Amazon human resource contact info

You can call to amazon human resource department from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

How amazon human resource department work?

The human resource department is the most important part of any business, it is responsible to control a company overall all operation strategy and creates a direct impact on the outcomes of the company.

Amazon’s human resource department worked the same, the primary functions include.

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Training and development
  • Compensation management
  • Maintenance of good relationship among employees
  • Maintaining legal and ethical compliance

Amazon HR’s primary purpose is to establish a productive working environment and relationship among employees and workers of the company. Provide and healthy and learning environment can lead the company towards success. HR department directly associated with employee hiring and overall matters regarding employees or workers.

The basic objective of amazon HR managers is to satisfy their employees by providing them cordially and self-respect relationship.

Apart from it, another important responsibility the Amazon HR department includes is hiring new employees. Hiring the right employee at the right time or promote an employee for a specific position according to the abilities. It is a crucial task, the department should concern about the employee’s abilities and also update them by giving them training and workshops. A company just not only responsible for correct hiring but also polish them according to the era that makes them more productive and result-oriented for the company.

How to apply for amazon?

Amazon e-commerce hub, beginning with an online book store and now you can approach almost everything on Amazon. It is a giant online shopping counter where thousands of people buy products on daily basis from all around the world. To know more about amazon then see the article Amazon background.

Of course, its team is responsible for its success in which the HR department plays a very respective role. As mentioned above HR is responsible for hiring and maintaining a good and productive environment in which employees and workers feel comfortable. It is also responsible for maintaining legal ethics.

Amazon lead in the world’s big countries includes Australia, Canada, the united states, UK, and so. If you want to apply then you must open an account on amazon. To know about it in detail then see the article amazon workforce login.

How to access the amazon human resource department:

Dial a number (888) 829-7180 to access the amazon human resource department or you can access it through the e-mail address [email protected]. You can directly converse with a recruiter or a member of the HR department. Amazon also gives access to HR customer service for any query dial 1-800-372-8066.

Tips when contacting the amazon human resource department:

The calling hours on the amazon HR department are 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. Here is a tip to get in contact rapidly, try to call at 10 am this is the time when customer service representatives attend calls more frequently. Another way is e-mail, as you get a more appropriate answer through email.

Why should I contact the HR department?

If you have any queries regarding job vacancy, the application process, before and after employee issue, sending CV then you can contact to the amazon HR department.

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The frequently asked questions regarding the topic “Amazon human resource contact information” is given below:

1. Who is the HR of Amazon?

Beth Galetti is the HR head of Amazon. She is a senior vice president of the human resource department. As the main pillar of amazon HR, she is responsible to oversees 1.2 million employees.

2. What is amazon ERC?

Amazon ERC refers to efficient employee assistance. Efficient assistance means the on-time answer to any query regarding HR complex problems. They assist their employees through the ERC number is (888) 892-7180.

3. What are the other ways to contact with amazon recruiter?

These are the ways where you can meet an amazon recruiter.

  • You can search on Linkedin for mutual connection
  • Ask with friends who also work for amazon
  • Amazon on-campus or alumni event.
  • Attend networking events

4. What are the best jobs on Amazon?

  • AWS partner trainer, pay start form (40,000 - 50,000)
  • Digital device and Alexa supprot associate, per hour rate $10
  • Customer service associate, pay $35,000 - $40,000
  • Executive assistant, pay $50,000 - $80,000
  • Benefit supprot specialist, pay $60,000
  • Art director, pay $75,000 - $160,000
  • Corporate recruiter, pay $120,000
  • Technical writer, pay $150,000
  • Software development engineer, pay $170,000
  • Content and communication specialist, per hour $38

5. How do I contact amazon job?

  • Sign in to the amazon job portal or create an account if you are not registered yet.
  • Fill out all the required information like name, e-mail address, password, country name, and so.
  • Click on the Save button, now you can see available vacancies on amazon.


To precise, the above article “Amazon human resource contact info”, like any other company amazon contain HR or human resource department. The purpose of this section is to hire new employees for the company, establish and maintain a healthy productive environment, polish employees by providing them workshops and training. If you have any query regarding the HR department like the application process, before and after employment queries, resume update and so, then contact amazon HR phone number (888) 829-7180. You can also contact me through email, [email protected].

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