Definition of Employer:

  1. A legal person who directs, expresses or implies an employee or contract employee or worker, and who pays (or must pay) compensation or wages.

  2. An individual or organization that employs people.

Synonyms of Employer

Goodman, Seignior, Consumer, Overlord, Paterfamilias, Manager, Seigneur, Proprietor, Master, Head, Establishment, Teacher, Director, Governor, Bwana, Gaffer, Boss, Corporation, Manageress, Padrone, Patron, Church dignitary, Business, Guru, Patriarch, Starets, Husband, Paramount, Company, Lord, Principal, Ecclesiarch, Rabbi, Chef, Firm, Managing director, Owner, President, Lord paramount, Head woman, Enjoyer, Organization, Sahib, Liege lord, Liege, Manager, Chief executive, Elder, User, Chief, Proprietor, Head man, Boss, Director, Patron, Outfit

How to use Employer in a sentence?

  1. Before going on vacation with my friends, I have to ask my employer if I want to take a break.
  2. The National Health Service is Europe's largest employer.
  3. Bill had to hire a new employer because his previous employer was unable to follow the rules and fired him.
  4. People who have difficulty respecting authority can find it difficult to stay in the job for long periods of time, as this lack of respect can lead to conflicts with their employers.

Meaning of Employer & Employer Definition

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Meaning of Employer: People, companies, organizations, etc. Who pay for the services of the workers.

Synonyms of Employer

director , proprietor , establishment , head honcho , boss , big shot , capitalist , company , slavedriver , CEO , patron , organization , outfit , workers big cheese , President , manager , owner , manufacturer , entrepreneur , meal ticket , front office , firm , superintendent , juice , co , management , businessperson


What is The Meaning of Employer?

  1. Employer can be defined as, People, companies, organizations, etc. Who pays for the services of the workers.

Synonyms of Employer

guv'nor, boss man, skipper, sachem