Political risk

Political risk,

Definition of Political risk:

  1. Probability of loss due to political instability in the buyers country that may result in cancellation of a license or otherwise affect the buyers ability to make payments. Political risks are insurable risks, and overlap with the political component of force majeure risks.

How to use Political risk in a sentence?

  1. We are lucky in the United States of American that for the most part we can run our businesses without a chance of political risk that some countries have.
  2. It was too much of a political risk to have that man be his running mate, because no one liked him at all.
  3. The political risk must always be considered as all business operate at the discretion of the government who is in control of the land.

Meaning of Political risk & Political risk Definition

Political Risk,

Political Risk:

  • Political threat is a threat that is directly related to politics and threatens certain assets. Loss of public property, war or terrorism, insurgency and civil unrest are examples of political threats that can lead to a variety of losses. Political risk insurance is available to cover these losses.

  • Political risk is the risk that a return on investment may not be right due to political changes or instability in a country. The instability that affects the return on investment is the result of changes in government, the legislature, other foreign policy makers or military control. Political risk is also known as geopolitical risk and is becoming a major factor as investment horizons widen. They are considered a threat to a kind of jurisdiction.

  • You can define Political Risk as, Cover damages for damage, loss, nationalization, confiscation, destruction or confiscation due to actions taken by the government or local authorities in the country where the insured person may work.

Literal Meanings of Political Risk


Meanings of Political:
  1. Related to the government or public relations of a country.

Sentences of Political
  1. An era of political and economic stability

Synonyms of Political

civic, public, constitutional, parliamentary, legislative, policy-making, party political, governmental, administrative, bureaucratic, ministerial, diplomatic, government, state, local government


Meanings of Risk:
  1. A dangerous situation.

  2. Loss, loss or exposure of loss (from someone or something of value).

Synonyms of Risk

jeopardize, threat, wager, possibility, put in danger, put in jeopardy, chance, danger, gamble, imperil, peril, hazard, endanger, fear, gamble with, prospect, put on the line, expose to danger, menace, probability, venture, likelihood, take a chance with