Amazon ERC

Amazon ERC (employment resources center) come up with assistance to the Human resources department regarding the Amazon. They give continuously correct information to the employees in response to the queries within stipulated time. The Amazon ERC is basically present to making the availability of content and the information that is not available to them by their personal sources. Amazon ERC team comprises of a lot of employees, ranging between 2500 to 3000 that assist around 48+ countries and about 15 different languages.

Amazone erc

What is Amazon ERC?

Amazon ERC is basically a part of Human Resource organization. Amazon ERC’s purpose is to help its employees with official tasks.

If an employ is having any query related to it or wants to gain any information then he/she can ask from an HR email. ERC associate is a HR representative that works with all while keeping up effective connection with colleagues (business partners) and the board.

It offers workers a decent involvement with the type of accordant, accurate and ideal reactions to requests from different contact channels. Amazon ERC group contains an extraordinary number of representatives, going from 2500 to 3000 that offers help to the amazon representatives in all around approximately 49 countries and in 14 distinct dialects. An individual working in Amazon ERC (Employ Resource Center) should be a specialist in exploration working and a calculable capacity to determine the questions and issues coming from its representatives.

How Amazon ERC works?

At the point when an individual search for a work, he centers around different things, for model the substance of job, if the work is energizing or will be a headache.

In Amazon ERC,a work which permits you to try sincerely and to develop by giving difficulties, better instructive chances and phenomenal mentors.

A great compensation bundle and climate to work in it. Along these lines, if an individual preference working in advancements, on the off chance that he gets a kick out of the chance to work for a truly enormous organization and need to be a piece of biggest public cloud supplier of the world and is searching for a difficult occupation at that point put it all on the line. Amazon ERC is the spot for you. It gives you a decent ambiance.

Amazon esteems individuals with solid client care abilities. It has a completely distant position that permitted its representatives to telecommute. You will get a decent compensation here and a decent chance to improve your aptitudes too. It will likewise offer you some preparation programs, because of which you will prepare for this work.

Amazon is loaded with circumstances. It very well may be an energizing and dynamic work environment where you gain proficiency with a great deal each day. This organization will consistently urge you to be inventive. Also, truly, consistently will be a battle here, so continue to buckle down.

Ways to contact amazon erc

Amazon erc number is (888) 892-7180 You can contact them through mobile number or through email.

Through mobile number

However, in the event that you need answers quick, simply get the telephone and give Amazon a call. There are reps prepared to take care of you. Amazon has 24 hours per day, reaching assistance for their clients to give them numerous favor and amazon erc phone number for client assistance is 1-888-280-4331.

Through email

On the off chance that you like to contact Amazon by email, there are two delivers to which you can send letters. Be that as it may, I’ve found the reaction time can be 48 hours or conceivably a touch more. All things considered, an email makes a rundown of your correspondence and along these lines might be the most ideal route for various issues.

For issues with your record, similar to a charging question, you should email [email protected]

For general requests, you should email [email protected]

Through other social networking

On the off chance that your favored strategy for conveying is social sites, you can remark, Tweet, or hashtag among their numerous records. This truly isn’t the best method to contact them, yet it may empower you to air an issue, conceivably drawing more careful tending to of this issue from the business.

Amazon’s Twitter accounts are @amazon. Their FB page is

On Instagram, they’re you gotten it @amazon.


All the significant components which an individual needed to work in any field will be found in this company. Amazon ERC likewise gives its number to facilitate the challenges of its representatives. They manage our issues in very well manner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Amazon ERC

What is amazon erc contacting hours?

Amazon has 24 hours a day, contacting service for their customers to provide them multiple services and their customer service phone number is 1-888-280-4331

What is amazon erc phone number?

Amazon erc number is (888) 892-7180

What is ERC stand for amazon?

In Amazon, ERC stand for Employee Resource Center

In how many locations ERC associates are available?

Round the globe, there are 9 locations where the amazon employment resources center associates are available with the amazon ERC number.


Amazon ERC assist HR regarding the queries and problems of employees at amazon. It provides accurate information to help its employees in time. It is a wide network having a substantial number of employees. This company employed 1,125,300 full and part time employees and 1750,000 temporary seasonal workers. Amazon ERC provides a good chance to work and learn new skills. It is the greatest public cloud provider of the world. Amazon ERCs HR help desk also give their number to ask them any query, employees can also email or submit an online request and they will answer it within one day.

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Amazon ERC Number

Amazon’s Employee Resource Center (ERC) team or help make the difference for the all Amazonians! The ERC provides HR assistance to the Amazon employees, within the form of the accurate, consistent, or timely responses to the inquiries from various contact channels phone, websites or chat. your UPT balance will be deducted.

Keep within mind when you go (-) with the upt balance then you would be automatically fired. Use it wisely. HR services to the North American Employees.

Be the voice of the the ERC, as the first point of the the contact for the Employees, Managers or the HR community. Pivot program within lieu of the the PIP, you are the ineligible for the rehire, but for the the certain period of the the time.

Amazon has implemented policies including two weeks’ paid sick leave or unlimited unpaid time off within an effort to the stop contagious or vulnerable employees from coming in. The umbrella of the HR Services includes the following teams: the Employee Resource Center (ERC) teams of the the Client Services, on the boarding, People Portal or Payroll Support, Data Management, Exits, or Internal Transfers.

Data Management, Exits, or Internal Transfers. Put simply, ‘employee relations’ (ER) is the the term this defines the relationship between employers or employees. ER focuses both on the individual or collective relationship within the work place with the an increasing emphasis on thethe relationships btw managers or their team members. The goal is the to the encourage folks to the take the moment or think about what they really want.

ERC Collections is the the debt collection agency representing the wide range of the creditors. If you’ve seen ERC Collections on the your credit reports or the company is the contacting you, it might be trying to the recover the debt on the behalf of the utility company, the bank or financial institution, or the student loan lender, among others. If you have been contacted by us about the debt this you do not recognize, you may submit the letter of the dispute through our online contact form.

We are the also available to the answer any questions you have about your debt Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern Time at (800-383-5979).The ERC (employment resources center) provides assistance to the the Human resources department regarding the Amazon employees or that’s the purpose to the provide an Amazon ERC number. They offer timely, continuous, or correct information to the the employees within response to the the queries about the contact routes, telecommunication, etc.

The Amazon ERC is the basically present to the making the availability of the content or the information this is the not available to the them by their personal sources. Amazon ERC team comprises of the lot of the employees, ranging between 2500 to the 3000 this offers assistance to the the Amazon employees around 48+ countries or about 15 different languages. Round the globe, there are the 9 locations where the Amazon employment resources center associates are the available with the the Amazon ERC number mentioned previously.

Amazon ERC salary

The typical Amazon ERC Associate salary is the $53,216. Amazon ERC Associate salaries at Amazon can range from $44,100 - $57,100. This estimate is the based upon 4 Amazon ERC Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. When factoring within bonuses or additional compensation, the ERC Associate at Amazon can expect to the make an average total pay of the $53,216.

Amazon ERC Number usa

ERC is the at (888) 892-7180. Contacting Amazon HR at Phone Number: (888) 892-7180.

Amazon COVID-19:

About 4,600 people are the expected to the get their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within Seattle. Amazon or Virginia Mason Franciscan Health set up two vaccination clinics within January at Amazon’s Meeting Center. During the follow up clinics Saturday or Sunday, Virginia Mason worker will administer the second shots. Amazon is the providing the facility or volunteer support.

The clinics are the part of the Amazon’s effort to the help communities or advocate for the vaccinations for the it’s front-line employees. Amazon’s new COVID-19 testing lab within Kentucky has processed more than one million COVID-19 tests for the front-line employees from more than seven hundred testing sites, making it leader within employer-driven COVID-19 testing.

Amazon built the lab last year within response to the the pandemic to the help ensure the health or safety of the front-line employees by providing them with the regular, reliable access to the testing. Amazon has joined the U.S. Chamber of the Commerce Foundation within encouraging businesses to the educate their employees about the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Amazon’s Vice President of the Public Policy, Steve Hartwell, participated within the virtual meeting hosted by the foundation to the discuss employers’ vital role within U.S. vaccination efforts. He noted companies could also leverage their expertise to the improve vaccine distribution ways, as Amazon has within hosting pop-up clinics.

The Amazon Fulfillment shop team within Tucson, Arizona, has launched the four-week volunteer commitment to the support the community distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The drive-through clinic opened within mid-January as part of the larger effort to the set up several vaccination sites within southern Arizona. The clinic is the expected to the serve up to the 150,000 eligible residents within the Tucson area. Nearly twenty Amazon employees committed to the donating more than two thousand volunteer hours to the support registration, supply, or traffic coordination, or staff the post-vaccination observation Reagan.

Amazon ERC (Employee Resource Centre) is linked to the Human Resource Department (HR) of Amazon which helps the Human Resource Department by imparting information that is unavailable with the Human Resource Department.

They help by providing exact information which is required by Human Resource Department employees.

What is Amazon

  1. It is a world’s largest multinational online retailer.

  2. It works as an ecommerce, artificial intelligence, digital streaming and cloud computing.

  3. Jeff Bezos is founder and CEO.

  4. It was founded on 5 July 1994.

  5. Amazon headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States of America.

Amazon products

There is a wide range of amazon products.

Given below is the list of products offered by amazon to its customers.

  1. Amazon retail stores

  2. Amazon retail goods

  3. Amazon Digital content

  4. Amazon smile

  5. Amazon local

  6. Amazon business

  7. Amazon drive

  8. Amazon web services

  9. Amazon consumer electronics

  10. Amazon Prime

  11. Amazon video

  12. Amazon publishing

  13. Private labels & exclusive marketing arrangements

  14. Amazon Delivery

  15. Amazon Top up/cash

Amazon app

  1. Amazon app store is also available which you can install on your mobile and use comfortably.

  2. There are 487,083 applications available on amazon app.

  3. Some of the applications of Apple App Store and Google Play Store are available on amazon app store.

Subsidiaries of Amazon

Following are the different subsidiaries of amazon.

  1. Ring

  2. Whole foods market

  3. Zappos

  4. Amazon fresh

  5. Abe books


  7. Woot

  8. Amazon books

  9. Blink home

  10. ComiXology

  11. Amazon game studios

  12. Amazon EU Sarl

  13. Amazon robotics

  14. Amazon locker


  16. AWS Elemental


  18. Canvas technology Inc.

  19. Amazon technologies, Inc.

  20. ACI gift cards LLC

  21. Brilliance audio

  22. Amazon air

  23. Amazon studios

  24. Ivona software

  25. Amazon lab126

  26. Annapurna labs

  27. Body labs

  28. Kuiper systems

  29. Audible

  30. Book depository

  31. Amazon web services

  32. Shopbop

  33. Blink home

  34. Amazon pharmacy

  35. Alexa internet

  36. Amazon go

  37. Amazon china

  38., Inc.

  39. Create space

  40. PillPack

  41. Zoox

How do I talk to someone at ERC?

After calling an ERC number, just say ‘Representative’ and initiate your talk with an ERC.

How to become ERC Associate

There are some requirements for becoming an ERC associate.

These include the basic qualifications, responsibilities and job descriptions.

Let us look at what one must have to be able to become an ERC associate.

1. Basic Eligibility

First we need to look at qualification requirements by amazon for becoming an ERC Associate.


  • Minimum requirement is bachelor’s degree.

  • If you have a master’s degree then that is more preferable.

Computer Proficiency

  • At least one should be proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, web browsing and email writing.

  • Should be proficient in using the following applications used in Human Resource.

  • Troubling Ticking

  • Time and Attendance System

  • PeopleSoft 8.9 version

  • ADP (a US payroll toll)

2. Work Experience

International voice process experience is required of minimum 1 to maximum 3 years.

3. Other fundamental requirements

  • Should be known about etiquettes of dealing with customers while using email and phone.

  • Needs to work 24/7 if needed which includes night shift as well.

  • Do not show hesitation and be willing to work at a help desk or contact centre.

  • Must possess multi tasking ability.

  • Deftness to meet the requirements of a fast pace and constantly changing working environment.

  • Strong skill in decision making and be attentive to look for details.

  • Need strong communication skills

  • Be analytical and keep a rational approach towards solving a problem.

  • Work experience related to Human Resource.

  • Foreign languages proficiency

  • PeoplePortal working experience

  • In and outbound call centre experience

  • Working knowledge of Six Sigma (tools and methodology)

4. Job Description

Let us check the job description for an ERC Associate.

  • Will be working closely with the ERC Senior Associate.

  • Be the first to get in contact with any Human Resource Department employee when they are in need to contact ERC Associate.

  • Adequately utilize system tools and resources available for transferring authentic information and apt replies to Human Resource department’s employee inquiry.

  • Maintaining and providing top notch communication with customers.

5. Responsibilities

These are the responsibilities to be expected to take after becoming an ERC Associate.

  • Answering questions about policies and services, such as compensation, payroll deductions and attendance.

  • Assure that the Service Level Objectives for HRS processes are met at all times.

  • Comprehensive understanding of strategies and procedures for a variety of customer groups.

  • Accept responsibility for question resolution as well as individual measures.

  • Respect existing protocols and ensure to deliver your service in compliance with established quality standards.

  • Keeping honesty and being attentive whenever dealing with confidential data.

  • While applying Kaizen and Lean methodology commit to being inventive and bring improvement in the process.

  • Log all email and phone queries which you receive by using Panorama / Trouble Ticketing tool.

Bottom Line

  1. ERC at amazon helps Human Resource Department employees to solve their queries related to work.

  2. Amazon is an ecommerce business which operates worldwide.

  3. Amazon offers 15 products and 41 subsidiaries.

  4. When you call at ERC then introduce yourself by saying ‘Representative’.

  5. You should check before applying for being an ERC by first watching out for the qualification and experience required for that job.