Amazon Employment Verification

Amazon employment verification, All new hirs and hires on amazon from America need to fill 1-9 verification form, it is the basic requirement. 1-9 form part into three sections, employee information and attestation, employer review and attestation, and COVID-19 process exception.

Amazon employment verification contact information:

Address P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108 US
Phone no. 1-800-367-5690
E-mail address [email protected]

This form is an essential requirement to get employment in the United States, it full fills both the requirements of the employer.

  • Identity verification
  • Employment verification

There are such companies that take the authority to verify an employee for the hiring company in the United States and other countries. You need to contact that company as different states have different requirements.

What are the questions that generally ask from the employee for verification?

Here is a list of questions that are generally asked to verify an employee by the company.

Q 1. Did you work for this company?
Q 2. What was your title?
Q 3. What were your start and end date?
Q 4. Are you eligible for rehire?
Q 5. Did you graduate from the college you said you did?
Q 6. What years did you attend?
Q 7. What degree did you earn?
Q 8. What was your GPA?

If an employee successfully verifies all these requirements then he or she will get the job.

Employees hired for amazon need to complete the employment verification within 3 days after the day of hire. If they did not fill out on time then they could not release their payments.

Reasons to verify amazon employment:

Amazon is the largest amazon e-commerce website in the world. Starting with online book store, rapidly grow to music, videos streaming channel and now you find everything on Amazon. It is the world’s largest retail store in the world.

To get a job in such a big organization a person needs to verify their identity and employment authorization. Other than that there would be some other reason that needs to verify employment.

If a person wants to take the mortgage from a company or bank then that company wants employment verification before approving a loan.

They will contact the company HR department to take out the details of that person. The details may include

  • Joining and end date of employment
  • Currently employed or not
  • Specific period salary (mostly ask about a current year)
  • Designation and so.

After finding out all this information they approved the mortgage.

What is the 1-9 form?

1-9 form is a compulsory document to get a job anywhere in the United States. The form contains three sections.

  1. Employee information and attestation
  2. Employer review and attestation
  3. COVID-19 process exception

Each section consists of different questions. Employees need to fill this form and submit it within three days after the joining date.

Section# 1: Employee information and attestation:

This section is related to the employees so they respond to fill this section. This section required all the information related to the employees. Now we discuss how to fill this section step by step.

  • Step#1: After applying for the job you got an email from the Amazon affiliate agent under which you can see a link and a unique pin. Click on that link below and enter the pin that will direct you to section 1 of the 1-9 form.
    you got an email from the address: [email protected] with the subject line Attention required, Remote hire employment eligibility

  • Step#2: After a click on the link a window open that required your last name and PIN code, fill both requirements and click on the login option.

  • Step#3: After logging in, a window open that contains blank spaces with some questions. Fill out all the information and click on continue.

  • Step#4: Review all the information that has been written by you and click on yes continue

  • Step #5: You need to fill out whether you used a preparer or translator to fill this form or not. If you used then mention preparer or translator certification.

  • Step# 6: To fill out this step you have to provide all the documents to your agent then you can upload a soft copy of those documents. You can skip this step or hold it for for a while to fill out the rest information.

  • Step # 7: Give unexpired documents hard copy to your agent for further proceeding. You have to do this step whether you uploaded it already.

  • Step# 8: After providing all the information, now you need to fill out the affiliate agent information in 1-9 form section 1.

Now, section 1 of form 1-9 is completed you will get an e-mail of confirmation of section one now move toward section 2.

Section # 2: Employer Review and attestation:

This section will be fill by the affiliate agent. These are the steps to fill the 1-9 form section 2.

  • Step# 1: You will go through the same process as followed in section 1. You will get an email from the same e-mail address as mention in section 1 from your agent, check out that mail and click on the link provided in the mail with a unique PIN. the subject line of this section is: AMAZON.COM Assistance Requested: Remote Hire Employment Eligibility.

  • Step# 2: Your agent will fill out your last name, authorized agent’s last name, and the unique PIN code.

  • Step # 3: The authorized agent refills all his information that has been filled in section 1.
    All the required information is highlighted in red with asterisks.

  • Step# 4: In this step authorized agents to check all your original documents in your presence.

  • Step# 5: The agent will enter all the required information from your documents, make sure spellings should be correct and information should be accurate.

  • Step# 6: The agent will review the form, attestation and electronically sign it.

  • Step# 7: The last step of section 2 is to fill out all the required information from the employee documents. The information must accurate and can not be changed in the future.

  • Step# 8: Now section 2 is complete and the agent will receive a confirmation email.

COVID 19 process exception:

Due to this pandemics company extent the requirement of SSN (social security number) and added a section called COVID-19 process exception. It is a temporary change in American employment authorization under which the employee can provide SSN within 365 days (1 year).

Either employee applied for social security number or not they have to fill applied for in the space where SSN required. If the employee already has social security number then they should fill in the blank space.

Summary: Amazon employment verification is required to fill forms 1-9 if the employee belongs to America. 1-9 form consists of 3sectionsn, employee need to fill all these sections under the supervision of an authorized agent. If an employee belongs to another country then they need to contact this number 1-800-367-5690 or email address: [email protected].

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The frequently asked questions regarding the topic of amazon employment verification are given below:

1. What to do if your PIN is not working?

If you are not able to sign in to any section of the 1-9 form or if your PIN is not working then you must check these things:

  • Check your last name spelling, the spelling should be the same as written in the e-mail. If your name spelling is incorrect then you can change it in the future.
  • Check your PIN, enter the exact PIN code as mentioned. Make sure to check capslock.
  • If you are still unable to log in then request to resend the email.

2. What to do if an employee doesn’t have a permanent US address?

While filling form 1-9, you must enter your residential address, if you have a permanent address then well and good but if you don’t have then you can enter your current residential address along with the street name, city, state, and zip code. you don’t need to change your address when moving to a new location.

3. How long does it take for Amazon to respond to a job application?

Generally, it depends upon the position applied. It takes 3 weeks to 3 months to respond job application. Higher the position longer the time due to multiple interview schedules.

4. How do I verify employment?

To verify employment, you act according to these steps.

  • Varify company and contact information
  • Contact HR department.
  • Question to ask by phone
  • Submitting a written request
  • Sample employment verification form

5. Is getting the job at amazon is easy?

If you are eligible for the required position then it could be easy to get a job at Amazon. You need to full fill some requirements in which include medical and employee background.


To precise the above article “Amazon employment verification”, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website where the buyers can find millions of products, international and local brands from all around the world. Its been a dream of almost every person to get a reputable job at Amazon as it is a good payer company. For employment verification at amazon call 1-800-367-5690 or email [email protected]. If you are applying from America then you have to fill a forms 1-9. There are companies in America working as a 3rd party their purpose is to hire employees for the company and they full fill all the requirements including from 1-9. The form consists of three sections 1st section is called employment information and attestation filled by the employee, 2nd section employer review and attestation filled by authorized agent and the third section is COVID-19 process exception, temporary addition section due to this pandemic. Each section consists of various questions.

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