Definition of Authority:

  1. Institutional powers and laws relating to certain powers, functions or positions are designed to train their holders to perform their functions successfully.

  2. The authority or right to order, make decisions and enforce the law.

  3. The power to influence others, especially through your command or the recognition of something

  4. Bodies or bodies set up by the government to perform certain functions, for example, B. Environmental management, power generation or tax collection.

  5. Court decisions or opinions are used to support legal arguments.

  6. Electricity that has been formally assigned. This includes the right to control the situation, to connect resources, to issue orders and to expect them to be carried out. It is always associated with equal responsibility for actions or mistakes in action.

  7. An individual or organization that has power or control over a particular area, usually political or administrative.

Synonyms of Authority

Birthright, Droit, Power struggle, Care, Drive, Commission, Man of wisdom, Amperage, Steam, Lover of wisdom, Technician, Good feeling, Ticket, Say-so, Ratification, Voucher, Information medium, Subtle influence, Consequence, Control, Hands, Magisterialness, Push, Sanction, Mana, Powerfulness, Government, Compulsion, Deposition, Preponderance, Testamur, Aficionado, Potentiality, Superpower, Trust, Main strength, Vise, Ascendancy, Gourmand, Powers that be, Tipster, Mastery, Influentialness, Puissance, Pizzazz, Duress, Cure, Soundness, Credential, Elder statesman, Freak, Experienced hand, Jurisdiction, Supremacy, Steerage, Influentiality, Prominence, Fiat, Effect, Guidance, Property right, Regency, Magnetism, Governance, Vitality, License, Gossipmonger, Graduate, Moxie, Philosopher, Acme, Divine right, Right, Muscle power, The helm, Scientist, The people in charge, Artiste, Tout, Whip hand, Directorship, Maven, Expert, Countenance, Purview, Supremacy, The wheel, Prerogative, Power to act, Greatness, Intellectual, Disposition, Collector, Punch, Predominance, Charge, Husbandry, Establishment, Attache, Diplomatist, Task, Executorship, Control, Potency, Agentship, Monitor, Standard, Entrustment, Virtue, Proper claim, Arbiter of taste, Dominance, Charge, Armipotence, Certificate, The establishment, Energy, Information center, Technical adviser, Wizard, Top spot, Domination, Claws, Strings, Fan, Rank, Press, Be-all and end-all, Lieutenancy, Regentship, Leading, Vested interest, Pretension, Weight, Authorization, Certification, Admirable Crichton, Black power, Inalienable right, Presidency, Factorship, Ideal, Television, Vehemence, Empire, Epicure, Weightiness, First place, Epicurean, Legation, Practical scientist, Vim, Sovereignty, No slouch, Man of science, Amateur, Grip, Sinew, Buff, Devolution, Upper hand, Domination, The administration, Mastership, Past master, Steering, Leadership, Journeyman, Hand, Prescription, Demand, Enchantment, Guru, Zenith, Statesman, Control, Title, Dominance, Paramountcy, Kingship, Teller, Charisma, Eminence, Model, Effectiveness, Suasion, Authoritativeness, Full power, Prepotency, Expert consultant, Evidence, Officials, The conn, Critic, Potence, Cognoscente, The government, Virility, Record, Substantiality, Testimonial, Reporter, Trusteeship, Forcefulness, Conjugal right, Artisan, Regulation, Effectuality, Public relations officer, Incidental power, Rabbi, Persuasion, Sapient, Mastermind, Officialdom, Embassy, Command, Notifier, Hegemony, Scholar, Brevet, Police, Announcer, Might, Exequatur, Connaisseur, Manipulation, Authority, Purchase, Sway, Say, Handling, Elder, Direction, Mentor, Specialist, Annunciator, Productiveness, Bon vivant, Maximum, Mouthpiece, Repute, Domination, Conduct, Consignment, Notarized statement, Responsibility, Faculty, Dint, Grapevine, Newsmonger, Doctor, Ascendancy, First prize, Mastery, Attestation, Warrant, Productivity, Pundit, Expert witness, Highest, Prestige, Seniority, Strong arm, Publisher, Illuminate, Empowerment, Certificate of proficiency, Sworn statement, Headship, Clearance, Professor, Command, Power, Stature, Adviser, Primacy, Precedence, Iron hand, Pull, Agency, Proficient, Professional, Claim, Supremacy, Mastery, Errand, Vigor, Ne plus ultra, Cordon bleu, Talons, Superiority, Flower power, Enlightener, Jurisdiction, Cogency, Shark, Diploma, Charm, Dilettante, Sage, Proxy, Vicarious authority, Seer, Artist, Esteem, Source, Administration, Power, Pretense, Spokesman, Navicert, Suggestion, Credit, Affidavit, Reign, Pro, Mightiness, Clutches, Championship, Hold, Rule, Dominion, Enabling, Leverage, Rishi, Warranty, Entrusting, Deputation, Empery, Main force, Mandate, Thinker, Example, Justness, Savant, Politician, Interest, Handy man, Diplomat, Craftsman, Virtuoso, Sharp, Force, Delegated authority, Informer, Most, Refined palate, Adept, Pressure, Marksman, Oracle, Nut, Devolvement, Wise old man, Intellect, Great soul, Management, Wise man, Moment, Jurisdiction, Crack shot, Managery, Force majeure, Radio, Imperium, Starets, Authorities, Exemplar, Might and main, Officials, Managing, Experimental scientist, Visa, Bill of health, Full blast, Power of attorney, The system, Master, Mahatma, Communicator, Entitlement, New high, Consultant, Connoisseur, Word, Rule, Testimony, Judge, Ordering, Good judge, Arbiter elegantiarum, Brute force, Dominion, Wattage, Strength, Power pack, Palms, Technical expert, Lordship, Validity, Beef, Command, Dominion, Running, Full force, Regnancy, Note, Dead shot, Assignment, Pattern, Informant, Vested right, Influence, Virulence, Interviewee, Sheepskin, Poop, Commitment, Communicant, Arbiter, Presumptive right, Mandarin, Favor, Height, Solidity, Due, Power structure, Charge, Mission, Dominance, Gourmet, Sovereignty, Blue ribbon, Plenipotentiary power, Officialdom, Procuration, Appurtenance, Witness, Power, Channel, Rule, Personality, Sovereignty, Pilotage, Priority, Technologist, Office, Commissioning, Delegation, The bureaucracy, Insinuation, Raj, Lead, Cogence, Man of intellect, Importance, Clout, Enfranchisement, Ascendancy

How to use Authority in a sentence?

  1. If you see a thief in your neighborhood, notify your local authorities as soon as possible so they can be caught.
  2. Everyone in the school respected the stubborn authority of the new principal and no one obeyed him, not even the very strict students.
  3. It has complete control over its subordinates.
  4. This is the natural tendency of those who are in the habit of obedience.
  5. After being promoted to manager, James had the opportunity to recruit potential candidates and manage payroll, which he could not do before.
  6. Health officials

Meaning of Authority & Authority Definition

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