Geico claims number

geico claims number is a 16 digit claim number provided to vehicle owners over the phone or the person can find it on his/her claim documents or you can locate your claim by entering the name and claim number provided by The Geico claims team on their website or geico’s mobile app.

What is a Geico claim?

When you make a claim or claim something, it means you’re demanding it or saying it’s true. People claim dependents and deductions on their taxes. In the geico insurance company, you could claim you deserve money or a refund of your vehicle accident if you are insured by geico. With any kind of claim, you’re going to have to prove it. an assertion of a right (as to money or property)
e.g “his claim asked for damages.”
For claims assistance on geico
You can call on 1-800-841-3000 for claims assistance.


The Geico claims fax number is Fax: 855-841-4816. The insurer provides more details about GEICO’s faxing policy on their official website. In order to get a person’s documents to the right place, Company has given you the best fax number to use. This is typically done by email, or by a claims or service .

Geico insurance claims process:

Firstly, you must know that you can file a claim if you are insured by GEICO. As GEICO is auto insurance company, the geico’s insurance claims process, is just like the process with other insurance companies, that begins with the accident. Geico’s insurance claims process include these steps:


  • If you are insured by GEICO, you can file a claim by calling their claims representative, Call at geico customer service number 1-800-861-8380 and open a claim over the telephone or by filing the claim online. They will send a claims adjuster (Claims Adjuster who is able to maintain customer satisfaction while working within company policies.) to the workshop or repair shop where your vehicle is or to the car’s current location or accident location.
  • The GEICO adjuster’s total inspection typically takes less than an hour and ends with an estimate of the costs of repairing your property or vehicle damage but, if there was a dispute about who was at fault in all the incident then for the crash or if there were any personal injuries in crash or accident, then this overall inspection process can take longer and they will put a Payment Recovery Examiner ( is responsible for recovering your deductible from the other party’s insurance company) on the case who will make sure that the other driver, or his or her insurance company pays for the vehicle damages or repair and the examiner will keep you informed about the payment recovery process.
  • Once your claim is filed you can locate it on their website or mobile app.

Geico insurance refund

Once you file your claim, then if eligible, you can make an appointment for a damage inspection.

  • The inspection typically takes around 30 minutes.
  • If your car isn’t safe to drive,
  • The Geico company sends a geico adjuster to look at your car.
  • After the inspection, you can take your vehicle to any workshop or anywhere you wish.

When the shop will begin the repair process as soon, you drop off your vehicle.You can go home in a rental vehicle if you have rental reimbursement coverage.You’ll get regular updates on your car’s repair progress by tracking your geico claims number

In some situations the team cannot recover the full amount they requested because the other party involved disputes the cause of the accident or does not have insurance. Full recovery is not guaranteed, but rest assured that they make every effort to get you the maximum possible reimbursement.

If you are identified on claim as a vehicle or property owner, passenger or driver you can track your claim on their official website by entering your name and 16 digit claim number or you can also track it on their mobile app.

Report Insurance Claim Online – on Geico website

You can also report your Auto, Motorcycle, Windshield/Glass, RV, or Mechanical Breakdown claim online and receive the thorough process, and service that they provide customers receive over the phone. To file a claim online, log in on the website and select the type of claim you need to report.

You will then be asked to provide:

  • the state where the incident occurred
  • the date and time it happened
  • a general description of what happened

Throughout the process of filing a claim, a team may ask you for additional information such as contact information for other parties, vehicle locations, property owner information, and police report details. While this information is helpful to have as soon as possible, you can still report your claim without it.

Speedup the payment recovery process

If you have an insurance claim in payment recovery, the most important thing to remember is this: You can speedup process by following these guidelines:

  • Refer any inquiries from the other parties involved to the representative handling your claim.
  • Consult the geico team before making any statements or accepting any settlement offers if you do not consult with the company you insured from that may jeopardize your claim.
  • Be prepared to submit a cancelled check, credit card statement, body shop invoice, or other proof that you paid your deductible. GEICO will contact you if the other insurance company requests this information.
  • Be prepared to submit a written or recorded statement about the facts of the accident. The official team will contact you if the other insurance company requests this information.


Also States have different rules regarding payment recovery, and some states do not allow payment recovery for some coverages. Check with the GEICO representative handling your claim if you want info regarding this or you can directly ask the representative or track your geico claims number any time from their website or mobile app.

Geico Marine Insurance Company

It was originally established in 1989 in Annapolis, Maryland as Seaworthy Insurance Company. In 2007, the company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, providing more capital, earning, strength and security for the company and its policyholders.

In 2015, Geico became the parent company of Seaworthy Insurance Company acquired by Berkshire Hathaway and changed its name to Geico Marine Insurance Company. GEICO Marine Insurance Company remains a Berkshire Hathaway Company and holds the support and name recognition that comes from Geico.

The strength of our policies, people, systems and service sets GEICO as 2nd most popular insurance company in the US. Geico provides hands-on assistance along with an array of policies for all boat types, One can make GEICO Marine Insurance the choice when it comes to yacht and boat insurance. GEICO Marine Insurance Company has teamed with BoatUS, the largest group of recreational boat owners and provides insurance for your boat yacht to protect your investment.In case of any accident you can file a claim and track your Geico claims number or get assistance for claim reporting at 877-970-2628.

Boat insurance by GEICO MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY – Geico similar companies

GEICO boat insurance helps you – as you navigate your boat or personal watercraft (PWC). So if you are fond of travelling across lakes, rivers, or ocean waters of the United States – then you can also be insured by geico. Whether you’re looking for a new boat insurance policy or just to save money on an existing policy, geico can help you get started with this insurance.

GEICO Marine Insurance Company has teamed with BoatUS, the largest group of recreational boat owners. Since 1966, BoatUS has been helping to make boating safer, more affordable, and fun. Together, GEICO Marine Insurance Company and BoatUS helps you to protect your investment in case of damage.You can also take free online boat insurance quotes.

Why need boat insurance – GEICO MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY

A boat insurance policy of Geico helps protect you and your boat or yacht or any personal watercraft (PWC). While insured by Geico Marine insurance their policies may have

  • Size restrictions
  • Limitations on horsepower
  • Limits on damage coverage

Geico marine insurance company can provide

  • Medical coverage for you or any persons present in your boat at time of accident.
  • Wreckage removal
  • Damage to your boat including hull, sails, equipment, and more.
  • Maybe a new boat replacement in some cases.
  • Fuel spill liability
  • Liability to pay for damages and injuries you cause if you hit another boat, person, dock during your travel.

Geico contacts for Insurance – By Phone

Emergency Roadside Service (800) 424-3426
Main (800- 207- 7848)
Property (800) 241- 8098)
Military (800) 645- 4827)
Motorcycle (800) 44- 29253
Commercial (866) 509- 9444

What does GEICO stand for?

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It is a base of U.S. government employees and military personnel. Today, of course, the company has grown to provide insurance to a wide range of customers, whether they’re employed by the private sector.

Some GEICO Facts

  • Geico employs more than 40,000 associates
  • Maintains 17 major offices around the country
  • Provides 24 / 7 service, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Geico has seven affiliated companies to meet insurance needs of drivers
  • Tony Nicely, Executive Chairman
  • Bill Roberts, Vice Chairman
  • Todd Combs, President and CEO with estimated net worth of at least $3.34 Million dollar
  • Second-largest private passenger auto insurer in the United States (A.M. Best)
  • One of the fastest-growing major auto insurers in the U.S.

What geico offer – other than car insurance

In addition to car insurance, GEICOalso provide:

• Motorcycle, ATV, RV, and Boat insurance

• Homeowners, Renters, Condo, Co-op, and Mobile Home insurance

• Personal Umbrella Protection

Life insurance

• Flood insurance

• Overseas insurance

• Business Owners Policy

• Professional Liability insurance

• General Liability insurance

• Commercial Auto insurance

• Collector Car insurance

• Identity Protection

• Jewelry insurance

Geico – Berkshire Hathaway

In 1996, GEICO became a 100% shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway, headed by Warren Buffett, one of the country’s most successful investors. For the past several years, Fortune magazine has named Berkshire’s property-casualty insurance operation the most admired in the country.

Impressed with the roadmap that Geico was heading, Buffett’s holding company made a $2.3 billion cash offer to buy all the Geico shares that Buffett did not already own. That’s why as a result, Geico became a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway in 1996

How much GEICO serve

Geico serves More than 17 million auto policies in force and growing along with insurance of more than 28 million vehicles.

Revenues – Berkshire Hathaway 2020

According to statista report Published by Statista Research Department, Mar 11, 2021

  • In 2020, Berkshire Hathaway’s most profitable operating business was manufacturing
  • which generated 59.08 billion U.S. dollars in revenues.
  • Insurance underwriting from GEICO, Berkshire Hathaway Primary Group and Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group, and McLane Company, a wholesale supply chain services company, followed behind with a huge 63.4 billion U.S. dollars and 46.84 billion U.S. dollars, respectively.
  • In that year, GEICO, an auto insurance subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, generated a revenue of approximately 35.09 billion U.S. dollars.
  • Berkshire Hathaway is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and has been led by Warren Buffett, the famed billionaire investor, since the 1960s. McLane was acquired by Berkshire in 2003 and was one of the most valuable logistics service providers globally in 2019.
  • In a 2019 study ranking insurance companies based on advertising spending, GEICO, Progressive and State Farm took the top three spots with 1.62 billion U.S. dollars, 1.02 billion dollars and 627 million dollars in ad expenditures respectively. These were the highest results, as the remaining contestants spent less than 400 million U.S. dollars that year on advertising their services.

Earned premiums of GEICO till 2020

  • According to statista report published by Statista Research Department, Mar 12, 2021
  • The value of earned premiums of GEICO increased year-on-year from 2008 to 2019, before dropping for the first time in 2020. In 2020, GEICO earned premiums worth approximately 35.09 billion U.S. dollars, a decrease of about 480 million U.S. dollars from the previous year.
  • Between 2008 and 2019, earned premiums of GEICO grew by a value of around 23.1 billion U.S. dollars, overall.

Geico’s History

The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) is an American auto insurance company with headquarters in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It is the second most largest auto insurer in the United States of America, after State Farm. GEICO is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway that provides coverage for more than 24 million motor vehicles owned by more than 15 million customers. GEICO writes private passenger automobile insurance in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia.

Some quick review:

  • 1936 – GEICO was established by Leo and Lillian Goodwin.
  • 1948 – Investment banker Lorimer Davidson joins the company and expands its pool of investors.
  • 1951 – Columbia University business student Warren Buffett makes his first purchase of GEICO stock.
  • 1958 – Leo Goodwin retires and is succeeded by Lorimer Davidson.
  • 1959 – GEICO opens its new headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD.
  • 1964 – GEICO passes the 1 million policies-in-force (PIF) mark.
  • 1965-1966 – GEICO insurance premiums reach $150 million; net earnings double to $13 million.
  • In 1974 under Kreeger’s leadership, GEICO was briefly the fifth-largest U.S. auto insurer.
  • GEICO has also offered other types of insurance besides auto, including homeowner’s insurance from 1962 to 1996. A sister company, the Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO), offered life insurance from 1975 to 1985
  • 1980 – GEICO introduces 24/7/365 telephone customer service.
  • 1993 – New chairman Olza “Tony” Nicely implements a new strategy to expand the customer base; increased focus on advertising results in higher national visibility.
  • 1996 – Warren Buffett purchases outstanding GEICO stock, making GEICO a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.
  • 1999 – The beloved GEICO Gecko® makes his debut in a wildly popular GEICO ad campaign.
  • 2002 – GEICO passes the 5 million PIF mark.
  • 2004 – The GEICO Caveman enters the scene with the “So easy a Caveman can do it” ad campaign.
  • 2007 – GEICO passes the 8 million PIF mark.
  • 2009 – GEICO passes the 9 million PIF mark and opens for business in Massachusetts making GEICO coverage and services available in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • 2010 – GEICO passes the 10 million PIF mark. GEICO is the first insurance company to offer the ability to purchase a policy in a mobile-friendly format via iPhone and Android mobile devices.
  • 2012 – GEICO passes the 11 million PIF mark.
  • 2013 – GEICO surpasses 12 million policies-in-force and insures more than 20 million vehicles.
  • 2014 – GEICO passes the 13 million PIF mark and insures more than 22 million vehicles.
  • 2016 – GEICO adds its 14 millionth policy.
  • 2017 – In its best growth year ever, GEICO passed 15 million and 16 million PIF.
  • GEICO passed 17 million policies in 2019 and now insures more than 28 million vehicles. The company looks forward to even more growth, founded on quality coverage and outstanding GEICO customer service.
  • For you history buffs who love all the details, here’s the full story of GEICO. From the dreams of one couple rose the company you know today

In Short, The Maryland-based company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and provides coverage for more than 27 million vehicles owned by more than 16 million customers as GEICO policy owners.Geico employs more than 40,000 associates and maintains 17 major offices across the country and works 24/7 a day and 365 days of a year. It is the 2nd most popular insurance company in the USA. Anyone insured by GEICO can file a claim in case of any accident and track their claim by using geico claims number.

CEO of GEICO – Todd Combs

Todd Anthony Combs born January 27, 1971 is a former hedge fund manager and current investment manager at Berkshire Hathaway, He is the president and the chief executive officer (CEO) of GEICO companies. Alongside Ted Weschler, he is frequently cited as a potential successor of Warren Buffett as the chief investment officer of Berkshire. On December 23, 2019 Combs was announced as the new CEO of Berkshire holding GEICO. He will continue in his duties as a portfolio manager for Berkshire. He holds degrees in finance and multinational business operations from Florida State University and an MBA from Columbia University.

GEICO breach 2021

The company is the second-largest auto insurance provider in the United States, with more than 17 million vehicle policy holders as their customers. Geico says no other information but the driver’s license number was leaked. They did not reveal exactly how many policyholders were impacted. Geico is headquartered in California and is required by state law to send out a notification such as this when an incident involves at least 500 records. The breach notified that “fraudsters used information about you, which they acquired elsewhere” to access the driver’s license numbers through the company’s online sales system. Company said that it had secured the data breach immediately upon becoming aware of it, and added some “additional security enhancements”. But it is possible that hackers can register stolen vehicles with stolen data, and you’ll never even know it.

Geico is tight-lipped on how the breach occurred and didn’t explain where hackers got the information from that’s why Geico never refers to the incident as a “hack” or a “breach,” only calling it an act of “unauthorized access.”

GEICO’s new partnership

GEICO is partnering with AI technology company “Tractable” that currently serves more than 20 of the world’s top insurers.

“GEICO customers know us for our speed of service and value. Tractable’s artificial intelligence solution delivers both, helping us review estimates more quickly and accurately, getting our customers back on the road faster,” said GEICO founder & CEO Todd Combs.

“We are honored to be chosen by GEICO, one of America’s largest insurers. We are committed to accelerating accident recovery with AI. Through this partnership, our AI will make a positive difference to millions of lives,” added Tractable founder & CEO Alex Dalyac.

GEICO Ads – Celebrity Status

The beloved ad icons began to cross trends of their own. By 2007, the Cavemen were not only featured in new ads, but also on an interactive Web site that showed off their very contemporary lifestyle while geico is continuing its huge growth. Meanwhile, the Gecko (small lizards) took on an extra job and became the spokescreature for a national touring gecko exhibit at several zoos and aquariums around the country in order to promote wildlife conservation efforts.
In 2008, the Caveman was voted America’s favorite advertising icon of the year and joined the GEICO Gecko on the Advertising Week Walk of Fame. The Caveman, still concerned with GEICO for its “So easy, a caveman can do it” slogan, did not attend the award ceremony.

Nicci Carr – Three years after coming back into acting, Carr is starring in the latest geico commercial, which features a hilarious remake of Tag Team’s hit “Whoomp! (There it is).”

“I was just being me,”

The spot, created by Richmond’s Martin Agency, was released in December and has caught fire across the nation, with more than 14 million views on YouTube. It is currently the No. 1 ad in America, according to industry publications.

Carr makes time to act for TV series and commercials when not at work as the undergraduate coordinator in the Biology Department of the College of Arts & Sciences. She is also a student at Georgia State, working toward a bachelor’s degree in film with the hope of pursuing a master of fine arts in acting. She wants to eventually teach acting once she retires from the craft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I contact Geico claims?

You can easily file geico claims by using their mobile app by using their official website or You can call on 1-800-841-3000 for claims assistance

2. How do I speak to a human at Geico?

First of all, you must dial 1-800-207-7847.
Now, press 4, or you can say 'other ’
After that, you have to provide the three-digit area code you live in of the phone number.
Stay on the line.
After that, you will automatically connect to the live Geico representative.

3. Does Geico have 24/7 customer service?

Yes, Geico has access to 24/7 customer service.

4. How do I make a Geico claim?

Simply file your claim online or call at (800) 841-3000 and choose the best option for you. You can also file a claim online and track geico claims number online by providing a 16 digit claim number.

5. What does Geico marine insurance cover?

Damage to your boat including hull, sails, equipment, and more. New boat replacement. Fuel spill liability. Liability to pay for damages and injuries you cause if you hit another boat, person, dock in case of any accident.

6. Is there a Geico marine app?

GEICO Marine Insurance Company has teamed with BoatUS Digital dispatch and you can access app of the BoatUS app.

7. Did Geico buy BoatUS?

After 8 years as part of a Berkshire Hathaway-owned National Indemnity Company, BoatUS is now part of GEICO, another Berkshire Hathaway company.

8. What is the best boat insurance company?

BoatUS’s overall rating is 4.5 / 5 (Excellent) BoatUS Marine Insurance Program has 500,000 members and sells boat insurance products in all 50 states since 1966.

9. What are worst insurance companies?

Allstate, Unum, AIG, State Farm, Conseco, WellPoint, Farmers, UnitedHealth, Torchmark, Liberty Mutual.

10. How do I file a claim if someone hit my vehicle?

Call the police. An officer will document the incident and create an official accident report, which you will typically need to have when filing your claim with your insurance company.

11. Is Geico a good insurance?

Geico scored extremely high in industry review due to its comprehensive coverage options, low average rates and strong customer service reputation.

12. Which insurance company is best at paying claims?

Geico is among the best car insurance companies in 2021 because of their best rates and discounts.

13. Who is cheaper than Geico?

State Farm is among the best options for most drivers/ car owners/ vehicle owners looking for the most affordable car insurance. The rates State Farm offered for a full coverage policy were $427 more affordable per year than Geico’s

14. Is Geico a high risk insurance Company?

Auto insurance premiums for high-risk drivers can be as much as 25% more. Multiple and serious moving violations are the most common reasons a driver can be tagged as high risk.

15.How fast does geico pay claims?

As paying claims for the car insurance claims process is not as easy, but geico provides the best possible solution. In fact, your claim may be settled in as little as 48 hours or maybe it will take months depending on the situation and loss. They can offer you personal attention around the clock.

16. Where do I send a Geico claim to fax?

A person can send a claim to GEICO INS AGENCY INC. Road. Road … Fax: 855-841-4816.

17. Who is in the New Geico commercial?

Three years after jumping back into acting, Carr is starring in the latest Geico commercial, which features a hilarious remake of Tag Team’s hit “Whoomp! (There it is).”

18. What is the most popular Geico commercial?

The ‘■■■■ Day’ commercial is one of GEICO’s most popular ones till date. Everyone remembers the ad that made the camel a star. This wins as one of those novel ad campaigns that truly go beyonds the test of time.


If you want to file a claim you must be insured from GEICO. The GEICO Claims number is a 16 digit claim number provided by The GEICO Teams to vehicle owners over the phone or the person can find it on his/her claim documents if you filed the claim then you can track your claim by entering your name and claim number on their website or geico’s mobile app.

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You’re In The Right Place To Report A Claim

It’s simple and quick to file a claim online. You can schedule a rental and repair right away if you’re eligible.
Report an Occurrence.
Glass-Only Damage should be reported.
Make a Roadside Assistance Request.

Track A Claim

GEICO Claims Express gives you safe access to your auto, motorcycle, or RV claims. All you need is your claim number.
Examine Your Claim.
Resources for Claims.

Do you require assistance? You can reach out to us via phone, email, and other methods.
The GEICO mobile app allows you to report and track your claim. It’s also the quickest way to seek assistance on the road.

Contact Us For Insurance By Phone

With GEICO Mobile or, you won’t have to wait on hold.
We recommend logging in here or using the GEICO Mobile app for faster service. Phone: (800) 207-7847.Roadside Assistance in an Emergency. Due to heavy call load, we recommend reporting Emergency Road Processing claims via GEICO Mobile or online for speedier service. Phone: (800) 424-3426. Homeowners, renters, condo/co-op residents, and mobile home residents.

Our Claims Center is currently down

Our Claims Center is undergoing repair at the moment. We anticipate being accessible soon. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your patience. For assistance with claims, please return to our website or call 1-800-841-3000.

Need assistance

Call 1-800-731-0282 for Medical Provider Claims Tracking (MPCT). Call 1-877-318-0058 if you are a lienholder. Call 1-800-522-7775 for ERS Provider Support.

What to do after?

Accidents are stressful, and the claims procedure may be even more so. It doesn’t have to be that way with GEICO. Follow these instructions to learn what to do in the aftermath of such an incident.

Auto Repair Xpress is convenient and simple

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 when it comes to auto repair. At the repair business, a GEICO claim adjuster will visit with you. While your car is being fixed, an adjuster will process your claim. Obtain Cars will be guaranteed to be fully fixed and ready to drive.

What to Do After a Car Accident?

What should I do at the scene of the accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be quite stressful. Now is the time to learn what you need to do if you’ve been in an accident.
Look to see whether anyone has been wounded.
Call 911 if you require medical assistance.
Drive to a safe spot, but do not leave the site.
Do not confess wrongdoing or reveal the limits of your policy.
Make a police report. If required, an officer will be dispatched.
Share information with those that are involved.

What information should you collect?

The other driver(s), all vehicle occupants, and witnesses’ names, phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses.
Photos of the scene and all vehicles involved in the accident, including tag numbers.
Other people’s insurance information: firm name, policy number, and phone number.

If emergency services respond, make a note of

Number of the police report.
Number to call.
Name of officer and badge number.
The GEICO mobile app allows you to collect and save claim information.

Report a Claim

The GEICO mobile app or Claims Center | Report Or Check An Insurance Claim | GEICO make filing a claim quick and simple. You may also contact us by phone at (800) 841-3000. You can schedule a damage inspection, repair, and rental if you are eligible. For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to register your claim as quickly as possible. Accidents, for example, necessitate a more thorough inquiry. It’s also preferable to investigate as soon as possible following an accident.

Inspection and Repair Process

Make an appointment for a damage inspection after you’ve reported your claim, if you’re eligible. The inspection takes about 30 minutes on average. We’ll send a GEICO adjuster to look at your car if it’s not safe to drive. You are under no obligation to meet with our adjuster. You can have your vehicle repaired wherever you like after the examination. Consider using an Auto Repair Xpress service.

How to Be Prepared for Accidents?

Here are some steps you may take to ensure that you are prepared in the event of an accident: In your automobile, keep a vehicle safety kit. ID cards, vehicle registration, emergency contacts, and health insurance cards should all be kept in the glovebox. Download the GEICO mobile app to gather information, file and track your claim, and, in some situations, receive a damage estimate.


How do I contact GEICO claims department?

For assistance with claims, please come back to us or phone us at 1-800-841-3000.

How do I make a claim with GEICO?

The GEICO mobile app or Claims Center | Report Or Check An Insurance Claim | GEICO make filing a claim quick and simple. You can also reach us by phone at (800) 841-3000. You can schedule a damage inspection, repair, and rental if you are eligible. For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to register your claim as quickly as possible.

How do I find my GEICO claim number?

What is the claim number and where can I locate it? The 16-digit claim number was supplied to you by the GEICO Claims Team over the phone or on claim documents**.


GEICO Claims Express gives you safe access to your auto, motorcycle, or RV claims. All you need is your claim number. Examine Your Claim… About your auto policy, text with an agent. Call 1-800-207-7847.18 to speak with a real Geico customer care representative.
How much time does it take? Payment recovery takes roughly six months on average, although it can take longer depending on the circumstances. (GEICO claims are all one-of-a-kind, just like snowflakes.) It works best when everyone plays well and cooperates, as it does in most things in life.