Insurance adjuster

Insurance adjuster,

Definition of Insurance adjuster:

  1. A person charged with investigating a claim to establish whether the company is liable and to what extent. The investigation can include interviews of the parties involved, property inspections, and reviewing hospital records or police reports.

Meaning of Insurance adjuster & Insurance adjuster Definition

Insurance Adjuster,

Insurance Adjuster: What is the Meaning of Insurance Adjuster?

  1. Meaning of Insurance Adjuster: A representative of an insurer who seeks to determine the extent of insurance liability in the event of a claim. Independent adjusters receive the insurance services they need and can work for multiple insurers at the same time. Independent experts calculate hours and kilometers for insurers. Public experts work to ensure that policyholders settle claims and receive a percentage of the loss in return. The best directory of UNM proposed lawyers and claims adjusters includes only independent adjusters

  2. Insurance Adjuster can be defined as, Also known as an adjuster. An independent person who examines the insurer's claims, assesses the damage caused by it and decides whether the claim is valid or not, if the insurer is to be compensated.

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Meanings of Insurance:
  1. The methods or contracts used by companies or government agencies provide a guarantee of certain damages, injuries, illnesses or death in return for payment of premiums.

Synonyms of Insurance

indemnity, indemnification, protection, financial protection, security, surety, cover, defence, safeguard, safety measure, shelter, precaution, provision, preventive measure, immunity