Definition of Employee:

  1. The person who is hired or paid, especially at the non-executive level

  2. People who work part-time or full-time under an explicit oral or written employment contract and who recognize rights and responsibilities. Also called worker.

Synonyms of Employee

Migrant, Flunky, Common laborer, Working girl, Servant, Laborer, Office temporary, Hireling, Free lance, Self-employed person, Junior, Breadwinner, Member of staff, Right-hand man, Full-time worker, Factory worker, Workingman, Blue-collar worker, Workingwoman, Toiler, Mercenary, Member of the workforce, Menial, Jobholder, Secondary, Hired hand, Moiler, Industrial worker, Casual, Underling, Subordinate, Temporary, Stiff, Laboring man, Workman, Pensioner, Girl Friday, Understrapper, Worker, Worker, Free-lancer, Inferior, Wage slave, Hired man, Casual laborer, Roustabout, Wage earner, Workgirl, Day laborer, Workhand, Proletarian, Hand, Helper, Jobber, Man Friday, Navvy, Assistant, Salaried worker, Wageworker, Myrmidon

How to use Employee in a sentence?

  1. If you can have good colleagues, it will be easier to focus on your tasks.
  2. When you have a lot of great employees around you, you know that it's not always on your shoulders.
  3. In general, there is no formal structure for employee representation at the board level.
  4. I work for a famous bank, so I have to dress well every day and always try my best.

Meaning of Employee & Employee Definition

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Employee Meanings:

  1. A person who is paid by an employee and another person, company, organization, etc. To perform work or services.

  2. A simple definition of Employee is: An employee is a person who works with an employer under a service or apprenticeship agreement (written, oral or radiation). Usually, a person is also defined as your co-worker.

  3. A simple definition of Employee is: Some people are starting to work actively full time

Meanings of Employee

  1. A person who is employed for a salary or a salary, especially at a non-executive level

Synonyms of Employee

worker , plug , craftsperson , help , attendant , operator , representative , jobholder , laborer , wage-earner , pink collar , assistant , salesperson , desk jockey , servant , company person , sales help , apprentice , slave , blue collar , domestic , cog



  • Definition of Employee: A person who is hired and paid by another person, company, organization, etc. Performing work or services.

  • An employee is a person who works with an employer under a service or apprenticeship agreement (written, oral or silent). Usually, a person is also called your co-worker.

  • The nominee has to fill his position full time.

Meanings of Employee

  1. Someone who is employed for a salary or wages, especially at the non-executive level.

Synonyms of Employee

labourer, hired person, artisan, white-collar worker, personnel, hired help


Employee Definition:

  1. A person who is employed and paid by another person, company, organization, etc. To perform work or services.

  2. A worker is a person who works with an employer under a service or apprenticeship agreement (written, oral or silent). Usually, a person is also described as your co-worker.

Meanings of Employee

  1. Someone who is employed for a salary or for a salary, especially at the non-executive level.