Amazon Employment Verification

Amazon employment verification, All new hires on amazon from the United States need to fill 1-9 verification form; it is the essential requirement. 1-9 form divided into three sections: employee information and attestation, employer review, and attestation COVID-19 process exception.

Amazon employment varification

This form is an essential requirement to get employment in the United States; it fulfills both the needs of the employer.

  • Identity verification
  • Employment verification

There are such companies that take the authority to verify an employee for the hiring company in the United States and other countries. You need to contact that company as different states have different requirements.

What are the questions that are generally asked of the employee for verification?

Here is a list of questions generally asked to verify an employee by the company.

If an employee successfully verifies all these requirements, they will get the job.

Employees hired for Amazon must complete the employment verification within 3 days. If they did not fill it out on time, they could not release their payments.

Reasons To Verify Amazon Employment:

Amazon is the largest amazon e-commerce website in the world. Starting with an online book store rapidly grew into music and videos streaming channels, and now you find everything on Amazon. It is the world’s largest retail store.

To get a job in such a big organization, a person needs to verify their identity and employment authorization. Other than that, there would be another reason to verify employment.

If a person wants to take a mortgage from a company or bank, then that company wants employment verification before approving a loan.

They will contact the company’s H.R. department to take out that person’s details. The details may include

  • Joining and end date of employment
  • Currently employed or not
  • Specific period salary (mostly ask about a current year)
  • Designation and so.

After finding out all this information, they approved the mortgage.

What Is The 1-9 Form?

1-9 form is a binding document to get a job anywhere in the United States. The form contains three sections.

  1. Employee information and attestation
  2. Employer review and attestation
  3. COVID-19 process exception

Each section consists of different questions. Employees need to fill out this form and submit it three days after joining.

Section# 1: Employee Information And Attestation:

This section is related to the employees, so they respond to fill this section. This section required all the information related to the employees. Now we discuss how to fill this section step by step.

  • Step#1: After applying for the job, you got an email from the Amazon affiliate agent under which you can see a link and a unique pin. Click on that link below and enter the pin to direct you to section 1 of the 1-9 form.

  • Step#2: Click on the link, and a window opens that requires your last name and PIN code, fill in both requirements, and click on the login option.

  • Step#3: After logging in, a window opens containing blank spaces with some questions. Fill out all the information and click on continue.

  • Step#4: Review all the information that has been written by you and click on yes to continue

  • Step #5: You need to fill out whether you used a preparer or translator to fill out this form or not. If you used then mention preparer or translator certification.

  • Step# 6: To fill out this step, you have to provide all the documents to the agent and upload a soft copy. You can skip this step or hold it for a while to fill out the rest of the information.

  • Step # 7: Give unexpired documents hard copies to your agent for further proceeding. You have to do this step whether you uploaded it already.

  • Step# 8: After providing all the information, you need to fill out the affiliate agent information in 1-9 form section 1.

If section 1 of forms 1-9 is completed, you will get an email of confirmation of section one; now, move toward section 2.

Section # 2: Employer Review And Attestation:

The affiliated agent will fill this section. These are the steps to fill the 1-9 form section 2.

  • Step# 1: You will go through the same process as in section 1. You will get an email from the same email address as mentioned in section 1 from your agent; check out that mail and click on the link provided in the mail with a unique PIN. The subject line of this section is: Assistance Requested: Remote Hire Employment Eligibility.

  • Step# 2: Your agent will fill out your last name, the authorized agent’s last name, and the unique PIN code.

  • Step # 3: The authorized agent refills all his information that has been filled in section 1.
    All the required information is highlighted in red with asterisks.

  • Step# 4: In this step, authorized agents check all your original documents in your presence.

  • Step# 5: The agent will enter all the required information from your documents and ensure that the spellings are correct and the information is accurate.

  • Step# 6: The agent will review the form, attestation and electronically sign it.

  • Step# 7: The last step of section 2 is to fill out all the required information from the employee documents. The information must be accurate and can not be changed in the future.

  • Step# 8: Section 2 is complete, and the agent will receive a confirmation email.

COVID-19 Process Exception:

Due to this pandemic, the company extended the requirement for SSN (social security number) and added a section called COVID-19 process exception. It is a temporary change in American employment authorization under which the employee can provide SSN within 365 days (1 year).

Either employee applied for social security number or not they have to fill out the application form in the space where SSN required. If the employee already has social security number, then they should fill in the blank space.

Summary: Amazon employment verification must fill forms 1-9 if the employee belongs to America. 1-9 format consists of 3sectionsn; employees need to fill all these sections under the supervision of an authorized agent. If an employee belongs to another country, they need to contact this number 1-800-367-5690 or email address.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

The frequently asked questions regarding the topic of amazon employment verification are given below:

1. What to do if your PIN is not working?

If you are not able to sign in to any section of the 1-9 form or if your PIN is not working, then you must check these things:

  • Check your last name spelling; the spelling should be the same as in the emails. If your name spelling is incorrect, you can change it in the future.
  • Check your PIN; enter the exact PIN code as mentioned. Make sure to check the capslock.
  • If you can still log in, request to resend the email.

2. What to do if an employee doesn’t have a permanent U.S. address?

While filling out forms 1-9, you must enter your residential address; if you have a permanent address, then well and good, but if you don’t have one, you can enter your current residential address along with the street name, city, and state, and zip code. You don’t need to change your address when moving to a new location.

3. How much time does Amazon take to respond to a job application?

Generally, it depends upon the position applied. It takes 3 weeks to 3 months to respond job application. Higher the rank longer the time due to multiple interview schedules.

4. How do I verify employment?

To verify employment, you act according to these steps.

  • Varify company and contact information
  • Contact the H.R. department.
  • Question to ask by phone
  • Submitting a written request
  • Sample employment verification form

5. Is getting the job at amazon easy?

If you are eligible for the required position, it could be easy to get a job at Amazon. You need to fulfill some requirements, which include medical and employee background.

6. How does amazon verify employment history?

Amazon uses comprehensive public record-checking platforms to verify employment history. It is because Amazon doesn’t contain its verification system or fingerprint verification operations.

7. What is ERC Amazon?

ERC (amazon resource center) is associated with amazon H.R. Its purpose is to engage with people through email and chat. ERC number is used to get information about amazon employees.

8. Is ECR an H.R.?

ECR is a hub for providing H.R. services, workplace programs, practice training, and consultancy. ECR also hosts a health insurance program.

9. How do I get my W2 from amazon’s former employees?

Follow these steps to get w2 form amazon’s former employees.

  1. Contact the corporate office
  2. Ask for the amazon ERC number
  3. Now call on 888-892-7180 ERC number of amazon
  4. Press 6 and then 2.
  5. Now, you can talk to customer support for assistance getting W2.

10. How to get in touch with Amazon seller support?

Follow these steps to contact the amazon seller support team.

  1. log in to Amazon and click on the help
  2. It directed you towards Seller Central Page help.
  3. Click on Get Support.
  4. On the next page, click on Selling on Amazon.


To conclude the above article “Amazon employment verification,” Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website where the buyers can find millions of products, international and local brands from all around the world. Almost every person has dreamed of getting a reputable job at Amazon as it is a good payer company.

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Amazon employment verification is provided by To begin working on Amazon,, all new hires and employees from the United States must complete the 1-9 verification form. The 1-9 form portion is divided into three sections: employee information and attestation, employer review and attestation, and the COVID-19 process exception.

About Amazon

  • When it comes to market capitalization and revenue, Amazon is its most significant online retailer. Amazon had 566,000 workers at the end of 2017, spread throughout the globe, with at least 180,000 of them in the United States, according to company statistics.

  • Amazon has hundreds of employment openings available at any given time, with the employment of the jobs varying based on the time of year. Software development, order fulfillment, human resources, marketing, information technology, and technological occupations, and sales are some of the most prevalent job categories.

  • Washington state is home to its corporate headquarters.

  • Founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, Amazon is the world’s most popular online retailer.

  • Although Amazon began as an online bookstore, the company quickly expanded its offerings to include streaming video, MP3 downloads, audiobook products, and software; today, you can find almost anything on the Amazon website, including both physical and digital products in both natural and virtual stores.

  • Besides its headquarters in the United States, Amazon has operations in sixteen other countries, with workers in each of those locations. Their retail sites, independent from the US-based ones, are available to them.

  • At the last of the 2nd quarter, there were 208.1 billion dollars in the bank at the end of the second quarter, which ended June 29, 2018.

  • Amazon intends to open a brand-new headquarters, known as HQ2, which will result in more than 50,000 additional people to the Amazon workforce overall.


When eliminating purchases made at restaurants and bars, stated in 2018 that Amazon had acquired around 5% of the retail market in the United States, excluding everything linked to vehicles. A further 43 % of internet expenditure in the United States was accounted for by Chinese companies in 2018.

Not Just Amazon Faces Criticism

Numerous questions have been raised about whether or not Amazon fired whistleblowers who expressed concerns about the company’s lack of support for employees in the wake of allegations of unsafe working conditions in its warehouses.

  • Sixty Minutes, a popular national television show, did a comprehensive examination into the matter lately.

  • According to CNN, a single video on the issue was seen more than 300,000 times on YouTube and elicited almost 1,600 comments.

  • In an open letter to Jeff Bezos, CEO, a bipartisan group of nine lawmakers, including five former presidential candidates, have requested further information on’s recent worker firings.

  • Tim Bray, vice president and distinguished engineer at Amazon Web Services, posted a blog post explaining why he left the business “in dismay” over the firings. The piece garnered considerable news coverage and social media attention.

The company took a step to ensure workplace safety and support its workers throughout its response to the torrent of abuse, including the implementation of over 150 significant process changes, the establishment of testing stations and routine sanitization of its facilities, and an increase in employee pay.


Additionally, the business announced that it would fund at least $4 billion in Covid-19-related costs, including future worker safety. It is currently anonymous how much of that money is spent on employee welfare versus customer service and business growth initiatives such as developing consumer-friendly virus testing kits, optimizing the supply chain for global epidemic supplies and treatments, and investing in research to establish coronavirus vaccines and therapies.

Amazon Employment Verification Department

For any questions, suggestions, or criticism, you may reach out to the Amazon employment verification department using the Information provided below. Contact Amazon customer care for assistance if you have a problem with any information provided below.

Information about how to obtain employment verification services.

Points Answers
Phone: 1-800-367-5690
Website: amazon. Jobs.
Address: P.O. Box no 81226 Seattle, WA 98108 US

Employee Engagement Is Crucial to the Success of All Stakeholders

Because employee involvement affects customers’ perceptions and purchase decisions, the criticism levied against Amazon is essential.

According to a survey firm Weber Shandwick, one of the top five concerns people have when discussing businesses is how the companies treat their staff (or lack thereof). Edelman Intelligence, a global research firm, discovered that no one action made by a corporation had a higher link with the company’s ability to develop trust with the general public than “treating workers correctly.”

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, customers are placing a higher premium on employee well-being. According to a 2020 March Morning Consult poll of 2,200 American adults, 67 percent believe it is critical for firms to “take care of their employees and treat them appropriately, even in difficult times.”

“I am more likely to purchase from businesses who treat their staff with flexibility and understanding,” stated 53% of respondents.

While Amazon has hired at a record speed during the worldwide pandemic, adding 175,000 workers in the last two months alone, can not sustain this peace permanently, and the business will ultimately revert to the fight for talent that many employers participated in before the breakout of Covid.


Additionally, how Amazon treats its employees affects the company’s ability to retain and recruit new personnel. On the other hand, Bray’s departure from the business was a well-publicized example of the detrimental influence that employee abuse may have on other workers, which is unlikely to be the primary outcome of the episode. Some laborers working from home without remuneration may opt to leave entirely if the situation persists.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People ask many questions about Amazon employment verification. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - How do I get employment verification?

Those seeking employment or income verification can do so online at How It Works | The Work Number and enter the Department of Labor’s code: 10915. Call the service directly at 1-800-367-5690 if you want to speak with someone on the phone.

2 - How do I verify employment through the work number?

A social services agency can obtain an employment verification report from The Work Number® for use in its investigations. Please refer your caseworker to or call 1-800-660-3399 for further Information.

3 - Will Amazon hire you if you fail a drug test?

To comply with the company’s drug screening policy, Amazon will no longer screen most job applicants for usage, including those seeking employment in customer fulfillment and delivery centers.

4 - H.R. can verify employment statuses.

In January 2018, California passed legislation prohibiting companies from examining potential workers’ pay histories. Employers in California are authorized to check previous wage information provided by potential employees if the prospective employee voluntarily provides it.

5 - What happens during employment verification?

It is necessary to call each employer indicated on a candidate’s CV to confirm that the applicant was employed there, as well as to determine what job title(s) the applicant had throughout their work tenure and the dates of the applicant’s employment there.


“Amazon employment verification” explains that Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website 1, where buyers may discover millions of items from worldwide and local businesses worldwide. A prestigious position at Amazon, a well-paying firm, has long been a dream of virtually everyone who wishes to work there. Call 1-800-367-5690 or email if you need to verify your employment at Amazon.

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3. Amazon Human Resource Contact Info

When considering a job at Amazon, all new Amazon employees in America must complete confirmation forms 1-9; this is an essential requirement. 1-9 consists of three parts, information and certification of employees, inspection and certification of the employer, and an exception from the COVID-19 process.

The work number is amazon.

If you need to contact Amazon’s job confirmation service, or have questions, suggestions, or comments, see their details below. If you have any issues with the information below, please contact Amazon Customer Service here.

At the end of 2017, Amazon employed 566,000 people worldwide, with at least 180,000 of them people working in the US. At any one time, Amazon offers thousands of career opportunities, with different job types depending on the season.

Software development, order fulfillment, human resources, marketing, IT and tech occupations, and sales are a few of the most popular career categories. Their main office is in Seattle, Washington.

Contact information for employment verification

all-new Amazon employees in America must follow below contact information to get in touch with their company


B.P. Box 81226 Seattle, WA 98108 USA




Amazon. jobs.

The Work Number

Amazon uses The Work Number, which is a third-party job confirmation company.

Their number is 1-800-367-5690, and their website is
Amazon’s employer code is 70129 and verifies the individual employees about their civil registration numbers.

Follow these steps to confirm employment.

  • Change the information and communication of the company.

  • Contact the human resources department.

  • Phone question.

  • Request in writing.

  • Example of a declaration of employment form.


Can you write a freelance income statement yourself? The answer is yes. Write a letter to prove your income and use the following relevant documents to prove your income: IRS Miscellaneous Income Form 1099 - Used by freelancers to perform any work that paid $ 600 or more to register.

Frequently asked questions

How do companies research employment history?

Checking employment history involves contacting all of the jobs listed on the applicant’s resume to confirm that they hired the applicant, to find out which applicants worked during their work hours, and then the applicant’s dates of employment.

What is a conditional employment contract?

Evidence of employment letter, also known as a “letter of employment,” is a form that confirms a person’s income or salary. This type of confirmation letter is often used when someone is looking for an apartment or applying for a mortgage.

What is an Amazon authentication code?

Two-step verification is a feature that adds a layer of security to your account. Two-step verification will send you a unique security code when you try to log in. When you sign up for 2-Step Verification, you can choose to receive the security code via SMS, voice call, or a verification program.

Why is Amazon sending me an OTP?

Due to the value of some items, some commands require a one-time password (OTP) at the time of delivery. OTP adds a layer of extra security to your packages. If OTP is required, we will send a six-digit numeric OTP to your registered email address after delivery of the item.

Do all companies conduct audits?

While some employers choose not to check the applicant’s employment history, most companies take this critical step in the pre-employment process.

Why do I keep receiving OTP messages?

First of all, your phone may be infected with malware that can be used to access your messages that contain OTP. You can also get links that will use to harm your phone. Clicking on these links will allow scammers to gain unauthorized access and make it easier to access your OTP.


At the end of 2017, Amazon employed 566,000 people worldwide, with at least 180,000 of them people working in the US. At any one time, Amazon offers thousands of career opportunities, with different job types depending on the season. Software development, order fulfillment, human resources, marketing, IT and tech occupations, and sales are a few of the most popular career categories. Their main office is in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon employment verification allows you to finish representative, business, and paychecks more quicker. The interaction is straightforward and computerized, and most representatives are confirmed within 24 hours. Verifiers love Truework because it’s never been simpler and more smoothed out to confirm a representative.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an American global innovation organization that centers around web-based business, distributed computing, computerized streaming, and artificial reasoning.

  • It is one of the Enormous Five organizations in the U.S. data innovation industry, alongside Google and Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

  • The organization has been alluded to as “one of the most persuasive financial and social powers on the planet”, just as the world’s most significant brand.


When we talk about Amazon employment verification, which is such a type of verification that allows you to finish representative business. Not only this also helps us to paychecks quicker in a unique way.

Amazon employees

Our representatives are essential to our primary goal of being Earth’s most client driven organization. Our positions are brimming with energetic individuals who consistently fabricate new items and administrations for our clients.

Investing in Our Employees

Amazon is building a solid culture and putting resources into our kin to draw in the different, creative labor force we want to surpass our client’s assumptions today and into what’s to come.

Minimum Wage $15/hour
Veterans and Military Spouses 40,000
Skills Training Investment $700 Million
Bonuses and Incentives $2.5 Billion

Safety, Health, and Well-Being

  1. We plan to be Earth’s most secure work environment. We are focused on consistently guaranteeing all Amazon representatives’ well-being and prosperity.

  2. Our workplace permits nearly anybody paying little mind to foundation, expertise level, or experience to work with certainty.

Variety, Value, and Consideration

At Amazon, we esteem variety, value, and consideration. We accept these qualities are helpful for business and, all the more generally, are correct.

We have started various close-term and long-haul projects and systems across critical parts of our business to expand variety and portrayal in our labor force, extend our endeavors to fabricate a comprehensive culture, and address racial equity

Working at Amazon

What joins Amazon workers across groups and topographies is that we are altogether endeavoring to amuse our clients and make their lives simpler.

  • The degree and size of our main goal drive us to seek assorted viewpoints, be ingenious, and explore through uncertainty.

  • Designing and conveying things that never figured conceivable is challenging.

  • For the advantage of our customers, we are building the future one creative item, administration, and thought at a time.

  • Is it true that you are prepared to accept the test? Construct the future with us .

Cycle of amazon work confirmation

Go to Snap sign in, put in Amazon as a business. Enter your social and you’ll approach your business check to print or email to the property administrator.

Amazon employment verification phone number

Alongside a beginning compensation of essentially $15 each hour—over two times the government’s lowest pay permitted by law—Amazon offers a scope of incredible advantages that help representatives and qualified relatives, including homegrown accomplices and their youngsters.

These thorough advantages start at the beginning and incorporate medical care, parental departure, ways of putting something aside for the future, and different assets to develop well-being and prosperity further.

Amazon business confirmation telephone number

Amazon HR Telephone Number is 888-892-7180; this is the best number for Amazon HR to examine employment, open positions, workers related issues, and the sky is the limit from there. Amazon HR Hours: from 09:30 am until 05:30 pm. Best an idea opportunity to call Amazon HR at 10:00 am.

About Account Verification

Accepting Your Check Code. We’ll let you know if you want to confirm your record data during the checkout cycle.

Instant message Check (SMS) Amazon can send your record security confirmation code through instant message.

  1. Voice Call Confirmation.

  2. Investigating.

  3. Code Not Acknowledged.

  4. Locked Out of Site

  5. About Record Check

Suppose your transportation address doesn’t coordinate with your remote specialist organization’s charging address on a document. In that case, Amazon might request affirmation of your update or your solicitation to add a line. This additional action assists us with ensuring the security of your record.

Accepting Your Confirmation Code

We’d let you know if you wanted to confirm your record data during the checkout cycle. To get a check code (PIN) using a message, click Send. Hear your check code, and click Call me currently to get a call.

Instant message Check (SMS)

Amazon can send your record security check code through an instant message. You’ll, by and large, get the code in a couple of moments; be that as it may, it could require as long as 10 minutes to get the text.

  • If you’re adding a line to your record, the essential record holder will get an instant message.

  • For redesigns, the line being overhauled will get the instant message.

  • You’ll have two endeavors to enter the confirmation code accurately before being locked out of the framework for 30 minutes.

Voice Call Confirmation

We additionally offer voice call confirmation. If you pick this choice, you’ll get an approach to your current telephone on the record and be approached to enter the confirmation code displayed on your PC screen. You’ll have one endeavor to enter the code effectively before being locked out of the framework for 30 minutes.


  • You don’t get the confirmation code off chance; check that the data is being shipped off the correct telephone number.

  • If you’re adding a line, the record check code should ship off the essential record holder. If you are redesigning a line, ensure that you utilize the line you expect to update.

  • Check that the number can get instant messages. If you can’t get instant messages or would incline toward a call, demand the voice call confirmation by clicking Call me now.

  • On the off chance you haven’t got the code, stand by no less 60 seconds after first tapping the button; then, at that point, click Send once more.

  • In case you’re as yet incapable of getting the code, have a go at clearing your reserve and treats restarting your program.

  • On the off chance that this doesn’t work, you’ll need to choose the transportation address that coordinates with the charging record with the specialist organization.

Locked Out of Site

If an excessive number of endeavors are made, you’ll be briefly locked out of the cycle. Kindly stand by 30 minutes and attempt once more. If issues endure, kindly get in touch with us.

Employment Verification for Amazon fax

Amazon offers many business openings at random, and the work fluctuates relying on the season.

:small_blue_diamond: The absolute most normal occupation classes incorporate programming advancement, request satisfaction, HR, advertising, IT and tech occupations and deals. Their base camp is situated in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon business confirmation line

How would you confirm work at Amazon? Call Amazon Business Confirmation on the Helpline Number: 1-800-367-5690 (Call by Contact). Get your telephone and call Amazon Work. Check on the predefined contact number.

Summary :blue_book:

Business confirmation affirms an individual’s past or present place of employment status. Bosses regularly need to demand checks for work up-and-comers or answer demands from managers, loan specialists, landowners, the national government, and others.

Frequently Ask Questions

These are some critical questions;

1. How do you verify employment at Amazon?

Call Amazon Work Check on the Helpline Number: 1-800-367-5690 (Call by Contact). Get your telephone and call Amazon Business Confirmation on the predetermined contact number HERE if the given contact numbers, email addresses or sites of Amazon Work Confirmation are invalid.

2. Can I call to verify employment?

Call the human resources department if needed. Once in a while, you can’t arrive at the immediate director or the manager of the expected representative. You might need to call the organization’s HR division (HR) to check work in those circumstances.

4. How can I obtain verification of employment?

Getting free work confirmation is straightforward because the one-page structure is allowed to finish up and print. The primary piece of the structure ought to be finished up by the worker. If the worker can not finish this segment up, a Preparer/Interpreter might finish up this piece of the structure. The worker should, in any case, sign this part on their own.

5. What is federal employment verification?

A business check is a method of confirming current and past work by acquiring work dates just as a measure of pay paid. A business check might be required while getting a new position.

6. What type of employers uses the work number?

It is utilized by more than 50,000 associations to check business information. A few associations that utilize the Work Number incorporate Fannie Mae, Hilton Lodgings, Lease A-Middle, the US Postal Help, Domino’s Pizza, the College of Pennsylvania, and the College of Missouri Framework.

7. How to check my employment background?

Ordinarily, managers mentioning a work foundation screening on a candidate will demand a seven-year history, albeit a few states permit detailing data of as long as 10 years.

8. How to verify a job applicant’s employment history?

The best way to deal with confirming competitors’ business narratives is not difficult to state

  1. Check with each work environment recorded on every candidate’s resume

  2. Utilize autonomously acquired telephone numbers sooner rather than later

  3. Affirm if and when the applicant worked there and what occupation title (s) they held

  4. Follow the government Reasonable Credit Announcing Act, and material bureaucratic and state reasonable employing laws

9. What is the employer’s work code?

A Business Code (which is here and there known as an Organization Code) is a five-digit number that is utilized to recognize a particular boss on The Work Number data set. Upon login, you will approach to enter your boss’ name or code.

10. What is an employer ID?

A business ID is a citizen ID for a business, though a Government-backed retirement number is a citizen ID for a person. One more assessment ID is the “Individual Citizen ID.”. It is utilized by people who don’t have a Government-backed retirement number.

Conclusion :blue_book:

If anyone wants to know about Amazon employment verification and further details. Then you must read this article with care. This article fully described some important details about Amazon employment verification.

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