Definition of Architecture:

  1. Overall design of a building, structure, or system that unifies its components or elements into a coherent and functional whole.

  2. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

  3. The complex or carefully designed structure of something.

Synonyms of Architecture

Bauhaus, Byzantine, Egyptian, English, French, German, Gothic, Greco-Roman, Greek, Greek Revival, Italian, Persian, Renaissance, Roman, Romanesque, Spanish, Academic, Action, Anagnorisis, Anatomy, Angle, Architectonics, Argument, Arrangement, Assembly, Atmosphere, Background, Baroque, Build, Building, Casting, Catastrophe, Characterization, Civil architecture, Color, Complication, Composition, Conformation, Constitution, Construct, Construction, Continuity, Contrivance, Conversion, Crafting, Craftsmanship, Creation, Cultivation, Denouement, Design, Development, Device, Devising, Early renaissance, Edifice, Elaboration, Episode, ■■■■■■■■, Establishment, Extraction, Fable, Fabric, Fabrication, Falling action, Fashion, Fashioning, Forging, Form, Format, Formation, Forming, Formulation, Frame, Framing, Frozen music, Functionalism, Getup, Gimmick, Growing, Handicraft, Handiwork, Harvesting, House, Incident, International, Landscape architecture, Landscape gardening, Line, Local color, Machining, Make, Makeup, Making, Manufacture, Manufacturing, Medieval, Milling, Mining, Modern, Mold, Molding, Mood, Motif, Movement, Mythos, Organic structure, Organism, Organization, Packaged house, Pattern, Patterning, Peripeteia, Physique, Pile, Plan, Plot, Prefab, Prefabrication, Preparation, Processing, Producing, Production, Pyramid, Raising, Recognition, Refining, Rising action, Scheme, Secondary plot, Setup, Shape, Shaping, Skyscraper, Slant, Smelting, Story, Structure, Structuring, Subject, Subplot, Superstructure, Switch, Tectonics, Texture, Thematic development, Theme, Tissue, Tone, Topic, Tower, Twist, Warp and woof, Weave, Web, Workmanship, Building design, Planning, Building, Construction

How to use Architecture in a sentence?

  1. The chemical architecture of the human brain.
  2. Schools of architecture and design.

Meaning of Architecture & Architecture Definition

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The architecture is defined as:

  1. In terms of computers, software or networks, the general structure of a computer system and the logical and physical relationships between its components. The architecture defines the hardware, software, access methods, and protocols used throughout the system.
  2. Structure and set of guidelines for creating new systems. An IT architecture is a set of principles, guidelines, or rules that an organization uses to govern the process of acquiring, creating, modifying, and linking IT resources within an organization. These resources may include hardware, software, communications, development methodologies, modeling tools, and organizational structures.