Single-Premium Immediate Annuity

Single-Premium Immediate Annuity,

Single-Premium Immediate Annuity:

  • A single premium annuity results in immediate income payments for the period following the annual purchase. Direct retirement of a single partnership allows you to increase your immediate, regular, single partnership income.

Literal Meanings of Single-Premium Immediate Annuity


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Meanings of Annuity:
  1. Usually a certain amount of money is paid to someone for life every year.

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Sentences of Annuity
  1. Until 1999, the only option for retirees was an annual, fixed income for life.

  2. If investors want to invest most of their savings faster, they should invest the money annually.

  3. Equity is expected to come up with a proposal for the first expensive pension insurance that the company can no longer afford.

  4. If they want to save, they can do so and decide to spend money or buy a pension before retirement.

  5. Fixed annual administration fees usually charge ڈالر 30 per year.

  6. When they retire, savers can choose a fixed or variable pension.

  7. If you accept a full tax-free amount, you will usually have to make an annual purchase with the remaining funds.

  8. There may be a fixed rate on tax-exempt benefits or a variable product with sub-accounts.

  9. Beneficiaries can often convert an annual amount into an annual amount, but this will ignore, for example, a reduction in your health.

  10. Pensions on which retirees buy fixed income may also vary.

  11. He said the funds would be used to secure pension benefits, including pensions and lump sums.

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