Cheap Auto insurance companies California

Are you in search of cheap auto insurance companies in California? If yes, then you are in right place. In this article, there is a list of top cheap insurance companies.

Due to this paradigm, people are in search of cheap auto car insurance companies. They may face difficulties, so we provide a list of cheap auto car insurance companies in California that gives you relief in some aspects. So let’s get a start without further ado.

List of companies in California:

Few companies are offering cheap auto car insurance in California. Let’s look at the table given below.

No Name of Company Amount
1 Esurance $1055
2 Progressive $1132
3 USAA $1171
4 Geico $1270
5 MetLife $1318

After discussing the list, no moving towards the detail of these companies. Let’s move forward without delay.

  1. Esurance

Founded in: 1999

Website URL:

Esurance is famous because of its financial ability to fulfill the auto insurance. While the complaint rate is above average. But it is offering cheap auto insurance in California. Esurance is better than many other insurance companies.

  1. Progressive:

Founded in 1837

Website URL:

It was founded in 1837 by Jack Green & Joseph Lewis. Travelers are the one company who offers drive-in claims and premium payable installments to the clients. It provides insurance for life, business insurance for Auto vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and RVs. Therefore, it is the first company that published an informational website.

  1. USAA:

Founded in 1922

Website URL:

USAA stands for the " United States Automobile Association" that gives cheap car insurance. It considers the customer as the member. To get the membership, you need to qualify for the membership. For membership, you must be an active member of the military, retired veteran, a member spouse, and son or daughter. So we can say that it is only for military personnel.

  1. Geico:

Founded in 1936

Website URL:

It is created for Government employees, as we discussed above, that the USAA is for military people. Geico is for the civilians so they can get benefits from this company. In 1956, the student invested in the Geico. The company focused on increasing the reach and increase the number of its users. This company also uses the famous slogan “15 minutes could save 15 percent or more,” which becomes more prominent and popular . This slogan means that life is important than anything else. After this step, the Geico became the second famous insurance company in the united states.

  1. MetLife:

Founded in : 1868

Website URL:

Metlife is promoting equality among the people in the world. It also provides relief from Covid-19 issues. It provides the facilities for life insurance, automobile at low rates. It is part of the global community. It is the most famous company in the United States of America.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the cheapest Auto insurance?

People are searching for cheap auto insurance. Let us give you a table of cheap car insurance. Let’s have a look at the given table.

No Name of Company Amount
1 USAA $1171
2 Progressive $1132
3 Geico $1270
4 MetLife $1318

Who has the cheapest auto insurance in Massachusetts?

If you own a car and you are living in Massachusetts, then you are searching for cheap auto insurance. We make a list of cheap auto insurance for you. Let’s have a look at the table given below.

No Name of Company Amount
1 Safety $1090
2 Progressive $1700
3 Geico $1416
4 Metopolitan $1713

Who has the cheapest full coverage auto insurance?

There are many companies that are offering the cheapest full coverage for automobiles. You can look at a table given below.

No Name of Company Amount
1 USAA $109
2 Erie $127
3 State Farm $145