Canada Revenue Agency (cra)

Canada Revenue Agency (cra),

How Do You Define Canada Revenue Agency (cra)?

Canadian federal agent who manages the tax laws of the Canadian government and most provinces and territories

Literal Meanings of Canada Revenue Agency (cra)


Meanings of Canada:
  1. One North American country, the world's second largest, a capital with a population of 35.9 million (2015 estimate), Ottawa, English and French are the official languages.


Meanings of Revenue:
  1. Income, especially if it is a business or organization and important.

Sentences of Revenue
  1. The merchant has lost 10,000 in revenue since the transportation plan was implemented

Synonyms of Revenue

takings, proceeds, income, receipts, earnings


Meanings of Agency:
  1. A company or organization that is created to provide a particular service usually mediates a transaction between two other parties.

  2. Process or intervention, especially to achieve a certain effect.

  3. Agent status or role.

Sentences of Agency
  1. An advertising agency

  2. River Water officials dug a canal

Synonyms of Agency

power, firm, influence, office, business, action, effect, activity, work, force, concern, company, organization, bureau, service