Definition of Shareholder:

  1. A person, group or organization that owns one or more shares in a company and a certificate of share is issued in its name.

    It is legal for a company to have only one shareholder. Also known as a shareholder (in the USA).

  2. Shareholders of a company.

How to use Shareholder in a sentence?

  1. As a first-time investor, Benjamin tries hard not to look like a newcomer, but it's hard to hide how excited he is to be a shareholder for the first time in his life.
  2. I recently went public and studied a company where I could buy shares and it showed me that I would become a shareholder.
  3. Should shareholders sell or close if purchase rumors arise?
  4. If you can please your key shareholders, you will still have enough money to run your business better.

Meaning of Shareholder & Shareholder Definition


What is The Meaning of Shareholder?

  • Shareholders, also known as shareholders, are people, companies or entities that own at least one share of a company, called share capital. Because shareholders primarily own the company, they benefit from the success of the business. These rewards are in the form of appreciation of shares or in the form of financial benefits paid in the form of dividends. On the other hand, when a company loses money, its stock price always falls, which can cause shareholders to lose money or add value to their portfolio.

    • Shareholders are individuals, companies or entities that hold at least one share in a company.
    • As shareholders, shareholders are subject to capital gains (or losses) and / or dividend payments as the remaining creditors of the company's profits.
    • Shareholders also have certain rights, such as voting in general meetings for approval of matters such as board members, profit payments or mergers.

  • Meaning of Shareholder: Also known as a shareholder. A person, company or group that legally owns one or more shares of a company

Sentences of Shareholder

  1. Should shareholders sell or close if buying rumors arise?



Mutual fund or company shareholders.

Own one or more shares of a company.