Definition of Person:

  1. The types used in the classification of conscience statistics, authority and verbal forms depend on whether they represent the speaker (first person), the receiver (second person) or the third person (third person). Is.

  2. One of the three ways to become God, namely, the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit, together form the Trinity.

  3. A person as an individual.

  4. An individual, agency, association, branch, firm, afforestation, group, partnership or other entity or organization that has different legal rights and duties than other companies and / or their owners or members. See also legal entity.

Synonyms of Person

Something, Hero, Life, Antihero, Frame, Cookie, Heavy, Cue, Physical body, Cast, Bodily, Fellow, Article, Duck, Part, Themselves, Entity, Carcass, Soul, Physique, Critter, Supporting character, Coot, Third person, Heroine, Organism, Party, Feeder, Galoot, Straight part, Monad, Build, Material body, Chap, Piece, Supporting role, Mortal, Walking part, Specimen, Nose, An existence, Human, Walk-on, Fat part, Figure, Adamite, Fellow, Bit, Personally, Villain, Clod, Soul, Lead, Living soul, Body-build, Protagonist, Creature, Human being, Man, Joker, Leading lady, Somebody, One, Guy, Creature, Bones, Fourth person, Trunk, Anatomy, Obviative, Leading woman, Unit, Corpus, Tellurian, Head, Antagonist, Torso, Body, Item, Module, Human, Integer, Leading man, Woman, Object, Flesh, Individual, Living soul, Side, Someone, Second person, Proximate, Customer, Being, Hulk, Soma, In the flesh, Personality, Entelechy, Worldling, Man, Stick, Homo, Title role, Hand, Form, Lines, Terran, Child, Being, Persona, Lead role, Woman, In person, Cat, Character, Bit part, Thing, Human being, Personage, Single, Clay, Point, Actor, Mortal, First person, Groundling, Shape, Actually, Soubrette, Individual, Role, Ingenue, Singleton, Earthling

How to use Person in a sentence?

  1. Porter was the last to see them.
  2. When ordinary citizens call a soldier, they do so with a pronoun of another person, such as a child or a pet.
  3. The same idea needs to be developed and applied not only to the Logos themselves, but also to other people in the Holy Trinity.
  4. He is not sure if the company has found the right person for the job because he spends more time talking to women in his team than working.
  5. Due to the extraordinary advances in technology and science, there will soon be a debate about whether a form of artificial intelligence can be counted as a person.
  6. The debate over abortion revolves around whether the fetus is the right person to live.

Meaning of Person & Person Definition

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They are
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Flier vs flyer
Small group
How much do teachers make a year
People who predict the future
What is shinto
Equine massage therapy
Weather the storm
High acuity
How to get tan fast
Is it possible to lose a pound a day
Vouch for someone
How to change guitar strings
Fast food on my route
Alumni singular
Cytogenetic technologist
Are Days Of The Week Capitalized
How much does a small tattoo cost
Elements of a story
Stages of growth and development
Do you capitalize to whom it may concern
Sounds only dogs can hear
Fedex says delivered but no package
Us concealed online
How To Become An Insurance Adjuster
In it of itself
Types of fabric
How to fly a plane
What is a custodial account
Solving for x with exponents
How to file for divorce in ny
Concept of communication
Texas state id
Where do i sign a check
Is tinder gold worth it
How to make out a check
Back massage techniques
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Playing electric guitar
Body language expert
Places like dave and busters
How much does a cna make an hour
The yellow wallpaper summary
Prenup definition
Verbal harassment
Its possessive form
Cannula definition
Apostle vs disciple
What is transportation
Digital footprint definition
Can you drive to alaska
Equine veterinarian
Droopy eye dog
How to sing high notes
Values definition
Why is school important
When were flip phones invented
How to stay awake at work
True mirror
Is facetime free
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush
Zen meditation
Chemistry answers
Noone or no one
Sale price
Please advise
What does caucus mean
Flexibility definition
How to unlock a car door
Why stay away from the book of enoch
What is afab
Letter of credit definition
Research question
How to level an above ground pool
Palm lines meaning
Hang up the phone
Ye of little faith
Rules for posting no trespassing signs
Hebrews 11 4
How to friend someone on facebook
How to travel
How to send a friend request on facebook
How to activate debit card
How to write a newspaper article
Does this sentence make sense
How many years is life in prison
Persecution complex
Home care worker
How to become an accountant
What is 2nd person
Is this a pronoun
How to write a petition
Dance teacher
Entry level social work jobs
Pr package
Show respect
How to sign the back of a check
Payed vs paid
Cardieo smart watch reviews
Postmates tip
Where to sign a check
How to become a realtor in texas
Singular and plural nouns
What are macronutrients
Real checks front and back
Fear of elevators
Mens rea definition
Dog grooming classes
Diversity examples
Noun verb adjective adverb
Aspiration precautions
Bulimia face
Intestinal bacterial infection
Sign back of check
How to come out
Spiritual manifestation
Does crying burn calories
What is a testimony
What is advantage
Why do you love someone
Copper brown hair
Foreign exchange market graph
These or those
Insight therapy
How to mount a tv
Hope and faith
Invert image colors
Red rover game
Green obsidian
Dominican men
Domain restrictions
Self attested
The tempest summary
God complex test
Theory Y
Jobs you can get with a biology degree
Twin flame numbers
What is a fling
How to use minoxidil
How many people blocked me on twitter
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Professional profile picture
Offence or offense
Consciousness psychology
What does extortion mean
Adjectives and adverbs
Acting manager
What does non reactive mean
Wasd game
Scale definition
House of usher
Teamwork definition
Do Lions Eat Hyenas
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Jobs without high school diploma
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