Definition of Collapse:

  1. (of a person) fall down and become unconscious, typically through illness or injury.

  2. (of an institution or undertaking) fail suddenly and completely.

  3. Sudden and dramatic slowdown in economic activity, resulting in a steep drop in prices with a consequent fall in level of employment.

  4. (of a structure) fall down or in; give way.

  5. Fold or be folded to fit into a small space.

  6. An instance of a structure falling down or in.

Synonyms of Collapse

Cave-in, Giving way, Subsidence, Crumbling, Disintegration, Break down, Fail, Fall through, Fold, Founder, Fall flat, Miscarry, Go wrong, Come to nothing, Come to grief, Be frustrated, Be unsuccessful, Not succeed, Disintegrate, Cave in, Fall in, Subside, Fall down, Sag, Slump, Settle, Give, Give way, Crumble, Crumple, Disintegrate, Fall to pieces, Come apart, OD, Waterloo, Amiable weakness, Bankruptcy, Be brought down, Be felled, Be found wanting, Be ruined, Be struck down, Be traumatized, Beating, Become insolvent, Bend, ■■■■, Bouncing check, Break, Break down, Break out, Break up, Breakability, Breakage, Breakdown, Breaking up, Breakup, Brittleness, Burn out, Bust, Cascade, Catabasis, Cataclysm, Cataract, Catastrophe, Catch, Catch cold, Cave, Cave in, Cave-in, Changeableness, Chute, Circulatory collapse, Collapse, Come apart, Come down, Come down with, Come short, Come to naught, Come to nothing, Come unstuck, Comedown, Conk out, Conquering, Conquest, Contract, Crack, Crack up, Crack-up, Crackup, Crash, Crippling, Cropper, Crumble, Crumple, Daintiness, Damage, Deathblow, Debacle, Deceleration, Declension, Declination, Decline, Decline and fall, Decrescendo, Defeat, Deflate, Deflation, Defluxion, Delicacy, Descend, Descending, Descension, Descent, Destructibility, Destruction, Detriment, Dilapidation, Diminish, Diminuendo, Dip down, Disablement, Disappear, Disappearance, Disaster, Disintegrate, Disintegration, Disorganization, Disrepair, Disruption, Dissolution, Dissolve, Dive, Down, Downbend, Downcome, Downcurve, Downfall, Downflow, Downgrade, Downpour, Downrush, Downtrend, Downturn, Downward trend, Draining, Droop, Drop, Drop down, Drop off, Dropping, Drubbing, Dwindling, Ebb, Effeminacy, Encroachment, Erupt, Evaporate, Exhaust, Exhaustedness, Exhaustion, Fade, ■■■, Fail, Failure, Faint, Fall, Fall away, Fall ■■■■, Fall down, Fall flat, Fall in, Fall off, Fall short, Fall stillborn, Fall through, Fall to pieces, Falling, Fatigue, Fever, Fizzle out, Flag, Flimsiness, Fold, Fold up, Founder, Fragility, Frailty, Frangibility, Gasp, Get, Get bogged down, Get hung up, Get mired, Get tired, Give out, Give way, Go, Go bankrupt, Go broke, Go down, Go downhill, Go into receivership, Go into shock, Go soft, Go to pieces, Go to pot, Go to ruin, Go to smash, Go under, Go up, Gravitate, Gravitation, Grow weary, Harm, Hiding, Hit the skids, Hobbling, Human frailty, Hurt, Hurting, Impairment, Implode, Implosion, Incapacitation, Inclination, Indecisiveness, Infirmity of will, Infringement, Inherent vice, Injury, Inroad, Insolvency, Insufficient funds, Irresolution, Jade, Keel over, Kited check, Lack, Lag, Lambasting, Languish, Lapse, Lathering, Licking, Lightness, Lose altitude, Lose ground, Loss, Maiming, Mastery, Mayhem, Mischief, Moral weakness, Mutilation, Nervous breakdown, Nervous exhaustion, Nervous prostration, Neurasthenia, Nose dive, Not answer, Not hack it, Not make it, Not make out, Not measure up, Not stretch, Not suffice, Overcoming, Overdose, Overdraft, Overdrawn account, Overthrow, Overturn, Pant, Parachute, Pass out, Peg out, Peter out, Pine, Pitch, Play out, Plummet, Plummeting, Plunge, ■■■■ out, Pounce, Pour down, Pratfall, Precipitate, Prostration, Puff, Puff and ■■■■, Puncture, Quietus, Rain, Rapids, Receivership, Remission, Retreat, Ruin, Ruination, Ruining, Ruinousness, Run a temperature, Run down, Run out, Run short, Sabotage, Scathe, Shatter, Shipwreck, Shut down, Sicken, Sickening, Sink, Sleaziness, Slightness, Slowdown, Slump, Smash, Smashup, Spoiling, Stoop, Stop short, Stumble, Subdual, Subduing, Subjugation, Subsidence, Succumb, Sway, Swoon, Swoop, Tailspin, Take, Take ill, Thrashing, Tire, Topple, Topple down, Topple over, Total loss, Totter, Trend downward, Trimming, Trouncing, Tumble, Undoing, Unsubstantiality, Vanquishment, Velleity, Wane, Want, Washout, Waterfall, Weaken, Weakening, Wear away, Wear thin, Weary, Wheeze, Whipping, Wilt, Wispiness, Womanishness, Wrack, Wreck, Yield, Faint, Pass out, Black out, Lose consciousness, Fall unconscious, Keel over

How to use Collapse in a sentence?

  1. In the face of such resolve his opposition finally collapsed.
  2. The collapse of a railroad bridge.
  3. He collapsed from loss of blood.
  4. Some cots collapse down to fit into a bag.
  5. The roof collapsed on top of me.

Meaning of Collapse & Collapse Definition

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What is Collapse?

Destroyed buildings and some special causes (such as the weight of snow, ice or rain) have caused private property to collapse inside the collapsed buildings if the collapse occurs after construction due to defects in design or workmanship or equipment. Out of the fall

Meanings of Collapse

  1. Fall or drop

  2. (A person) usually falls as a result of illness or injury and loses consciousness.

  3. Suddenly and badly (of an organization or company).

  4. Fold or fold to fit in a small space.

  5. Examples of falling or found structures.

Sentences of Collapse

  1. The roof fell on me

  2. Fainting from anemia

  3. As a result of such a resolution, opposition eventually collapsed

  4. You can add some beds to fit the purse

  5. The railway bridge collapsed


Collapse Definition:

  • Destruction of buildings inside buildings and collapse of private property due to some reasons (such as heavy snow, ice or rain). Falling due to defects in design or workmanship or materials is not included if it falls after construction is completed.

Meanings of Collapse

  1. Falling or dropping suddenly

  2. Falling out due to illness or injury.

  3. Sudden and complete failure

  4. Connect or connect in a small space.

  5. An example of a falling or collapsing structure.

Sentences of Collapse

  1. Unconscious of anemia

  2. Negotiations on land issues stalled last week.

  3. Some folding beds are folded to fit in a bag.

Synonyms of Collapse

flake out, flatline, go out, flop, terminate, come to a halt


Definition of Collapse:

  1. Collapse means, Buildings collapsing and private property collapsing inside buildings for a number of reasons (such as heavy snow, ice or rain). Does not include falling due to defects in design or workmanship or material if falling occurs after construction is completed

Meanings of Collapse

  1. Falling or giving up suddenly.

  2. (A person) falls and loses consciousness as a result of illness or injury.

  3. Failed abruptly and completely.

  4. Fold or fold in a small space.

  5. An example of a structure collapsing or giving way.

Sentences of Collapse

  1. The roof is falling on me.

  2. Talks on land issues stalled last week.