Definition of Amazon:

  1. A river in South America that flows more than 4,150 miles (6,683 km) through Peru, Colombia, and Brazil into the Atlantic Ocean. It drains two-fifths of the continent and, in terms of water-flow, is the largest river in the world.

  2. One of the largest online shopping websites in the world. The site is widely known for its wide selection of books, although the site has expanded to sell electronics, music, furniture, and apparel. Similar to eBay, users can also purchase and sell items using Amazons online marketplace system. Amazon was founded in 1995 by Jeff Bezos and is based out of Seattle, Washington.

Synonyms of Amazon

Xanthippe, Androgyne, Butch, Colossus, Dyke, Fishwife, Giant, Harpy, Hoyden, Lesbian, Ogress, Romp, Scold, Shrew, Termagant, Titan, Tomboy, Virago, Vixen

Meaning of Amazon & Amazon Definition