put the dress on and look in the glass.
  6. The inn has a long balcony, now glassed in.

Meaning of Glass & Glass Definition