Definition of Staff:

  1. A long stick used as a support when walking or climbing or as a weapon.

  2. Those employees who work under a given supervisor.

  3. The entire group of employees who work at a company.

  4. A set of five parallel lines and the spaces between them, on which notes are written to indicate their pitch.

  5. The act of holding a position at a company.

  6. Provide (an organization, business, etc.) with staff.

  7. A group of officers assisting an officer in command of an army formation or administration headquarters.

  8. All the people employed by a particular organization.

Synonyms of Staff

Man, People, Crew, Work, Operate, Occupy, Stick, Walking stick, Cane, Crook, Crutch, Prop, Employees, Workers, Workforce, Personnel, Hands, Hired hands, Labourers, Human resources, Manpower, Labour, British Cabinet, Malacca cane, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, Accouter, Advisory body, Advocate, Alpenstock, Appoint, Arm, Armory, Assembly, Association, Athletic supporter, Back, Backbone, Backing, Badge, Badge of office, Badges, Baluster, Balustrade, Bandeau, Banister, Bar, Bar line, Base, Baton, Bearer, Bench, Blazonry, Board, Body of advisers, Borough council, Bra, Brace, Bracer, Bracket, Brain trust, Brassard, Brassiere, Button, Buttress, Cabinet, Caduceus, Camarilla, Cane, Cap and gown, Carrier, Caryatid, Cervix, Chain, Chain of office, Chamber, City council, Class ring, Club, Cockade, Collar, Colonnade, Column, Common council, Conference, Congress, Consultative assembly, Corset, Council, Council fire, Council of ministers, Council of state, Council of war, County council, Court, Crew, Crook, Crosier, Cross, Cross-staff, Crozier, Crutch, Crutch-stick, Dado, Decoration, Degree, Deliberative assembly, Die, Diet, Directory, Divan, Dress, Eagle, Emblems, Employees, Ensigns, Equip, Fasces, Figurehead, Fit, Fit out, Fit up, Fleur-de-lis, Footstalk, Force, Foundation garment, Fulcrum, Furnish, Gang, Gavel, Gear, Girdle, Guy, Guywire, Hammer and sickle, Handstaff, Heel, Help, Heraldry, Hired help, Insignia, Jack, Jock, Jockstrap, Junta, Kitchen cabinet, Lapel pin, Ledger line, Legislature, Line, Lituus, Livery, Mace, Mainstay, Maintainer, Man, Mantle, Markings, Mast, Medal, Men, Mortarboard, Munition, Neck, Newel-post, Old school tie, Organization, Outfit, Parish council, Pastoral staff, Paterissa, Peduncle, Personnel, Pier, Pike, Pilaster, Pile, Piling, Pillar, Pin, Plinth, Pole, Portfolio, Post, Prepare, Privy council, Prop, Quarterstaff, Queen-post, Regalia, Reinforce, Reinforcement, Reinforcer, Rest, Resting place, Retinue, Rig, Rig out, Rig up, Rigging, Ring, Rod, Rod of office, Rose, Scepter, School ring, Servantry, Shaft, Shamrock, Shillelagh, Shoulder, Shroud, Sigillography, Skull and crossbones, Socle, Soviet, Space, Sphragistics, Spine, Sprit, Stake, Stalk, Stanchion, Stand, Standard, Standing rigging, Stave, Stay, Stem, Stick, Stiffener, Strengthener, Subbase, Support, Supporter, Surbase, Sustainer, Swagger stick, Swanking stick, Swastika, Syndicate, Synod, Tartan, Team, The help, Thistle, Tie, Tribunal, Truncheon, Trunk, Turn out, Uniform, Upholder, Upright, Verge, Walking stick, Wand, Wand of office

How to use Staff in a sentence?

  1. We contacted the staff member in charge of the area when we heard the alarm. Fortunately it was only a false alarm.
  2. A staff of 600.
  3. Legal advice centers are staffed by volunteer lawyers.
  4. Having a good staff around you will help to lighten your work load and let your mind focus on the important matters.
  5. A shepherds staff.
  6. The staff at the restaurant was really professional and kind and they made me and my boyfriend feel as though we were family.
  7. The Polish General and his staff.

Meaning of Staff & Staff Definition